Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Video on Very Low birth rates. End of Europe as we know it. Danger in North America as well.

England's Birth rate 1.6. France 1.8. Germany 1.3. Greece 1.3 Italy 1.2 Spain 1.1.
All Europeon contries in the EU 1.37. Shockingly low birth rates. This is what socialism and sadly an overly feminized religion has created.

Here is the video on this. From a talk show Michael Savage the portion on Europe.
Michael Savage Intro on the very low birth rates in Europe from video
He did get to the other parts of the video as well and I agree with some of his points but not all but I give him credit for bringing this issue up and how bad the situation really is in the West and the fact that these idea's are spreading to other cultures that are at risk to of their birth rates that are very close to being below replacement value if they continue on their path.

Here is the full piece. Full Piece on Low Birth rates throughout the West.
It gets going at the 37 second mark.

According to this video NO CULTURE HAS EVER SURVIVED with a birth rate under 1.9 in the past. In Canada it is 1.7. In the US it is 2.11 which is this was because of high rates among Hispanics and G-d bless them for that but among non minorities which includes Jewish Americans who are not considered a minority it is also 1.7. This means in one generation the population will decrease 20-25% compared to the number of those in the older generation.

Israel by the way it 2.3. Jews in the US the birth rate I believe is about 1.5. Overall Jews are also below replacement value without a shot being fired. And with this continuing push of feminist socialism throughout the west these numbers may go down yet. This is why feminism has never worked throughout history (there is nothing new under the sun about feminism) as the society will not survive. The culture will cease to exist because of this.

Nations are disappearing without a shot being a fired. You would think there was a famine or some mass murderer leader in the country or some endless war the country is fighting.

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