Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pop calls for Global Authority on Economy. (Are Most Jewish leaders in the same boat?)

Church on the economy

The Church is sadly showing a lack of understanding of capitalism as socialism well maybe sounding good at first does not work as you are giving all the power to a few men who don't have to worry about competition if they control the economy. All you could do is leave the country. Healthy competition is good for a society. And religion is suppose to work with our various drives not try to get rid of them which in the end leads to more tyranny not less.

Judaism, sadly, I feel is mostly on the same page as it seems many of them as well (although not all) don't like competition and feel they should control everything even things they really ARE NO MORE KNOWLEGABLE THEN THE AVERAGE PERSON OUT THERE.

I feel too much of socialist ideology has crept into religion both Judaism and Christianity for the leaders own power grabs and it has perverted both religions in some ways. I don't leave Judaism out of it becuase it is a problem in my own religion and it does not make the G-d of Israel a good G-d as I don't think G-d supports socialism although a free market economy needs rules that should be enforced of fair play and fair measurements which in cases of local businesses should be enforced by the local authority not the federal authority but more then that is bad for a society from my own knowledge.

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