Monday, November 29, 2010

The invention of the ergonomic veritcal mouse.

Very nice story. I use this mouse by the way and one man is behind it with his wife working for him and this mice competes with all the big giants out like Microsoft.

The evoluent story

From the article, "In 1994, a revolutionary ergonomic mouse was invented and patented by Jack Lo due to discomfort he had when using a conventional mouse. His invention was the first mouse to support a hand in a fully upright handshake position for eliminating the arm twisting required by ordinary mice".

One guy with his own idea for an invention. In 1994 he wrote to Microsoft to promote his idea and this is the response he got.

"The following are some reasons why the concept will not be pursued 1. There are not proven bio-mechanic benefits that we can speak of".

So he was on his own at the beginning it was tough but his idea has been popular and his mouse has been successful in the marketplace.

Would love to hear comments but I think it is a really nice story of one man being able to compete with an industry based on an original idea that his different idea did make sense. In fact now there are those who have tried imitating it although the imitators are not the same as the original.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sally Tompkins contribution to saving soilders during the civil war.

The Civil war was the bloodiest war in America history in which 550,000 men died in their prime of their life. People did have to assume roles that they otherwise would not have had to serve due to the death and high number of injuries during this war.

Anyway this from the book discussing the South's side of the war from the Politically Incorrect Guide to the South

"Sally Tompkins was an attractive single young woman of means visiting relatives in Richmond in 1861 when the first train cars loaded with the wounded of the Battle of Manassas began rolling into town. Though she had no medical training she saw the chaos created by the sudden influx of soldiers. She boldly walked to the home of Judge John Robertson and demanded the keys to an empty home she knew he had. She opened the house as a hospital For the next 4 years Miss Tompkins headed the Robertson Hospital treating 1,333 wounded men and losing only 73 to death. The untrained hospital matron had the lowest death rate of any hospital in the South- or the North.

Miss Tompkins had no medical secrets. She believed in throwing open the windows and letting sunlight and fresh air into the house. She made sure the food was fresh hot and plentiful. She was a stickler about the cleanliness of soilders' wounds and of their bed linens. She allowed no malingering in her hospital- she believed that solders should be up and moving around to help them recuperate.

But what Sally Tompkins was doing was radical in the eyes of doctors assigned to regular Confederate hospitals. She was also embarrassing- a nurse matron with no previous experience who had a lower death rate then doctors with years of medical training. Those Doctors forced a law through the Confederate legislature that required all military hospitals to have a Confederate officer in charge. Miss Tompkins would be forced to close her hospital.

Undaunted Miss Tompkins went directly to President Jefferson Davis and described to him both her high rate of patient recovery and the fact that the doctors of Richmond were trying to shut down her hospital out of jealousy. Davis had the solution. Before she left the Confederate White House Miss Sally Tompkins was commissioned an officer in the Confederate cavalry. -1(This so she can continue her practice that saved Solders lives).

Captain Sally never took a dime for her services to the Confederacy. (although I certainly think she was entitled to) In fact, she depleted the family fortune caring for her "boys" in Richmond. She never married, and lived to be an old woman. Her tombstone bears the lines of Matthew 25:35-36 "I was hungry and you gave me meat. I was thirsty and you gave me a drink. I was sick and you visited me. -2

End of reading from the book

Even in today's normal times it is sad that some hospital create conditions that there are germs and uncleanliness that causes old people to die in hospitals after they have a surgery to help their life and quality of life. It is a very unique service Sally Tompkins provided to the Solders of Charleston that certainly we can learn from and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice she sadly had to make in this very unnatural time which still applies today in hospitals.

1- The Politically Incorrect Guide to the South Pg. 195-196
2- Ibid 197

How I define feminism.

I think that is a fair question?

Some people define it that basically if you don't follow my version of what a female should do then you are a feminist. I guess some men may be guilty of that as well. Sadly some blogs just define it as anything that a woman does that they don't think is right.

So what is feminism verses legitimate laws to protect women?

I think the answer is it is a movement based on women wanting to have the same rights as men in a certain area just because men have them. Of course anyone who reads the bible understands in certain are'a God has certain protections regarding women that he does not have regarding men and once you go here then you have to remove any different rights women have to "be equal". The origin has always been based on pandering to people's envy which in the end only hurts others and doesn't help others and soon you yourself will have a law against you for envy to another group. It is the same with those who envy those who do well. It all comes from the same socialism/communism link which is where feminism is from which history has shown that this leads to far more problems because people instead of being envious of others should use what God gave them.

