Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting article on female contraception (not for young readers)

Here is the link from the blog Domestic Felicity in which she discusses the pill.

being open to life

Male contraception is considered forbidden because you are wasting seed. I also know it isn’t foolproof. The Rabbi’s have allowed the pill which as Mrs. Anna points out has side effects. It is a drug. I do know it does inhibit the production of androgens a male hormone that women produce in smaller amounts but this reduces it even more which can lead to muscle weakness which a radio show here on WOR in NY as funny enough I have the podcast which I was listening to other reasons but Dr. Hoffman was saying that if a woman engages in resistance training at a gym she will only gain 2% of muscle mass when on the pill while those not on the pill will have a gain of 3.5% muscle mass which is almost double. Women if they do this don’t have to worry about becoming a muscle woman as they produce less male hormones but the pill does reduce it more then what may be good for the woman’s health. This also reduces a woman’s pleasure by reducing the androgens.

Mrs. Anna mentions some other problems the pill (as she feels the Rabbi’s should prohibit the pill as well) has drying up the mother’s milk among other things. She also says it could reduce future fertility. Read the link. She hopes the Rabbi’s would outlaw the female contraception as well. Of course intimacy and relations was meant for the higher purpose of bringing life into the world and if let us say due to being short on money you can’t have children maybe you should abstain. What did people do before contraception I have wondered?? Anybody know here. But to say it is OK for a woman to take the pill in general leads to many women being forced to take the pill which really isn’t good for her health and her own balance of hormones and also limits her own enjoyable to intimacy and intercourse and also turns the act outside of what the bigger purpose of the act was which was why the Rabbi’s prohibited male contraception because it wastes the seed so on the female side they are wasting the woman's ability to conceive. Isn't this basically the same. A man becomes impure when he has an emission of semen which is because he is wasting it and this is suppose to be used in relations. Well female contraception is wasting the woman's ability to conceive which women become impure every month during their childbearing years when not being pregnant or nursing and some say this is because while not always possible and in certain situation not desireable (just as male emission aren’t always possible) they are not using their ability that G-d gave them to bring life into the world which is IDEALLY what they should be the biggest priority of a woman's childbearing years.

I thought I would share this link as I do have my concerns about female contraception as well like the pill and it’s overall side effects that aren’t really good for the women and which turns this act which is meant for a higher purpose of bearing children as just for the man’s pleasure(and the pill reduces the woman's pleasure) which if you read the torah G-d punished this kind of behavior as it was meant for a higher purpose and how is it really different then a man just wasting his seed.

Any comments welcome.

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