Monday, June 15, 2009

Subject: What do people think of the recent events of Iran with the holocaust denier winning reelection.

I do not thing it is good news that Ahmadinejad won the election in Iran. It is quite interesting that many of the young are against him and some say there was fraud in the election. Certainly he presents a danger to Israel and to the world and sad to say at this time neither Israel nor the US has done anything about Iran's nuclear program. Waiting will in the end lead to more deaths then taking care of him now. In WWII many nations at first appeased hitler and this led to hitler gaining the power he had that led to the death of 6 million Jews and 10's of millions of deaths overall.

His opponent according to some did have much support. Here is a link from the NY Times about this. Iran Elections

His opponent Hossein Mousavi did work in the gov't during the Iraq-Iran war between 1980-1988 which led to a million deaths on each side mostly men and even male children under 13 that were sent to the war.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL compared the two canditates the mad man Ahmadinejad and his opponent Mousavi. It is on page A7 of Friday June 12th's WSJ. They compared each on the economy and this is each views.

Ahmadeinejad: Promises to share Iran's oil wealth with poorer Iranians and launch gov't backed programs to stimulate the economy.

Mousavi: Says he won't follow a 'charity policy.' Favors more private entreprise and using oil revenues to draw investments.

Like many dictator's Ahmedineinejad wants control of the economy and of course hides behind the POOR for his own power but he certainlly needs the poor to be completely dependent on him.

Mousavi on the other hand does trust the people and feels it is better to allow the people to use their own brains to create products and services to help grow the economy and let businesses, families, and individuals help those less in need which of course the torah is for helping the poor but it is not the central controlled gov't responsibility which can lead to abuses as they help those who they think would vote for them which any individual or business has more checks to thier own biases.

So I would love to hear your comments on this topic. I think it is a dark day (certainly for Israel but for all other nations as well as this man is dangerous to all his neighbor's both near and far) that the mad man Ahmedineinejad won this re-election whether legit or by fraud.

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