For example the bible is clear that if a woman has to be sold she should not be treated the same way a man would be if you look at Exodus (21:7) for example. Women who come from poor families are forced to sell their daughter and the bible is clear not to take advantage and not sell her like you would a male slave. Once you get rid of any law helping men in area's they are more vulnerable in and/or have a specific obligation you have to do the same for women as well which in the end benefits no one. Don't think that is just theory. Ruth Badar Ginsberg and other feminist have used men in complaints to get rid of certain laws specifically were for women.

Yet, there are cases when women did ask for certain rights. The famous case is in Numbers 27 with the Bnot Zelaphchad. They did ask to inherit their father's land because their father had no son's to inherit the land and their wish was granted.

Their motivation was to preserve their fathers name. It was not because they wanted what the men wanted. If they didn't inherit this land it would go to an Uncle and their father's name would not be remembered. For that reason God honored their request. In today's time correct me if I am wrong that motivation is not to help their father or even their brother. If it is just because men have a certain right.

Although I have to say there are cases where a legitimate right that a woman should have is not allowed but the reason is not to be like men but that their is a history of them having this right. Anyway I thought I would share this and any comments are welcome.

I will come back to this issue.

Some posts on unique services and inventions.

I was changing gears a little bit. Thank God for capitalism which many people want to bring down for various reasons. So I decided to discuss this topic and in some cases sadly envy and jealousy took over.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rabbis should not make anyone in which both parents are not Jewish automatically Jewish.

Should close this loophole which to begin with is against bible principles but Rabbi's today claim otherwise and this has led to a false perception which we need to correct anyway.

I really believe this. If you read Deutoronomy 7:3 it warns what the impact of a pagan father or a pagan mother (not to marry the 7 nations where the basis of intermarriage came from and especially someone very immoral) will have on the children and this is they will teach the children very immoral practices that will lead to God’s anger and we will be kicked out of Israel. Since we now have Israel thank God we should take this passage seriously.

To be honest from a discussion with someone on this blog and she knows who she is it is clear that nationhood is defined by fatherhood which is why the Rabbi’s never specifically outlawed a woman marrying a Non-Jew because clearly the kid wouldn’t be Jewish because he isn’t from any of the 12 tribes and also you are in exile where your culture is the minority so clearly the kid wouldn’t be considered Jewish.

Being in exile and due to our own problems and also the way we were treated nations in which men were not allowed to own property or even work in some professions our ideas have been somewhat mixed up and we actually think that the father doesn’t matter just like in exile a man's role was undermined. That distortion becoming a reality we should say that a kid if automatically unless both parents are Jewish if we want to protect ourselves from being harmed internally and from children learning from non-Jewish pagan fathers which will happen despite our hubris that we think a father will have impact. Especially a son who will be a man one day will cause problems by not closing this loophole that to begin with is based on faulty logic but regardless since we have fallen for this faulty logic and Rabbi’s claim having a non-Jewish father doesn’t effect anything (which goes against basic biblical concepts) this should be corrected to protect ourselves so we don’t get kicked out or Israel a 3rd time because of the behavior of children from intermarriage with either a Jewish father or mother. And one thing to prevent is to not make these children automatically Jewish which will stop much intermarriage. After intermarriage you can’t kidnap the child from the non-Jewish father. That is immoral.

Any comments on this idea which I know to some is way out of left field but needs to be said now they we actually have our own country and need to get this ghetto mentality out of our systems if we want to be able to in this situation for Israel to be a place where we have Jewish people follow the will of God. And not allow allow pagan practices to creep in through intermarriage by either gender.

Onan and him wasting his seed

Last post on this weeks reading. Oh, the famous story of Onan wasting his seed which God considered evil and the whole basic idea that God wants sexuality not just for one's own pleasure. (Genesis 38:8)

The story of Judah and Tamar and Judah having relations with a Harlot.

Also in this weeks portion of Yayeshev Chapter 37-40 you have the story of Judah having relations with Tamar not knowing who she was (as he thinks she is a harlot) and pays gives her a pledge for her services since he has nothing to give her now. He is then unable to locate her as she sends the gift through the Ahullamite (38:20) and he says there is no prostitute. Tamar gets pregnant trough this to which Judah is upset that she got pregnant through being a harlot to which she let it be known that it was through him Judah.

To which Judah admits it is so and he also recognizes he did not have Er's youngest brother marry her even though he was now older.

Judah becomes the most prominent of all 12 brothers (Joseph being the other one) as the term Jew means from the tribe of Judah. He was the 4th son of Leah and the first 3 son's lose their status as the first born because of their sins in Judah becomes the first son to be considered praiseworthy.

