Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun Oldies card I have. It is nice to hear some of my parents music.

I have this card for my Sansa Clip+ MP3 player. It ia very popular exercise and budget MP3 player.

Oldies Card

I have had this card for a while. My 2 favorite channels on this card are Jukebox and Country. My father liked the card. You have 1,000 songs although you can skip a song you don't like but the play lists are already created and you can't change them. That is the limit for getting all these songs for only $40. (I got it on sale for $30)..

The depth and feeling of some of the songs certainly put some of the songs of today to shame.

Signing off as I have to get back on my job search.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My job search?

It looks to me like jobs are starting to come in area’s of tax accounting and write up work.

My situation is that for the last six years I have worked in mostly small firms was at one firm for about 4 and a half year and have limited auditing experience as the auditing work I did back in 2000-2001 was in Municipalities.

Which from listening to a podcast of best accounting practices in which the last episode was on public vs. private most public accounting firms most of the general staff is under 35 as they hire out of school mostly (although maybe a few do things a little differently.)

So my options are mostly private or working for another small to maybe a little bigger firm. Private is a little hard in that I don’t have so much experience in any specific industry. Although I guess if you are a staff or associate you can learn from someone who does. I do have good general accounting skills and strong computer skills but you need the chance and some feel working in a small CPA firm they want someone in private who worked as an auditor in that industry and not just write up work. The other area is working for another small firm which I guess now I better get looking because busy season is gearing up and all returns (with a few exceptions) were likely finished since the extension due date was Oct. 15th which just passed.

So I really need to get cracking and send both to ad’s and to CPA firms in my area and see what kind of responses I get although at least I am getting a little better idea of what I should focus on at this point and hopefully someone will be interested.

(Note: Great the person below me is playing loud music. Just what I don’t need.)

Anyone with any possible leads feel free to email me. Thanks!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sarah kicking out Hagar for the first time.

Just continuing this discussion. In my last post I mentioned how Sarah kicked out Hagar and Ismael. It was not the FIRST time. This happened also when Hagar first become pregnant and had Hagar as she thought she was better then Sarah. (Genesis 16:5-6) "So Sarai said to Abram (names changed later on) the outrage against me is due to you. It was I who gave my maidservant into your bossom and now that she sees that she has conceived I became lowered in her esteem."

Yet in Genesis 16:9 an Angel says to her to go back to Sarah and submit to her.
"Return to your mistress and return to her". The question is "Why"? Ishamel wasn't going to be a person of good character.

Why did the angel want her to go back. I think the answer is Ismael needed a father growing up. The fact he became what he became is not relevant at this time. He can't just have Hagar raise him. If he became a bad man he would have an excuse as he had no father to learn how to be a man. When he became an adult and his bad behavior became clear that he really didn't have an excuse for as he was raised in a good home then Sarah told Abraham that they can no longer live with us and at that point the angel DID NOT tell them to go back.

Torah portion of this week:Sarah tells Abraham to kick out Ishmael and Hagar

This is a very interesting reading. Of course Ishmael and his children today are the arab's and of course this tension between Jews and Arabs actually does predate Islam.

What is interesting though is that of course to Sarah Ishmael was not her son although she did obviously take care of her as she ran the home and Hagar was their servant but did not run the home.

Regardless though you could say that Sarah didn't care for Ishmael because it wasn't her child. However, God felt Sarah was right.

As it says in Genesis 21:10 "So she said to Abraham. Drive out the slave woman with her son for the son of that slave woman will not inherit with my son". Abaraham was disturbed but God did tell Abraham that in this area he should listen and do what his wife says as it says in Genesis 21:12. "Whatever Sarah tells you heed her voice since through Issac will offspring be considered yours". Some of course will say this mean whatever your wife says you should do however God here explains here that this is regarding Issac that in this area Abraham should listen.

Clearly, even though this wasn't Sarah's child and she may have not even nursed him regardless as a woman being more in the home then the man was with both Ishmael and Issac she had a much better idea of the nature of Ishmael and Issac then Abraham did. And she understand that his sin's were such that he could not continue as part of the Jewish people promised by God to Abraham while Abraham was not as aware of his children's behaviors as his role was trying to teach others in the external world about the idea of one God and while I am sure he was involved and cared for his children (as he was upset about this as Ismael was his child) not to the same level as Sarah as he had other external obligations.

Also, it does seem here that Ishaml at this point has to be at least 16 if not older. As Ismael was 13 when the angels came. Sarah gave birth the next year which would make Ismael 14. And after Sarah weaned Ishamel which I don't if this is 16 or something like that. It may have not been right after after Issac was weaned as I'm not sure so maybe he was even older, 20 or something.

It would be cruel for a child to be thrown out before they are an adult.

