Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are Yeshiva's in Israel cheaper because they are subsidized by the gov't. If true, if this a good thing?

I had dinner with my parents on my birthday in NYC and my parents were telling me that some are moving to Israel because Yeshiva's are much cheaper or free I don''t remember exactly what was said but something like that.

So my question is. A. Is this true? I have heard that from different sources so it likely is but the bigger question is B. Is this a good thing.

Well, what could be so bad if the gov't subsidizes the Yeshiva's. Isn't that good. The problem is this though if the gov't subsidizes the Yeshiva's the gov't also can push it's agenda's on the Yeshiva's and if they don't go along they can take away their funding. Is that being overly dramatic of conspiracy like.

I don't think so. I heard about Gush Katif and many relgious leaders went along with it and told Jews well you have to follow the gov't. Never mind that these are people in their 40's and 50's who have spent their life in this area being productive and at that age to start a new is very difficult and of course many of the Jews that were kicked out of Gush Katif still do not have homes and many are unemployed despite the gov't promises which any rational person could see that the gov't can't create jobs and houses out of thin air to 40 and 50 year olds that worked certain jobs in Gush Katif like the greenhouses and the crops that were grown there.

I think in the end being too dependent on the gov't makes it easy for the gov't to blackmail you and therefore you should try to be mostly independent that the gov't can't do this to you as you have more leverage then the gov't has.

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