This story though is odd that yes it is a sin for a Jewish woman (here obviously a daughter of Israel which Jacob was renamed) to be a harlot yet Judah has relations with this woman and doesn't think much of it and is pretty open about it. His wife did pass away but still. Shouldn't he be concerned about a harlot and an unwanted pregnancy. Yes, the woman here was making the first move by trying to lure him but that still doesn't make his actions right either any more then a woman being seduced by a man.

Some commentaries say he was pushed by certain forces to do it but we believe everyone has free choice.

It is true that he wasn't hiding this as he tried to compensate the woman so my only explanation is sadly there were harlots from other nations and maybe he thought she was from another nation that to be honest we didn't think highly of as you don't do this to woman of a nation you think highly of but still. If you think harlotry is such a horrible sin deserving of death among your own people how can you be so light on another nation doing which obviously is not good for those women. He didn't withhold his seed like Onan but still?

Yet clearly Judah is blessed by Jacob later on and not really criticized for this. Anyone have any other idea's on this.

Parsha Vayeshev: Genesis Chapters 37-40: Peace alludes Jacob

Jacob in the beginning of the chapter settles in Caanan and he was hoping after all these problems he faced to have some peace which was not meant to be as in this week's parsha Joseph is sold and Jacob goes into mourning and it is never resolved as he really don't believe Joseph is dead due to the fact that there would suppose to be 12 tribes and he suspects Joseph is alive and therefore he is unable to have closure from this situation.

We have a commentator Rashi who says that Jacob was wrong in wanting peace in this world as he would have peace in the world to come. I know you say Rest in Peace after you die but I have to disagree with this as God actually did put us in this world to make "this world" a better place and not for some other world and certainly being in anguish does not help someone in this world and many other commentators don't agree that this just happened for no reason because you will have "peace in the next world".

Which some say the reason this happened that he did not know about Joseph and what happened to him was because Jacob did not communicate with Issac his father when he was away working for Laban and he should have as his parents I'm sure were worried how things were going with Laban. That is a classic interpretation of this which seems to make some sense although Issac had no reason to think his son Jacob was dead.

A pilgrim story about property rights. Happy thaksgiving to all.

Want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and share an interesting Pilgrim story.

From this link.

How private property saved the pilgrims

I was watching the history channel and they were saying how this first Indians saved the Pilgrams as they were starving.

However, according to this article it wasn't the Indians but their social policy that led to people being hungry. They had communal property and what happened was the most able men resented that they had to work for another man's wife and children and the lack of incentives created a situation where people did as little as possible.

So this is what happened from the article

"Faced with potential starvation in the spring of 1623, the colony decided to implement a new economic system. Every family was assigned a private parcel of land. They could then keep all they grew for themselves, but now they alone were responsible for feeding themselves. While not a complete private property system, the move away from communal ownership had dramatic results."

So they decided to implement property rights which also by led the women and children to help their husband with the land since what they grew would be theirs.
From the article.

This made everyone industrious including the women and children as this is what it says in the article.

"Once the new system of property rights was in place, the women now went willingly into the field, and took their little ones with them to set corn; which before would allege weakness and inability."

This idea of women not working at all is more a result of jobs being away from the field due to the industrial revolution from what I have read more then anything else. Of course women did put their children first but when people owned land and were allowed to cultivate the land the women went not take care of their children helped out. They didn't just sit around.

Children themselves worked. People use to want to have large families partly for their own self interest of having their children also work in the field when they were old enough to do so. Of course property rights and being allowed to benefit from your own work did also create extra food that could be given to others. This whole system did stop the starvation and lack of food production.

It also shows again how religion sadly sometimes does not support property rights which is a distortion of religion. God required you leave part of the field open for poor to glean but clearly God felt people are entitled to their own piece of land they were suppose to work and they should leave surplus for the poor to work and glean.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving to all.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Theater without female characters. That is religious. Absurd!!

This from this link.

Religious Zionists chose stricter lifestyle

This from part of the link. This in order to live a more "religious" lifestyle according to the article.

<"Squeaky clean exam prep books, holistic medicine courses with breaks for prayer, theater free of female characters or actors – these are just a few indicators of national religious Jews moving towards a stricter, more orthodox lifestyle.>"

My comments: This is absurd. In real life men and women talk to each other. Theater should reflect real life. Not some fantasy world. It also actually promotes the idea that women don't affect day to day life and don't influence men and son's which of course they do in their domestic sphere which has always been the area the woman has natural influence. How is this "religious"? It actually presents the idea that women are invisible in day to day life which they clearly play half the role in day to day life mostly in their sphere of influence.

