Sunday, July 12, 2009

My feminized family.

I think girls are important (and of course women are the one's that G-d gave the ability to bring life into the world although lawyers want to sue OBGYN'S if they don't perform C-Sections even though this has not in any way lowered certain birth defects and diseases from happening but this is for another post) and do certain things better then men but there needs to be a balance.

The overall population is 51% female although the rate of children seems to be close to 50-50 as this is mainly because women live longer.

But anyway on my mothers side of the family which isn't as feminized as my fathers side in general has 8 girls and 4 boys for my Grandparents Great Grandchildren.

On my mothers side among first cousins which again is my Grandparents Great Grandkids there is 15 girls and I think 4 boys. This is a total of 23 girls and 8 boys for both sides of the family. I don't know WHY THIS IS AS IT SEEMS to me to be beyond random chance if you ask me and anyway with my family they don't treat boys very well so this is a fair consequence having few male children. Are men that are wimps and NEVER stand up to anything tend to have more female children as they have less testosterone. I don't know

In addition to this,
in my family out of 11 first cousins including me and my sister on my fathers side of the family 7 out of 7 are married if the woman is the oldest or anyone older then her is also female. Every man is married in which he is the youngest or anyone younger then him is also a boy. However, if the man is older then her sister no man who has a younger sister is married. The younger sisters of an older brother also none of them are married.


Lvnsm27 said...
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Lvnsm27 said...

I'm sorry to read that the boys are not treated right, and that the older men are not married yet.
I hope that you and others find someone soon.

I also wanted mention about this musician that I posted about.
While joy is what motivated her, as she learned more, she learned about our obligation with Torah & mitzvos and she sticks to it.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks Sharona. In my fathers side besides me I have 4 first cousins and 3 of them are married. Two of them are the youngest of three children and one of them is the middle child in which the younger one also is a boy while the oldest is a girl. They are both from families of three. One is girl, boy, boy and one is girl,girl, boy. My other first cousin is the middle child of a family with girl, boy, girl with them middle boy not being married and not being treated very well.
In my fact my Uncle has said very mean things as my family is very harsh on any guy that has a younger sister as they only like it when a girl is older then a boy.

I did look at that site and to be honest I think she is too focused on pie in the sky spirituality rather then the practical of being pregnant and being a mother and at the end of the day we have to use our skill to make the world more practical and helpful for others not just pie in the sky thinking.

I think we are too focused on individuality then about how our actions are better for society and the socail implications of our behavior. Yes, group think also can be taken to an unhealthy extreme but I think between the two poles we are a little too much to the side of individuality just for the sake of individuality when some of these activities may be enjoyable by serve not much social purpose.

The best music is not too individualistic and has something deeper to it.