Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on Parsha Shmot. and Egyptian Culture of the Time

If you read Parsha Shmos (Exodus) (Just look at the first chapter) you see from the beginning that the Egyptian are worried about the Israelite people becoming too powerful and not side with the Egyptians.

So the question becomes, well, what do the Egyptians have to worry about? They are the more dominant culture as if they are having healthy families they should remain the dominant culture. The answer must be well the Egyptians were not having a healthy family life and birth rates to the point that they were worried about a minority group taking over them.

The Egyptians could have said well you know we need to do something about our own problems to keep our own society and culture strong. However, sadly, I guessed they reached a point in their culture that they couldn't or wouldn't want to do that. Maybe the girls just wanted to have fun and not have children and the boys didn't want to work to support a family. Maybe Pharoh didn't want women to marry other men because it lessened his power.

So they didn't want to solve their problems so instead they wanted to oppress the minority population (the Jewish people) because of their own immorality.

It then reached a point WHERE PHAROH wanted to kill the boys and let the girls live. You have to ask yourself how a society could reach this point and one conclusion I have is that he felt most women were corrupt and the men hating competition from other men and the women wouldn't mind killing boys because they view boys as bad and the less boys the better. Of course some of the women in the end thankfully did not reach this low point.

Reading this though you see there is nothing new under the sun. The Egyptian society rather then focus on their own family live and reproducing to preserve their culture they focused on the Jewish minority since they could not deal with their own corruption and people not wanting to get married and/or have children. Pharoh didn't want to tell the women there is more to live then having a good time. That being the case they were worried since they weren't reproducing that the minority Jewish people would soon outnumber them.

The question then becomes why did G-d punish them with hard labor if they were having children and having somewhat moral family life. It could be that the Egyptians because of their own problems exagerated the threat the Jewish people had and overall the Jews were acting immorally as well. In addition you could still have children but not be moral. YOu could support a family through immoral means which is not something I think G-d wants. Anyway these are some of these thoughts on this weeks Parsha.

I know it must anger feminists. They only wanting to kill the boys. I guess in that area they would not mind. It also is sad that much of Judaism today really treats Jewish men in harsh ways for no real reason other then the male leaders don't like men that ask questions and are afraid of competition from other men.

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