Second of all, this whole idea of modesty is based on the idea that a woman should not be a harlot. Rabbi's have defined in their own way some of which some which does not fall under this definition.

For example, Kol Isha. A woman singing. They define this as "not modest" I think always. Doesn't it matter what the women is singing about. If she is singing about loving her father or loving her husband and being loyal to a good man who does come home to her every night why is that immodest. It gives men a good sense to hear a woman singing a song about family or something decent. I have listened to classic country songs sung by women and there is nothing "immodest" in some of the songs as I would think modesty has to do with what is being sung more then the act of singing itself and course that would apply to men as well in their songs not to promote idea's that are not modest.

To have theater without women involved is absurd. Deep down it suggest men only see women in a sexual way and don't have any more deeper feelings about women and that women themselves are just sex objects that you can't have them in a theater.

I take a more middle ground approach to gender separation. I think in some school situation and other situations some gender separation is good. But there should be time when men and women are together because how else are they going to learn about the opposite sex. Yes, children have fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters but they need some contact with the opposite sex I think.

I went to an all boys high school and in my case my high school were the worst years of my life for a number of reasons not just this one but still

I think it can be taken to an extreme and the funny thing is though some of this actually it's basis is not religion but actually feminism and woman empowerment as many who have this agenda actually do realize if men and women are together they themselves will see that they have different strengths and weaknesses and are naturally better at different things and keeping them separate makes it easier to brainwash both men and women of a sense that all gender differences are minor and a social construct.

I was reading that in my book on women in the military how it become clear that there are big differences between the genders in certain skills and they had to hide this.

The rape and abduction of DIna and Shimon and Levi's overreaction to this outrage

Dina is raped by Shechem.  Shechem (Genesis Chapter 34) wants to marry Dina to which the brothers make a deal that they should be circumcized and then Shimon and Levi kill every men in Shechem when they are all in pain from the circumcision (which the other 9 brothers didn't go along and Jacob is upset about it (34:30) and on his death bed Jacob curses both Shimon and Levi for their actions and that they will be dispersed among the other nations. They certainly were very angry about this as they should be (See 34:7)  to have their sister violated.  However, it did not give them the right to kill them and certainly not every man of Shechem. The plan was to take Dina from Shechem when they were in pain from the circumcision.

This kind of extreme reaction is not something appropriate and of course their response was to defend their sister but as bad as their actions were what gives
them the right to kill every male who was not involved in this. You could say they elected this leader to be the ruler of them and the ruler of other men. Even so though they didn't rape Dina. But even that we don't know. We don't know if most men wanted this man to be the leader of the other men. Not every rank and file agrees with what the man on top says.

The other issue (which may offend modern sensibilities) but the death penalty is only if Dina wasn't married or engaged and she was raped as she is married to another man. (Deutoronomy 22:23-29) In Islam they prevent one of the passages that claims the women has to marry the guy who raped if she wasn't married which she can refuse which in most cases I would think she would as would the family but if not the man can't just divorce her as it would be in other cases although a man has to compensate the woman.

So no where here is the death penalty really appropriate and the plan was when they were circumcised and in pain to take Dina away but Shimon and Levi had other idea's which Jacob and the rest of his brothers who didn't go along and Jacob cursed these sons later on for their behavior and even here was very upset at what they did.

Any comments on this.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Still on my job search.

Still looking for work. I do have two interviews this week. One tomorrow with a CPA firm. And one on Wednesday for tax season.

Job market still doesn't look too terrific. I have to keep plugging away though.

King of the Hill Episode. Bobby taking a class taking mostly by women to get a date.

It was a good king of the hill episode on cable. Bobby didn't want to take an elective on auto repair. Instead he took a course on psychology because it was mostly girls who were taking it. Didn't work out though as he just used this course to improve his chances of getting a date. Today though some girls want a guy that is some NEW AGE TYPE OF GUY although I think it is mostly con men who do this in the first place.

I don't know how to fix a car but I do have some skills that are masculine in nature and I don't know what to think of people trying to make NEW KIND OF MEN. Most of these men usually tell women to distrust all other men because most other men think they are losers since they have no real skills other then thinking they are better then other men.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Malachai criticized leaders for corrupting Judaism.

This was near what was read in the haftorah a week ago and it is sad that (as I didn't learn this in school) that the later prophets are not taught. They did criticize the establishment leaders of the time for corrupting the religion and making God look bad in the process. They had a tough job the prophets. This was before the talmud even that we had some leaders that had corrupted the religion to fit other agenda's.

