Friday, January 29, 2010

Parsha Va'eira: Great people need both good fathers and good mothers.

The 2nd reading in Exodus Chapters 6-9 talks about the first plagues to punish Egypt for persecuting the Jewish People. In Chapter 6 Verses 20,23,25 it not only mentions the father it mentions the mother as well. According to Artscroll their reasoning is great people need not only distinguished fathers but distinguished mothers as well. Children take on the name of the father yet healthy children need a strong influence from both parents which is why in these cases it was mentioned although in other cases it was not although righteous children can come from unrighteous parents. Abraham I don't think they mention the mother. It may be these women deserved being mentioned for their own righteousness which did many times lead to righteous children. That sames to be the bigger message here. Same in Genesis that our Patriarchs are mentioned along with matriarchs and for healthy transmission of idea's you need a healthy family consisting of both a man and a woman.

Sadly my own religion has it's problems in this regard as Rabbinic Judaism (and some Talmudic passages) feels a Rabbi is more important then a Father and because of a Rabbi a child will go to the world to come yet a father only helps give birth man in this world. Very disturbing passage because the truth is basic morals and decency a boy can only learn from his father and all a Rabbi can do is maybe expand on it but basic decency the father is far more important then anybody else yet Rabbi's in this regard over estimated their own influece which, they do have a conflict of interest since they are talking about themselves. The Talmud has to bring proof from the written torah to keep the Rabbi's in check that what they are saying is what G-d really said as Rabbi's are human beings like the rest of us and have free choice and if you read the later prophets throughout our history we have had false religious leaders. Rabbinic idea's in the Talmud or elsewhere without biblical proof are at best Rabbinic laws to but they are not something G-d said and Rabbi's since they are just men can make mistakes.

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