Sunday, July 12, 2009

My feminized family.

I think girls are important (and of course women are the one's that G-d gave the ability to bring life into the world although lawyers want to sue OBGYN'S if they don't perform C-Sections even though this has not in any way lowered certain birth defects and diseases from happening but this is for another post) and do certain things better then men but there needs to be a balance.

The overall population is 51% female although the rate of children seems to be close to 50-50 as this is mainly because women live longer.

But anyway on my mothers side of the family which isn't as feminized as my fathers side in general has 8 girls and 4 boys for my Grandparents Great Grandchildren.

On my mothers side among first cousins which again is my Grandparents Great Grandkids there is 15 girls and I think 4 boys. This is a total of 23 girls and 8 boys for both sides of the family. I don't know WHY THIS IS AS IT SEEMS to me to be beyond random chance if you ask me and anyway with my family they don't treat boys very well so this is a fair consequence having few male children. Are men that are wimps and NEVER stand up to anything tend to have more female children as they have less testosterone. I don't know

In addition to this,
in my family out of 11 first cousins including me and my sister on my fathers side of the family 7 out of 7 are married if the woman is the oldest or anyone older then her is also female. Every man is married in which he is the youngest or anyone younger then him is also a boy. However, if the man is older then her sister no man who has a younger sister is married. The younger sisters of an older brother also none of them are married.

Pop calls for Global Authority on Economy. (Are Most Jewish leaders in the same boat?)

Church on the economy

The Church is sadly showing a lack of understanding of capitalism as socialism well maybe sounding good at first does not work as you are giving all the power to a few men who don't have to worry about competition if they control the economy. All you could do is leave the country. Healthy competition is good for a society. And religion is suppose to work with our various drives not try to get rid of them which in the end leads to more tyranny not less.

Judaism, sadly, I feel is mostly on the same page as it seems many of them as well (although not all) don't like competition and feel they should control everything even things they really ARE NO MORE KNOWLEGABLE THEN THE AVERAGE PERSON OUT THERE.

I feel too much of socialist ideology has crept into religion both Judaism and Christianity for the leaders own power grabs and it has perverted both religions in some ways. I don't leave Judaism out of it becuase it is a problem in my own religion and it does not make the G-d of Israel a good G-d as I don't think G-d supports socialism although a free market economy needs rules that should be enforced of fair play and fair measurements which in cases of local businesses should be enforced by the local authority not the federal authority but more then that is bad for a society from my own knowledge.

Did Judaism follow suit in pandering to women to maintain a . presence.

I really am finding this book The Church Impotent interesting. A lot of what when on in Christianity seems to go with our own religion as well as the Rabbi's or the clergy try to hide behind women to maintain it's presence. Do I think this is good?

Nope. Sorry, I don't. Any true religious figures that fear G-d would realize they have to be fair. In fact most men do consider part of being a real man is being fair and just. By favoring women over men it will lead to an imbalance and men resenting religious leaders for being so hard on them just to impress women. They also rightfully feel that the religious leaders are hypocrites as this doesn't show morality to play favorites to women just because the Church leaders feel women are more easily swayed then men are.

The worst part though is it will overly feminize the religion and turn male traits into evil and female traits into good. I know you are saying this is far-fetched. But it really isn't? My religion Judaism views any man who has strong opinions based on has analytical analysis as bad or even dangerous. This only based on words. If this doesn't show a hostility towards male type skills I don't know what does.

Rabbi's are the same way though and I for a while now have questioned their rational as it seems to me to be a power grab and nothing more for Rabbi's that don't really have the facts on their side and will therefore hide behind those easily swayed like some women and also some children and be very easy on them not because of G-d but just to protect themselves as they are unable to convince intelligent men.

Here is this paragraph on the Catholic Church in France.

"The Catholic Church in France has maintained its presence in society through the influence on women. This strategy has ALWAYS AFFECTED THE TEACHING OF DOCTRINE. Though the church had always condemned contraception, in France, even peasants practiced coitus interruptus to limit the division of their inheritance. Acting on the advice of Alphonse de Ligouri confessors decided that women were not guilty if their husbands practiced this form of contraception(My comment: It is interesting in Judaims they have taken a similar attitude in general.)