From Malachi 2:7-2:9 the prophet criticizing the Kohen.

For the lips of the Cohen should safeguard knowledge and people should seek teaching from his mouth for he is an agent of God master of Legions. But you have veered from the path you have caused many people to stumble through your teachings You have corrupted the covenant of Levi says God Master of Legions. Therefore I have made you repulsive and lowly to all the people because you do not observe my ways and you show favoritism in your teachings.

Nothing new under the sun. I wonder how these prophets survived having to criticize the religious leaders of the time.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Parsha Vayetza: 11 of the 12 tribes are born.

This weeks torah portion which is (Genesis 28:10-32:3) is really packed. You have Jacob marrying his first cousins (as Laban and Rebeca were brother and sister) and through them and their maidservants 11 of the 12 tribes of Israel are born. By the way Albert Einstein was also the product of a marriage of first cousins from what I understand. Also I did read of one Jew in early American history who married his first cousin as there were not many Jews in some area's. I guess the criticism of inbreeding may have some truth to but first cousin is the closest relative you are allowed to marry. I know they worry about recessive genes and stuff.

Anyway, I guess there are a couple of interesting issues that come up. One of course is the fact that Jacob loves Rachel who is the younger daughter of Laban. (Genesis Chapter 29). It clearly states that she was the more attractive of the two daughters (29:16-17). Even so in that regard it seems like you should marry the older one. Moses married the oldest daughter of Yitro as he had seven daughters (Exodus 2:16). The only difference here is that he did meet Rachel first. Although at the end of the day her father tricked him but his daughter Rachel went along with it as she did not want to embarrass her sister. And then he married both of them which is something the bible did outlaw or turning sisters into rivals (Leviticus 18:18) although clearly their intention was because the sisters loved each other and wanted each other to have children. Although the passage seems to suggest a man doing this together "uncovering their nakedness one upon the other". It does seem odd to me that the founding of the 12 tribes should be based on something that would be considered a very serious abomination that God kicked out the prior inhabitants (L 18:28) I really now have to think thinking out loud here that it was to do this in front of each other that is an abomination. Just as it mentions a mother and daughter you shall not uncover.

Since this is the birth of 11 of the 12 tribes I have become to have question that I admit I don't know the answer to? The term Jew comes from the the tribe of Judah as most decedents from the original Israel are from the tribe of Judah. The kingdom was split into the King of Judah and King of the other 10 tribes. For the most part today I don't think we know who the 10 tribes are. Does that man these children of Jacob their descendants would only live to a certain point. I don't know. They were blessed as well (at least some of them by Jacob at the end of his life) as this is discussed in a later Torah portion.

Anyway. I am thinking out loud here. Anyone with other information or comments on these two points please comment.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Have a good Shabbos. Torah portion of Genesis 28:10-32:3

Just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend and good Shabbath.

Just in passing some very tough things to read in the parsha. Sorry if I am being a little short here as I will write more tomorrow night.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Getting to work. (Work now is looking for a job)

OK.Anyone know anything please feel free to comment or email me. Thanks.

Reading the news glad there is still some justice in America as this horrible killer who killed three women in the most brutal manner and raping them got the death penalty. It doesn't bring their lives back (and God knows how many years he will be on death row at taxpayers expense) but they don't deserve to live after murdering three innocent people for no reason.

I am for the death penalty although there clearly are cases of people being put on death row wrongly as they did not commit the murder that they are on death row for. We should correct ways of making a person guilty that really don't prove anything. This doesn't change the fact though that there are people like this who absolutely deserve the death penalty.

Anyway this is my little thought of the day.

Article on combating feminism.

Combating Feminism

Thought this was a good article from the ladies against feminism site. It is sad that her own situation she can no longer have children. All of it is relevant no matter what faith you are. In my own religion the Rabbi's are very lenient on the pill (which is the first time a healthy group is taking a drug) which like any drug has side effects and inhibits certain hormones ironically woman causes less libido and less muscle tone neither which is healthy but what did people do before they had a drug. I guess either A. they had a large family or B. They only had intimacy when they can afford to have children which sexuality is NOT suppose to be just for one's bodily pleasure and is suppose to serve a higher purpose. Were there other options. I don't know?

Also interesting she talks about skirts which today a lot of women wear pants because other women do it and the writer doesn't pretend it is everything which it is not but she does feel that at least the initial reason was because of feminism and she herself wears skirts sometimes as she explains in the article which please read.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Westboro Baptist Chuch.. Their hate towards soilders, gays, and Jews and thei hypocrisy.

Westboro Baptist Church and their hate towards solders, gays, and Jews .

