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Did Judaism follow suit in pandering to women to maintain a . presence.

I really am finding this book The Church Impotent interesting. A lot of what when on in Christianity seems to go with our own religion as well as the Rabbi's or the clergy try to hide behind women to maintain it's presence. Do I think this is good?

Nope. Sorry, I don't. Any true religious figures that fear G-d would realize they have to be fair. In fact most men do consider part of being a real man is being fair and just. By favoring women over men it will lead to an imbalance and men resenting religious leaders for being so hard on them just to impress women. They also rightfully feel that the religious leaders are hypocrites as this doesn't show morality to play favorites to women just because the Church leaders feel women are more easily swayed then men are.

The worst part though is it will overly feminize the religion and turn male traits into evil and female traits into good. I know you are saying this is far-fetched. But it really isn't? My religion Judaism views any man who has strong opinions based on has analytical analysis as bad or even dangerous. This only based on words. If this doesn't show a hostility towards male type skills I don't know what does.

Rabbi's are the same way though and I for a while now have questioned their rational as it seems to me to be a power grab and nothing more for Rabbi's that don't really have the facts on their side and will therefore hide behind those easily swayed like some women and also some children and be very easy on them not because of G-d but just to protect themselves as they are unable to convince intelligent men.

Here is this paragraph on the Catholic Church in France.

"The Catholic Church in France has maintained its presence in society through the influence on women. This strategy has ALWAYS AFFECTED THE TEACHING OF DOCTRINE. Though the church had always condemned contraception, in France, even peasants practiced coitus interruptus to limit the division of their inheritance. Acting on the advice of Alphonse de Ligouri confessors decided that women were not guilty if their husbands practiced this form of contraception(My comment: It is interesting in Judaims they have taken a similar attitude in general.)

This decision was based on a fear that rigorism would alienate women and the Church would lose all influence.. In 1842 the Trappist Debryne argues against a rigorist position position on the use on contraception. One should give serious attention to this that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor, (My comment: I would be nice if they had the same attitude if not being too hard on men as well.) this matter is one of immense importance. THE COMING GENERATION IS IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN, the future belongs to her, If the women gets away from us with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism-faith, morality, and our whole civilization."(The Church Impotence Page 25.)

These leaders are acting like they are the only moral men out there and sad to say are not letting the chips for where they may. A REAL RELIGIOUS LEADER would understand it is not good to be easier on one gender simply because you think it will help your own church since in general this could lead to one gender feeling self righteous over the opposite gender which is not good for society whether it be men feeling self righteous or women.

Men that put their own influence over doing what is really right also project this problem to other men.

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