This decision was based on a fear that rigorism would alienate women and the Church would lose all influence.. In 1842 the Trappist Debryne argues against a rigorist position position on the use on contraception. One should give serious attention to this that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor, (My comment: I would be nice if they had the same attitude if not being too hard on men as well.) this matter is one of immense importance. THE COMING GENERATION IS IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN, the future belongs to her, If the women gets away from us with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism-faith, morality, and our whole civilization."(The Church Impotence Page 25.)

These leaders are acting like they are the only moral men out there and sad to say are not letting the chips for where they may. A REAL RELIGIOUS LEADER would understand it is not good to be easier on one gender simply because you think it will help your own church since in general this could lead to one gender feeling self righteous over the opposite gender which is not good for society whether it be men feeling self righteous or women.

Men that put their own influence over doing what is really right also project this problem to other men.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Church Impotence: The feminization of Christianity (This seems like a problem in Judaism as well)

This book traces some of the developments of would to the church attracting more women then men. Yes, the leaders are all men but the rank and file are mostly female and this is not a healthy system. Nor does it lead to a religion being able to defend itself if it has a small number of men who are involved and this imbalance does create many weaknesses and suggest that certain male traits are inherently evil which is very dangerous and against what it says in Genesis. It say G-d created male and female in G-d's image. (Genesis 1:27). To overly praise female traits and criticize male traits can't be healthy for a society or the religion of that society.

It should be an interesting read as I ordered the book as Jews have lived mostly in Christian countries throughout the exile and no question we are influenced by the society around us and sometimes sadly in bad ways.

In the Jewish religion sad to say it seems too many Rabbi's feel it is their job to protect Jewish women even from other Jewish men. But other Jewish men are not the enemy and a healthy society the rank and file men should be respected and in fact Pharoh focused on KILLING THE MEN WHILE LETING THE WOMAN LIVE as he understood Judaism could not survive without men. It is funny I mention this sometimes and some so called religious women it comes out they don't think it is so terrible. G-d also saved the FIRST-BORN JEWISH MALES and PASSED OVER THEM WHICH IS WHY WE CELEBRATE PASSOVER while he killed all the first born Egyptian males and this also is a big problem in Judaism as feminist certainlly don't like men who are first born. If you have men they should be the youngest that is the only good birth order. This torah story is very politically incorrect that is for sure.

We have a situation where only the male Rabbi on top is respected and this is unhealthy for the women as well in the end. Many Rabbi's tell women they don't NEED to get married and only the man does which of course is an impossible situation and this shows the unhealthy relationship that some Rabbi's have with women (not on a physical level but on an emotional level that is still very unhealthy and wrong if they can't tell young nubile women that they should get married and not rely on them, the male Rabbi, who themselves are just a man who has knowledge in certain Jewish law but tell them you know you need man you know why?? otherwise why would do you always like to go me the male Rabbi to always talk to. And tell them that the attraction that they have is to help you get married in your child bearing years and is for this higher purpose of bringing life into the world and don't waste those years as you have this unique ability to bring new Jewish life into the world. Then the Male Rabbi can say I have my own wife and thank G-d my wife gave me children. All "RABBI" means is teacher. This idea Get yourself a Rabbi is just saying you should have someone talk to not a pulpit Rabbi if you read the Misneh. Rabbi there means teacher.)Anyway, I myself try to look at the bigger picture even though I am single and if a woman is marrying a good Jewish man even if it isn't me it is a good thing and seomthing to be happy about. I feel in some of these personal issues they would be better served talking to, the Rabbi's wife and some of these women don't even care about the Rabbi's wife and what does that say?? The torah says a woman is created to be a man's helpmate so an unmarried woman can't fulfill what she was created for. Of course it also says a man should leave his parents and cling to his wife which of course for a woman to be a man's helpmate a man has to share his life and his world with his wife which the torah is telling to the guy that he should do.

Another factor which is specific to Judaism but not Christianity is the fact that who the father is doesn't matter. Which makes no sense as this is a Rabbinic position that is very disturbing and creates possible 5th columns among our own. I think Michael Jackson's wife was Jewish. So it is absurd to make the children automatically Jewish. BOTH parents should be Jewish and if not then you have to look at the situation. Especially a son may side with the father who may have very antisemitic views and just because the mother is Jewish shouldn't make the kid automatically Jewish as the only time a kid should automatically be Jewish is if BOTH parents are Jewish.