I was watching this video of some JDL group (they in their own right are sick) and this disgusting church. Both I find to be extremist that use God for their own disgusting purposes and this woman of the JDL was asking this Shirley of this fake church how she masturbates which I don’t see how this helps our side. See at about 4:15-4:20.

JDL vs. Westboro Baptist Chuch

In the 3:15 minute mark this woman claims she is following the bible which there are so many questions you could ask her. Bad people (Kahanist do this as well) and they are the worst of the worst when they say something really horrible they just say well I didn't say it the bible (and many times that isn't even true) said it which anyway as if God wants us to be slaves. Abraham asked God to save a city because there were 10 righteous men.

But anyway I did very much notice that this piece of trash Fred Phelps two daughters (both who are married. God help us) who are involved with this both have hyphenated names of Rebekah Phelps-Davis; and Shirley Phelps-Roper
Also their mother is a lawyer.

If they are so religious why do they not take their husbands name and feel the need to keep their corrupt fathers name as if their work for their father is more important then their husband. Decent men want let go of their daughter and understand their husband comes first.

All their actions hating solders, hating gays are all directed at men of all types. In fact the military is not fully accepting of gays. And then to go to families and tell them they deserve to die and God wants them dead is so evil and disgusting and taking God’s holy name is vain. Their hatred towards Jews is also extreme and disgusting. They claim people attacking them is like the Jewish holocaust.

I did want to say though in our own midst I see groups that want to focus on homosexuality and ignore many other sins as if this is the only sin. I do think in some cases it has little to do with God and the torah but hatred of men since they ignore other sexual sins like adultery that involves the sin of both a man and a woman. They only like focusing on sins that you can only blame a man which is the case in homosexuality and also rape. Yes, homosexuality is a serious sin but to focus on this and ignore other sins really does appear as motivated by hate and not really about wanting people to follow what God wants and do what is right.

My feelings on Rabbi Kahane. Think he was overcompensating for his real idea's which were against basic property rights.

It is tough. The job market still isn’t great.

Some random thoughts.

Rabbi Kahane had the 20 year anniversary of him being murdered by a Muslim terrorist some who were also involved with 9/11. What do I think of Kahane? To be honest with you I DO NOT think he was a good man and was hiding behind God for his own hate and power grabs and there is nothing more evil then hiding behind God when you are doing evil. Look I realize at the end of the day all is vanity but in his case his idea's at the end of the day had nothing to do with the torah and just wanted to use the torah to intimidate and be unable to question him which is really bad.

He wanted to give no voting rights to all non-jews and full voting rights to all Jews and claims he was just following the torah. Huh? I never remember reading this anywhere.

He claimed that Judaism is not Thomas Jefferson and democracy although America at that time was more of a Republic then a democracy in many, many, functions. Many countries over time become a democracy for all (as originally you had to be a man that owned property to vote) which most Republics have not lasted more then 200 or 300 years as what is gong on in America is not new as the Roman Empire became very similar at the end. Don’t trash the founding fathers though as what happened at some point men who didn’t own property could vote and then every other group soon got voting rights which there is a problem when groups that are more dependent are voting. The government will pander to them even if they don’t care that much which we see with both parties and it just lowers the function of government.

His biggest claim was well we have to deny voting rights because otherwise arabs have a lot of babies and we don’t and we will become the minority. Arab birth rates have been somewhat exaggerated but to call arabs breading like rabbits for having children is just sick and hate. Last time I checked it says be fruitful and multiply.

Of course Kahane worked for the Jewish Press that supported no fault divorce so of course he has no faith on healthy birth rates. A healthy society needs the dominant culture to have a healthy birth rate. Family has always been a check on unchecked power by the government.

The irony is no fault divorce “hurts women” when she brings money or inheritance into the relationship which may have been the case with the situation with the daughter of the editor of the Jewish Press. No fault divorce does not respect contract rights or property rights. It really is about redistributing wealth. Sadly some women don’t care because it usually is the man that gets hurt but if the woman comes from a wealthy or well connected family the man can demand her money in a divorce even though it was never his. No fault divorce goes against basic contract law in that you want to be rewarded for breaking the contract and being able to take what is rightfully the other person’s and certainly not yours if you want out of the contract.

Of course if there is serious sins or abuse like adultery or serious abuse that may void a contract like any other contract. Contract law requires you to pay out the other person if you want out of the contract. If a man wants to divorce her for general reasons he has to compensate her. He can’t just throw her out on the street.

