Monday, February 08, 2010

Parsha Yitro: Exodus 18-20. Yitro's Request.

This was from last week but Yitro visits his son in law Moses and he is very happy to hear what the G-d of Israel did for the Israelite people. And he believes in their G-d. Then in Chapter 18 Yitro see's that Moses is spending all day judging the people and he feels this isn't good. And he proceeds to tell Moses to teach others and have them judge the easier case and that they should be men who sprun ill-gotton gain. (18:21). How far we have fallen that today many judges do things that they will gain from even if it is at someone elses expense and justice is not served.

The other interesting thing is that this idea of Moses doing it all himself was not considered healthy. Although he did judge the complicated cases in the end. So even great men can't do it all by himself nor should they. Yet in some parts of Rabbinic Judaism it seems to me they do have a person that does it all which I think is not following this example. In addition, being able to delegate some of the concepts to others of course requires a true G-d fearing leader. As some leaders don't want to delegate because their own idea's sad to say are based on some other agenda and they don't fully fear G-d and to delegate certain duties this may be found out.

But, again, I don't think anything new is under the sun and Moses who was elected by G-d and is considered righteous to the level that will never exist again even he it was not good for him to do it alone and part of his righteousness was his humility in not wanting to do it all alone and following his father-in-laws suggestion. Hopefully this can be learned from when it comes to judging or even other area's that we shouldn't want to do it all ourselves and if they are ways that are just and fair there would be reason to not teach this to others to engage in the activity in some of the easier cases.


Anonymous said...

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Analytical Adam said...

It is funny you say that. I see women who are attracted to men who like Howard Stern (I know this from befriending some of my classmates on you tube and being to some people's homes on Shabbos sad to say) and men who really just see women as a sexual object. Maybe the bible should be burned because it also seems to hate women since it does say that men and women have different but important roles. I personally think Howard Stern is a horrible person and shows like this shouldn't be tolerated as this is not what our founding fathers meant by free speech. But many women are more concerned about false equality then real respect and no wonder they marry men who don't really respect women. I do admit in some area's women know more then I would because they spend more time in that area. I would hope that women would recognize the same in other area's although regardless I do feel it is always important to discuss things and communicate. If that makes me horrible I really have to wonder what kind of men you are attracted of if you are a man you likely overly kiss up to women so you can just use naive silly women who don't know old saying if something sounds too good to be true it usually is. So when you are going to burn the bible since obviously the bible hates women as well. Never mind it really isn't one sided but you know better then G-d who also must hate women. I think Adam, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Moses hated women as well and worse G-d punished Adam for listening to his wife when he told her to disobey G-d and G-d shouldn't have punished him. (He punished Eve too). He should have given Adam a metal and made making a living very easy for a man who doesn't just work for some gov't job that he gets paid by the taxpayer.

Analytical Adam said...

I'm just wondering. Do you think the bible was made up by men just to keep women down. The story of Pharoh killing the boys but letting the girls live. That was likely made up by men. Right. After all Pharoh wanted to protect the girls by getting rid of those horrible Jewish men. But this was all made up by men to keep women down as men in position of power will never abuse other men. Of course that will never happen.