Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parshat Softim: A single witness may not validate.

It is interesting that Parshat Softim mentions that a single witness may not validate in ANY CASE. (Deuteronomy 20:15). It then mentions you need at least two witnesses so the main issue here is relying SOLELY ON ONE PERSON. Even if this person is the most righteous person around still one person is not enough. Why is that? I guess no matter how great any person has some bias that may affect his judgement or he/she may have some limitation to what he/she sees that you need more then one person.

At least in my view I think other evidence may help to convict if it can be believed by more then one person whether it is strong circumstantial evidence or other types of evidence. But evidence by one person in any situation is not acceptable because any one person has some bias that may effect his view and having at least two people helps to level this.

Sadly in some area's the Jewish world doesn't follow their own torah and believe things without any evidence other then one person's story. This is terrible and very wrong and if it leads to someone being falsely accused this is a terrible, terrible sin.

We also are instructed not to favor the rich or poor. The poor aren't always victims and rich aren't always the aggressor nor should we favor the rich because they have more moeny. Both are a perversion.

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