No fault divorce turns everything on it’s head as it reward the person wanting out of the contract. IN fact the case with the Jewish Press the guy the daughter married wanting a share in the Jewish Press and it’s revenue which of course he had nothing to do with.
Sadly though the Jewish Press instead of recognizing how no fault divorce is harmful instead used their own daughters situation to always blame men in issues of divorce. Many men are faced with having to pay their wife most of their earnings and have the wife teach the children to hate the father. The man will be forced to live alone for 20-25 years to pay for the wife and children (if he is a middle class with no real prospects of a very well being job) and he is basically chained if you want to know my opinion. A woman to do this to a man because she wants to be free is wrong. No fault divorce allows this immorality and the Jewish Press has no problem when it is the man but when it hits a woman then they have a problem with it.

Of course no fault divorce is bad for the overall institution of marriage. There is a time for divorce but ALL FACTORS should be taken into account and when there are children you can’t turn one parents into a second-class parent.

I can understand why the torah was so strong on adultery (for both sides) as it is a violation of a sacred trust and that person does not deserve to have continued relations with his family or someone who is doing very serious criminal acts but OTHERWISE no person should be hurt by another person’s selfishness and sadly no fault divorce rewards selfishness and gives THE RIGHTS to the one breaking the contract.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Wishing everyone a good weekend and good Sabbath.

Just want to wish everyone a good weekend and a good Shabbos. The torah portion that is read this week is Genesis 25:19-28:9 in which Rebecca makes sure Esau does not get the physical blessing from Issac.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An Article on the Babylonian Talumd

On the Babylonian Talmud

I thought a little interesting post although I am certain issues I don't agree with this site.

It is another site everything is about some "external" anti-semitism. As a first born male I have seen the internal hatred many people have to their own and actually I think they are worried that they won't be able to abuse their own and that is why they are concerned about "anti-semitism". Nobody has the right to abuse Jews except them. Pretty sick and twisted.

Many Jewish people themselves don't like their religion and when that is the case they will attack their own if they sense somebody is searching for truth.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Monday, November 01, 2010

Blessing of division? Troubling to me.

I do have to admit as I have matured and become more social I really do have a problem with some Rabbinic blessings.

Let us go through this that really I wonder does God appreciate this.

Went Jewish people finish a part of the Talmud they say a certain blessing and in part of it they say we are working and get reward and they are working and don't get a reward. We are going to the world to come and others are going to hell. These are all Rabbinic prayers that were made and doesn't reflect the bible as God no where talks like this.

I say to myself what kind of thanks to God is this. To put other people (who also are God's creatures) down like this. You can thank God for helping to learn the mysteries of God but to put others down like this!! The only thing that maybe is that some didn't allow us to learn Talmud and Jews at one point were upset about this but even if that is true to then put down everyone else seems to me like painting a too broad brush (as this isn't true of all non-Jews) and is very wrong to do this no matter how you slice this.

Then you have Rabbinic blessing that Rabbi's make men say every morning. At this point I myself for full disclosure try to say the Shema every morning and that is the extent of my prayer and put on my Tefilian to say this. Which are the boxes that it says you should have a sign on both your arm and between your eyes which we put on our head in the middle between our eyes. Anyway.

But we say blessings to God to thank you for not making us a nonjew, slave, or a woman. Why anyone would make a public blessing like this is beyond me. And the gymnastics used to rationalize this is a little silly. Really it is that God gave us more obligations which if it is true (and yes it is true God gave certain laws specifically to Jewish people) then spend time doing it. No one should ever thank God for not making you someone else. It is just divisive IMO. The other funny thing about this is I am not a Cohen. A Cohen is considered more holy and has some additional obligations. A Cohen does not make a blessing that you for not making me a Yisrael (which is a non-Cohen). I wonder why not? Being a little critical honestly I think it has to do with the fact that the people who established these blessing (these are Rabbinic blessing that have no basis in the bible) were Jewish men some who were not a Cohen and they didn't put themselves down although putting other people down didn't seem to bother them.

And then you have the claim that women have LESS OBLIGATIONS OF MEN (which I don't buy) because they are MORE SPIRITUAL which is really gymnastics here. In general if you are more holy God wants more out of you not less. I think women have different obligations but I don't their obligations are LESS. Biblicaly certain obligations (like appearing at the temple three times a year) clearly I would think they were exempt because their first priority was the home and the children. So raising children is not a obligation. A woman being the helpmate of a man and performing this role is not an obligation.

