Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does the torah really believe you are an adult at 12 or 13? Seems like you become an adult at 20.

Issue of when you become adult: To be very fair about this argument the bible seems to view the age of adulthood as being age 20 and older and the best Passage is the one in the Parsha Shelach which is numbers 14:29 which the punishment for not being allowed into Israel due to the spies only applied to those 20 and up. The whole story is in numbers 14. The census in the beginning of Numbers chapter 1 says that every male over 20 and up should be counted in the census. And of course in Leviticus chapter 27 the valuation both men and women have the highest valuation if you wanted to use average valuation of yourself was between the ages 20-60.

No where in the bible does it uses the ages of 13 for male and 12 for female. Not everything in the bible is literal and we have a tradition passed down based on the torah but if Rabbinic positions disagree with the bible you can’t say the Rabbi’s position overrides the bible. Then G-d was lying. When G-d said 20 he really meant 13. I think that is absurd. How can they be our tradition if in the written portion G-d said differently?

To be honest to think at 13 for men and 12 for women a person is full adult is just defies logic and certainly I don’t think on any basis they should be treated that way if you really believe this. At best it is the BEGINNING OF PUBERTY. I remember being 13 and I still had a boy’s voice and so did most of my classmates when they were bar mitzvah. I don’t know about girls. I know they have been puberty at younger ages and interesting girls in fatherless homes tend to hit puberty earlier and of course there is an age that it is too early. In Yeshiva I was taught that at 13 a boy if fully responsible and I think that is absurd and I think the bibles idea of 20 sounds much more rational to me from many observations.

Funny growing up I remember reading that the Bat Mitzvah was sort of a new thing because of the Bar Mitzvah. But to be fair I don’t know where the idea of Bar Mitzvah came from either. To be fair it really seems to me that this may have some pagan origins that many cultures do honor hitting puberty. But the beginning of puberty I think it is absurd to say you are a full adult at that point and it seems the bible as well did not feel you were an adult until you hit 20.

Friday, July 09, 2010

About Israel and women in the military part 2 from Women in the Military by Brian Mitchell.

Here is more on the reality of Israeli women during the war of independece. This is very much against the propaganda that is said and thank G-d we had men in the millitary who did the right thing and didn't just do what was Politically Correct but would have led that we would not have the state of Israel. Anyway

In 1948 a handful of women did see combat with the hagana's fighting arm, the Polmach but their presense resulted in both sides suffering higher casualties. They were withdrawn after 3 weeks".-1

Israeli men risked their lives and missions to protect their women and arab troops fought more fiercely to avoid the humiliation of being defeated by women.-2

Yigal Allon a leading Polmach commander: "The girls stormed at any proposed discrimination arguing it ran counter to the spirit of the new society built in Palestine. In the end Wiser council prevailed". For the rest of the war the role of the women were strictly subordinate and supportive. "When things got too hot the women would clean and reload ... See Morethe rifles for the men so they could increase their rate of fire. -3

So Israel for their own survive how to throw out the socialist propaganda that has never worked and we wouldn't have Israel if some of these generals didn't use common sense.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

About Israel and women in the military part I from Women in the Military by Brian Mitchell.

Interesting book I have. Women in the military by Brian Mitchell. Glancing at it. It also discuss Israel for about 4 pages and actually Israel is more conservative in how they use women (and use them more conservatively and in subordinate and supportive roles then many other NATO countries) despite the propaganda because of the reality of the situation in Israel.

From Page 185 of this book. Many feminists seem unable to understand that the ancient Greeks and Romans entertained themselves with stories of amazons for much of the same reason that people today enjoy stories about vicious aliens from outer space. It was the very barbarity of a society ruled by women that exited their imagination not the actual or possible existence of such a society.

Many myths like the nonexistent Amazons- have served to advance the cause of military women. The most popular is Israeli women. The truth is is so much less glamorous- a country founded originally by men and women with radically egalitarianism ideals that was forced by a hostile environment to adopt more traditional ways.