In Islam it only MATTERS WHO THE FATHER IS (and this is absurd as well) and this in my opinion has led to the opposite problem that women are made to feel worthless in Islam as them being the mother doesn't matter. Which the most important role that a man or woman can be is a father or mother and you take that away from them and they become just subhuman that only are there for their own desires if you feel them being a parent is somehow not necessary.

Anyway, back to this book. Here is the review.
"After documenting the highly feminized state of Western Christianity, Dr. Podles identifies the masculine traits that once characterized the Christian life but are now commonly considered incompatible with it. In an original and challenging account, he traces this feminization to three contemporaneous medieval sources: the writings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the rise of scholasticism, and the expansion of female monasticism. He contends that though masculinity has been marginalized within Christianity, it cannot be expunged from human society. If detached from Christianity, it reappears as a substitute religion, with unwholesome and even horrific consequences. The church, too, is diminished by its emasculation. Its spirituality becomes individualistic and erotic tending toward universalism and quietism. In his concluding assessment of the future of men in the church, Dr. Podles examines three aspects of Christianity-initiation, struggle, and fraternal love-through which its virility might be restored.

In the otherwise stale and overworked field of "gender studies," The Church Impotent is the only book to confront the lopsidedly feminine cast of modern Christianity with a profound analysis of its historical and sociological roots. Dr. Podles presents the fruit of his meticulous scholarship in a lucid and readable style thoroughly accessible to the non-specialist."

My Comments: I don't know if I would agree with every point that I understood here for example I think Judaism does care about other nations other then themselves but some of the problems seem to be a problem in Judaism from it becoming overly feminized.

This topic in general is of interest to me because of the problems in my own family and what I do see in the Orthodox world of always putting down men and praising women. But in reality because the women are NEVER told no they don't show much development of their character.

We need G-d's Mercy both here in the US and in Israel and I hope we merit it.

I hope G-d has mercy on us as in a lot of area's thing are really pretty bad although not all bad. At least the Supreme Court is in a different direction at this time.

But you do have to be concerned here in America with this latest case of Honduras in which there was a coup but it was a legal coup. The Supreme Court ruled against the President and his own party wanted him out and he wanted to act against the Supreme Court. He wanted to amend the constitution but didn't have the votes to do it and the votes he claimed he had the Supreme Court felt they were fraudulent. And over here, Obama is on the same side as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro two vicious dictator's. This should scare us as this was a legal coup and they brought the military in because the president refused to step down even though he was told to do so because of his corruption. It shows on which side of things Obama is on and this leader like other dictator's give freebies to the poor from the middle only so they are dependent on the gov't so they will always vote for that person. They don't help the help the poor become independent as they as the gov't what the poor does to help themselves as they give them gov't jobs.

Israel is in a tough situation as well with the holocaust denier winning an election that seemed rigged.

Will the G-d come to our aid. I hope so although there are many very serious sins the Jewish people are engaging in that are very very serious and we certainly need to change our ways in some of these area's. The REAL PROPHETS AND THE REAL LEADERS had to say that things were not good. We were engaging in taking advantage of the weak, abusing those who were truly G-d fearing because they didn't fit a specific selfish agenda we had that served no greater purpose, even using our own children as pawns for our selfish agenda's that served no greater purpose. Also, add to this the immorality in family matters and punishing those again who were honestly trying to obey G-d and because of all this we were a chillul hashem and G-d had to punish us because our behavior disgraced G-d as this is not what G-d wants. Of course by doing this G-d is allowing his own people to be hurt which will cause our enemies to question G-d but I guess G-d felt this was better then our enemies that our G-d is some G-d that supports some of the immoralities we were engaged in.

May G-d have mercy on us if we merit G-d's mercy.

I hope eveyone had a happy July 4th

I hope everyone had a happy July 4th.

We celebrate July 4th as independence from the Brits who wanted to tax the American colonies which was felt to be taxation without representation. Sadly, though, there is much taxation without representation and this is a real insult to the men who died in order to gain independence from the British and an overbearing government.

DVD of Mount Sinai Excavation.

Mount Sinai excavation.

Sounds like a very interesting DVD on what is now seen on Mount Sinai the place where the Torah and the 10 commandments were received.