In some cases some Rabbi's have taken away certain obligations away from women that are clearly their primary obligation although the sad reality is I think this was done to scapegoat men in the end. Some Rabbi's (although not all) have claimed women are exempt from the obligation to be fruitful and multiply because childbirth is painful. And they therefore made it the man's obligation. Well, how does making it the man's obligation change anything. They might as well make it an obligation on a stork. A man can't bear children and making it his obligation doesn't make childbirth any less painful. Furthermore, after a mother gives birth she has a special sacrifice she gives and in addition she names the child. (Leviticus 12:6).
The reason I think the Rabbi's did this is so if there are low birth rates they could blame the men claiming it is their responsibility. Although if there are many children they will give the women the credit. So any bad result is the man's fault and any good result it is to the credit of the woman. That is really wrong.

But the irony in the end is when you claim everything is the man's responsibility so you could blame them for some of woman's shortcomings you do make women feel they are less capable if God gave them less obligations. This gymnastics in the end doesn't really work. To say they are more spiritual but they have less obligations which goes against all common sense. And to blame men for everything does make you think that men do control everything. And in the end many of the Rabbi's do feel guilty and they take their guilt out on OTHER MEN to show they aren't sexist. Round and round it goes.

I really would hope that we would ready give of some these prayers that are divisive for no real reason and has to be an insult to God. Would any boss appreciate if you told them thank you for not making me this other guy. Of course not!!! Would he appreciate you putting others down like we do when we finish the talmud. Of course not!!

Is calling God father appropriate?? Also making God a man.

Correct me if I am wrong. I see no where in the bible where God is referred to as father. It does say God is a "man of war". But never is called father as far as I know. Please correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure God is never mentioned in this way.

We do have Rabbinic prayers that call God in this way but Rabbi's sad to say some of their idea's they were influenced by the cultures around them sometimes for good but more often then not for bad. I don't agree with every Rabbinic prayer and it doesn't make me question God in any way because Rabbi's even good ones can be wrong sometimes as Rabbi's are just men that have free choice and are influenced by what is around them which is why they have to prove their points from the bible in the first place otherwise there would no checks and balances and they can say anything and say God said it as this some oral tradition. Well the oral tradition has to make sense in context to the written torah otherwise how do we know if this is truly the oral tradition or something the Rabbi took from some other source.

Anyway, back to the main discussion. Why is God never called father?? I think the main reason is that we are not suppose to have God "replace" our father. We need an earthly father and God is not suppose to replace that. One of the 10 commandments is to honor both parents which most religions made by man worshiping some religious leader takes priority over one's own parents.

In a similar vain, well in certain situations God is referred to as man this is in relations to certain behavior that is typically done by men "man of war".

However, in general God is neither male nor female. In fact some hebrew words of God don't really signify maleness although some do.

The problem I see is that it does affect general male-female relations if someone see's God as man or even a certain man who was God. I do notice it is much easier for women to worship some man as God and some do this as a replacement for men in their own life and I can't think it is a good thing. Any more then a man who has some women he worships to replace all other women.

As someone Jewish instead of being a sect we are suppose to explain our religious idea's to others. And turning any man into God distort God as God is neither male nor female. And man by himself it incomplete as God created both male and female in God's image and the first story suggests that God did take something out of man and give it to a woman so man is incomplete as God did not want man to be alone as in general in my opinion we are social creatures although this requires women as well to want to fill their role as women can decide they don't want this role and that sadly creates problems as men can't force women to want to get married.

Article on Betty Friedan. and her relationship with her mother.

This I did not know about her and that is HER OWN MOTHER MADE HER FEEL being a woman was somehow bad and she should be ashamed to be a woman. Which is something I have seen with mothers who want one of their female children to be the feminist one even if that isn't what the girl wants and makes them feel that their nature is a woman and anything feminine is bad.

This from the article. "Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis "talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father." (121) "All mothers should be drowned at birth," she used to say in her 20's. (131)"

"Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to "an older Jewish businessman" a jeweler almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had "no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent." He could do nothing right either. (17)"

"But Betty Friedan, instead of seeing that her parent's marriage was the problem, chose to blame the traditional feminine role. She attributed her mother's unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career."

Here is the link.

Betty Friedan the making of a woman hater

It really is sad that Jewish people defend this woman who had no problem with what went on the Soviet Union (and their persecution of Jews) and the man she married like her didn't like America either. And her idea of a middle class woman in the suburbs being in a concentration camp had nothing to do with reality as her own husband said she was never home and she worked the whole marriage. Her hatred of middle class suburban women had more to do with her hating the middle class which was the classic socialist viewpoint of a society with no middle class and just the very rick and very poor which is ironic that socialism claims to be "for equality" when in reality it ends up creating more inequality and the power with a few on top and most of the population dirt poor. But this I did not know.