Two more points that I think is relevant is the fact that it was Sarah the mother of the Jewish people who told Abraham to kick out Ishmael and Hagar to which Abraham does is I would think that Arab's would actually distrust Jewish women even more then Jewish men because of this because it was Sarah who initiated this.

It also shows that a "God fearing women" understands her role in creating a moral male child and keeping away bad influences which both Hagar and Ismael apparently were. Sadly many mothers today do the opposite. They are more concerned about women from hostile societies then their own son's and really see their men as someone that should die in endless wars to help some women from counties who really at the end of the day think of them in the worst ways. To me it is like a death cult. They don't want their men to be moral and alive. They want them to die protecting women from nations that are hostile to them and are too hateful to not even understand that the foreign women play a role in their men being so hateful.

Letter about Jonathan Pollard by Casper Weinberg's assistant

Letter on Pollard's harsh sentence by Weinberg's Assistance click here

Weinberger's assistance admits that he had a very negative view of Israel and this affected the sentencing of Pollard. I also read about Weinberger on Wikipedia to which his Grandparents who were Jewish on one side had a falling out which may be part of Weinbergers hatred of Israel.

Sadly you have some Rabbi's like Rabbi Aaron Solovechik who actually blame Pollard that he should apologize for his terrible action. This after he has been in jail for a long time and has suffered a great deal and that should be enough. To some like this Rabbi no suffering by this Jewish man named Pollard is enough. The fact is he spied for a friend "Israel" and did not turn over anything that put the US in danger. For doing that you usually get 2-4 years. Which he has been in jail for much longer then that so clearly he has been punished so to put him down again like this Rabbi wants to do is just terrible. Part of the reason he is in jail is because of some Jewish people who really want him to be shamed as if he hasn't suffered enough but are somehow afraid if he got out some would view him as a hero. Which, SO WHAT? Other spies got out and that happens. Some Jewish people and some Rabbi's really do want him to rot in jail because they actually love the government more then their own people and likely get money from the government and have never really worked in their lives and someone like Pollard who yes broke the law but he had some reason for doing it that wasn't to hurt anyone and someone like that bothers them because they as men have never done anything other then care for themselves.

Also here is the official site for Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard Site Click Here

Piece I enjoy from the Michael Savage show.

Michael Savage as a young social worker

He answers a caller on how his views have changed over time from his experience as a social worker.

My views have changed as well. The biggest change happened to me I think when I was 29 and sort of liberal although not not extreme but I remember getting let go from this job and the guy he let me go was really nasty and to be fair it likely wasn't just him but I thought he was someone I could trust. He seemed to be pretty tolerant.

It made me realize though that the idea of tolerance just for the sake of being tolerant usually means they will be LESS TOLERANT to someone that is normal and has normal beliefs which I sort of found out.

You see this all the time all the groups that are for "human rights" this usually doesn't apply to Jewish civilians. Only to those who really don't deserve "human rights" and that don't act in a way that shoes they belong in the family of man with their vicious hatred that they usually hide behind some sort of "equality" but if you scratch the surface you notice they don't practice this "equality" and their friends don't practice it either. It is just a thin facade to hide their vicious hatred that is not based on any sense of thought only based on envy which is why the bible is so against envying somebody else whether it be another's property, another's wife, whatever.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interesting Book: The Right to Earn a Living by Timothy Sandefur

Well I got my little book club recommendations for the month. One of the book sounds very interesting. The Right to Earn a Living. Here are a couple of sad stories here from the book according to my book club.

- "80 year old retired cab driver Ray Kottner who gave New Yorkers free rides in his old checker cab for that passengers tipped so well that he ended up making more money then by charging a fare. The result? The city shut him down for not having a taxi medallion which cost as much as $600K."

My comments: Isn't that nice. People tip an elderly man for free rides in his old cab and the government shuts him down.

Another case.

- "To avoid onerous federal price-setting rules, Hein Hettinga bottled and distributed his own milk. But, when he began selling lower-priced milk to wholesalers and consumers, the dairy industry successfully had congress pass legislation to shut him down, alleging "unfairness" in his pricing."

My comments: So in this case rather then the government working for the common man and the man who was able to sell milk at a cheaper price they work to protect the big dairy corporations from competition so they can continue to do things in an inefficient way and not worry about losing business to those who are more creative in distributing at a lower cost.

Here is the review from Amazon.
Amazon listing of book

So far 2 reviews. One five stars. The other four stars.

This is the product review from Amazon.

"America's founders thought the right to earn a living was so basic and obvious that it didn't need to be mentioned in the Bill of Rights. Yet today that right is burdened by a wide array of government rules and regulations that play favorites, rewrite contracts, encourage frivolous lawsuits, seize private property, and manipulate economic choices to achieve outcomes that bureaucrats favor. The Right to Earn a Living charts the history of this fundamental human right, from the constitutional system that was designed to protect it by limiting government's powers, to the Civil War Amendments that expanded protection to all Americans, regardless of race. It then focuses on the Progressive-era judges who began to erode those protections, and concludes with today's controversies over abusive occupational licensing laws, freedom of speech in advertising, regulatory takings, and much more."

