Monday, July 06, 2009

We need G-d's Mercy both here in the US and in Israel and I hope we merit it.

I hope G-d has mercy on us as in a lot of area's thing are really pretty bad although not all bad. At least the Supreme Court is in a different direction at this time.

But you do have to be concerned here in America with this latest case of Honduras in which there was a coup but it was a legal coup. The Supreme Court ruled against the President and his own party wanted him out and he wanted to act against the Supreme Court. He wanted to amend the constitution but didn't have the votes to do it and the votes he claimed he had the Supreme Court felt they were fraudulent. And over here, Obama is on the same side as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro two vicious dictator's. This should scare us as this was a legal coup and they brought the military in because the president refused to step down even though he was told to do so because of his corruption. It shows on which side of things Obama is on and this leader like other dictator's give freebies to the poor from the middle only so they are dependent on the gov't so they will always vote for that person. They don't help the help the poor become independent as they as the gov't what the poor does to help themselves as they give them gov't jobs.

Israel is in a tough situation as well with the holocaust denier winning an election that seemed rigged.

Will the G-d come to our aid. I hope so although there are many very serious sins the Jewish people are engaging in that are very very serious and we certainly need to change our ways in some of these area's. The REAL PROPHETS AND THE REAL LEADERS had to say that things were not good. We were engaging in taking advantage of the weak, abusing those who were truly G-d fearing because they didn't fit a specific selfish agenda we had that served no greater purpose, even using our own children as pawns for our selfish agenda's that served no greater purpose. Also, add to this the immorality in family matters and punishing those again who were honestly trying to obey G-d and because of all this we were a chillul hashem and G-d had to punish us because our behavior disgraced G-d as this is not what G-d wants. Of course by doing this G-d is allowing his own people to be hurt which will cause our enemies to question G-d but I guess G-d felt this was better then our enemies that our G-d is some G-d that supports some of the immoralities we were engaged in.

May G-d have mercy on us if we merit G-d's mercy.


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