Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shouldn't both genders be involved in preserving the torah.

Sad to say, certain pagan idea's have crept into Judaism throughout the exile IMO. I would just check some of the books by Spence publishing on the Ladies against feminism where they site how Goddess worship and Christianity in general has become very feminized and women good men evil (except the male leaders of course) has become very mich part of the religion and I have to say Judaism is very similar in this regard is not worse from what I can see and there is no biblical basis for this. G-d is pretty fair and doesn't pretend that either gender is above sin and holds each gender accountable for their actions.

Anyway, I was reading the blog Domestic Felicity which is a pretty good blog. This idea that a woman should work so a Rabbi can learn is IMO against the torah and to violate the torah to somehow learn more of the torah is just not going to work because actions speak louder then words and whatever your learning is not torah because a man is suppose to support his wife not the other way around overall. This is the man's more dominant role. The type of jobs women do in general many are subsidized by taxpayers which in the end is a no sum game.

But anyway, some Rabbi's feel women don't even have to learn torah which how they are going to do what is right is beyond me. Again, they have adopted goddess type thinking that women were naturally do the right thing. Well the torah says we should not follow after our heart and eyes and a woman that doesn't try to understand what G-d wants from them is not going to do the right thing and she is going to do what her eyes and heart want and rationalize that this is the right thing.

In the first part of the torah it says that G-d made a woman the helpmate to a man and G-d also tells the man to cling to his wife which obviously is not just physical but emotionally as well as a woman can't be a helpmate to a man that doesn't share his world.

This should apply in torah area's as well. A woman should help the man in preserving G-d's torah which in certain area's woman may be better then men. Men are better at analytical analysis but woman are better at certain emotional aspects and also remembering names and lists which I think throughout the exile we have forgotten the names of various animals in the torah that they mention for purposes of what animal is kosher and what animal is not kosher. Maybe if the men used their wives for certain area's of the torah (like remembering lists and what each animal was) we wouldn't have now forgot what some of the animals are in the tanach and maybe when it is revealed again we will understand both genders have to work together using their different talents to preserve the torah.

Anyway any comments I would love to hear.

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