Abraham's travels to what is now Israel and then leaves Israel due to famine

In last weeks torah reading we read last week first Abraham is told by God to leave his fathers home which he does and Sarah goes with him to Caanan (Genesis 12:1). And God promises this beautiful land to his decedents. There then is a famine and Abraham is forced to leave to go to Egypt and does so with his wife. (Genesis 12:10). It does not say here that God told him to do so although nothing suggests that God was angry at him either.

A couple of items we do see here. One is that when it came to where to settle in that area God spoke to Abraham and not Sarah. In the second case when they were forced out of Israel because of the famine as well Sarah did follow Abraham to Egypt.

The bigger issue we see here though is while God wants us to live in Eretz Israel clearly they shouldn't have stayed there and starved to death. But a bigger question I have is this:

Should a person live in Israel if they are gong to live on charity? The problem becomes you start having this attitude of entitlement and that isn't a good thing? A man that lives on charity so him and his wife can live in Israel and have children is that a good example to set to children. It is true no one is forcing anyone to give charity but does this cause more harm then good in relying on charity rather then working. Does this give a good example of a father to children.

You could say the man has other work he has to do to protect himself and his family when living in some hostile area's and therefore he is working in some way. And if it wasn't for the hostility they would be able to spend more time providing for themselves. So I don't know. Would like to here some input for anyone who is reading this blog.

Clearly Abraham had no one to send him contributions or food during this famine. However in general we should try to work in some way for our own bread. The torah discusses leaving a corner of your field so a poor person can take this for himself but he has to gather it. It doesn't come in the mail.

It does show though that while God promised us this beautiful land we should live a normal life there and if there is a famine we shouldn't stay there as there doesn't seem to be anything wrong Abraham did here by leaving as there was a famine.

Anyone that has other thought like to hear it. I am just going through some of the thoughts from my own mind from this account of our founding father and our founding mother.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance take advandage of the elderly

I was invited for an interview (which was really a meeting) for bankers life and casualty insurance. The first meeting lasted 10 minutes and then they invite you for a second interview (which was also just a meeting although this one lasted an hour).

They were focused on selling medicare products and I said to myself A) How can you make money on medicare since most of it paid through taxes and B) If someone was well to do I would think it would be in the clients best interest to have some private insurance as some doctors don't take clients in Medicare and even those that do the care is less simply because reimbursement from Medicare to Doctors are very low.

If I want to sell something I want it to be something that is in the clients best interest.

So I decided to do a google search and behold the whole thing is a scam and they use medicare to get into an elderly person's home and then sell them something else which is wrong. In addition this other thing they sell isn't even in the clients best interest and is just to pay themselves a big fat commission. This company preys on the elderly and those looking for work which is terrible.

They of course want you to pay for your training and other items. They start out by lying and claiming they will pay at the beginning which doesn't seem to be true.
But the whole Medicare just didn't seem right to me and the whole thing is a scam. A 100 year old company is engaging in terrible practices.

Anyway here is a you tube video on an expose of Bankers Life and Casualty Insurance.

I canceled this so called "3rd interview" and all I lost was a little time and gas thank God. The saying remains "If something sounds too good to be true it usually is."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Carl Paladino and the Chassidism of Williamsburg.

What do I think of this event of Paldino doing to Williamsburg and discussing homosexuality. Not highly of it at all. I think it actually is this shul and sect wanting special favors from the government and hiding behind religion when this is all about wanting favors from the government sadly.

Actually I don’t know which branch of Chassidism exists in Willimsburg. Anyway Paladino spoke at a congregation there and it wasn’t from the heart. He read something giving to him.

To be honest with you I am not a fan Chassidism. In fact many of their idea’s are not mainstream Judaism. They believe their Rabbi’s have special power as it goes back to the Baal Shem Tov and Judaism DOES NOT believe Rabbi's are Gods are become angels. They are human beings like the rest of us and have free choice and they have to prove their points like any other Rabbi from the written bible without which they can make things up and claim God said this. Being too far to the right is as much a sin as being too far to the left.

Anyway some of the Chassidic groups do need much government assistance. This was true in a town near where I grew up in New Square. In that town they hosted Hillary Clinton and she promised some things (including getting some of their people who were in jail for stealing government money on false claims) if they vote for her and they were told by the Rabbi there to vote for Clinton and they did so.

I am wondering to myself why is Paladino going to this group to talk about this issue. Mention it in an ad. And I suspect it has more to do with him promising this community some government favors in return for them making him look good and very conservative even though IMO they don’t take the torah seriously and only hide behind it when it suits their agenda.

