Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Western Low Birth Rates.

There was a book on this topic in how in advanced Western societies the birth rates are very low and below replacement value which is 2.1 meaning they are losing people without a shot being fired. The US is at replacement value and Israel is 2.3 which is barely above although Jews in the US is only 1.5. The main reason is that for various reason's women are putting off having children until later if at all. Sadly woman's childbearing years have not changed. Yet I had one here that said well if something happens they want to have a job. I am all for a woman using her talents in the supply and demand world. However, to put off getting married until you are fully independent by this time you will be much older. In the past men (and sometimes women) did die in middle age and what men and women usually did was remarry. Also you do get a life insurance policy so you don't end up with nothing. Having said all this it is tougher today (as no fault divorce creates a situation where a person doesn't get compensated as much if one person wants out of the marriage contract) but even this being the case having children always puts you in a better position when you are older then putting off getting married that if something happens you don't have any children which I think would help when a woman is older that the children will be adults now.

On top of this low birth rates make us all more dependent on the government when we get older as we don't have children to help take care of us. Also some of these security systems (like Social Security) have less people paying in. It will become a problem when the baby boomers retire but to be fair the system should not have taken the money out in the first place and then put an IOU in there and expect the younger generation to put it back in for the retiree's which is now going to lead to a serious problem when the baby boomers retire as there aren't enough young people to pay for social security.

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You haven't been blogging much- wondering if you are in a relationship now that is taking up much of your time?