Sad to say I don’t think in many ways Chassidism follow the torah. After all the men are suppose to try and work and not rely on government money to have many children or have their wives work for them and demand affirmative action for women. They don’t’ want the men to work because the men on top are afraid of men that have any independence and have critical thinking skills and they need them to be slaves to the Rabbi. And they need government favors which is what this is about and not about homosexuality IMO.

If I am wrong about any of this please correct me. I will say I have found in Modern Orthodoxy also the Rabbi’s love to undermine a man’s ability to work and are happy when they see a man who isn’t part of their Rabbinic clique suffering and being against homosexuality is an easy law for them to be against because they love attacking men. Even though in this case they are right that it is wrong. Many other sins they don’t care much for or even get upset if you mention it.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cain's envy of Abel and the first murder in the bible.

Genesis in Chapter 4 which we read last week God accepts the offering of Abel but pays no heed to Cain's offering. Abel offered from the choicest of the first born of his flock (4:4) while Cain brought an offering from the fruit of the soil (4:3). So it is very understandable why God accepted one's and not the others. God appreciating Abel's action of giving from the best while Cain gave little thought to it. And Cain was upset and God said to him.

4:6 Why are you distressed Why are you distressed? And why is your face Fallen? 7. Surely if you do right there is uplift but if you do not do right sin couches at the door. Its urge is towards you yet you can be its master.

And after this Cain killed Abel out of jealousy. Rather then give a better offering to God that God would accept he killed Abel out of envy that God accepting his offering.

This reminds all of us that whether it with God or man that something being accepted requires work. When we see someone being accepted because they worked harder we should strive to work harder rather then hate that other person for working hard and being more thoughtful as was the case here. And rather then Cain learning from this that an offering to God has to be thoughtful and from the best his response was to hate Abel for being more thoughtful and killing him out of envy.

Out of work at the moment. .

Since I post here I will post a little about me at the moment I am out of a job for the first time in six years and one job for 4 and a half years. It has been hard and hopefully something will come up. I have worked for small firms and how marketable I will be I don't know. Sadly because companies want to hire from certain groups to avoid lawsuits this means there will be less openings for someone like me who for employment purposes is considered a white male and those spots therefore will have higher qualifications to get them since there will be less of them since some of the openings have to go to women and minorities.

It does bother me that religious leaders don't say anything about the fact that laws like this are against the bible as men and women don't have an "equal" obligation to work.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Story of Adam and Eve and origins of each gender's weaknesses.

This week we read the first story in Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve. Some will say it is made up. But many nuances of male, female relations are brought out here and clearly fit more with the reality of male, female relations rather then the propaganda and certainly the reality is much more interesting and gives us a role rather then the propaganda which makes us feel helpless.

Of course the story that what be shown today on any television show would be Adam being told not to eat from the apple and being a man that can't control himself would do it while Eve telling him not to. Of course this is depressing because if men are so dumb and stupid why did God create man to be bigger and having a deeper voice if they were just made to be unable to control themselves and have a big body but a small brain.

However, in the story in the bible it isn't so one sided and they both sin. First of all the snake approaches the woman to tempt her. As to why her and not Adam I guess there are two reasons for this 1. God spoke to Adam and then Adam spoke to Eve. So Eve did not hear it directly from God so due to this the snake felt she can be more easily convinced not to do it 2. The snake may have figured if I give it to the women she would be more likely to convince Adam to eat from the apple then it would be the other way around since God did tell Adam that "he should leave his father and mother and cling to his wife and become one flesh". (Genesis 2:24) However, clinging to his wife does not mean if his wife tells him to do something to disobey God he should go along. After all it also says she is to his helpmate and if he does whatever she says then he really doesn't want her to be his helpmate but would rather she do the thinking for him which he is then abdicating his responsibility.

This whole process though you see a lot of in the world as the STORY IS VERY RELEVANT TODAY. Many groups that hate God and hate what the bible stand for clearly do focus more on girls and messing up their minds then boys. Yes they want to destroy physically but are less focused on messing up their minds as they are with girls. They seem to be aware of both 1 and 2 above that women will look at that much of religion and the written bible along with explanation of it is transmitted by men and be more likely to rebel and the second that men will go along with the women and give in to their distorted idea's which in the end will hurt society giving in to idea's that are against what God wants.

One example is the girl scouts which girls as young as 6 or 7 who are taught to look at what men have and be jealous and push women to think only about themselves rather then see their role in a society in general. Teaching women to turn to the mostly men in the government and lawyers for their freedom. The boys scouts are not like this. They are teaching the boys to believe in God and believe in country and their skill should be used in the service of others. And from other discussion I have had with others it does seem to be true as women who defended this group were women that were doing things that were not good like trying to raise a kid without the father and bragging about it mentioning one bad behavior.

Love to hear people's thoughts on this.