Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I haven't had much time to blog recently.

Since I am an accountant tax season was really busy and it was also passover although it really was not a great passover for me.

I should have more time to comment to posts here.

Anyway, I am a first born male which of course G-d killed all the first born Egyptian men. This I think was a punishment because Pharoah wanted to kill all boys that were born while letting the girls live.

It is sad that we haven't learned from our history as this story clearly shows that discrimination against Jewish men is a sign of bigotry towards Jews but many in our community themselves discriminate against Jewish men with various excuses. Just thought I would throw that out. I guess Pharoh was a feminist.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. Clearly true science and not political science supports intelligent design

I thought I would share a couple of items I have learned from this book I am reading on intelligent design which by the way for those new here is not trying to turn science to agree with religon but the opposite, that many scientists have found real problem with the evolution theory even though they were taught this in college. The biggest issue always is that various parts of the body is complex that it couldn't evolve which is one of the problems of evolution. Many parts of the body could not have evolved any more then a mouse trap which is a simple machine could evolve. If one part is missing the mouse trap doesn't work. Same with parts of the body which are 1,000 times more complex without one part it wouldn't function so HOW COULD IT HAVE EVOLVED??

Anyway, I am reading this book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design and here are two interesting facts.

Fact 1:The fossil record does seem to prove that the earth was populated by creatures that are no longer with us. The fossil record also provides evidence that the history of life has passed through several stages only the most recent of which includes us. For most pre-Darwinian geologists, the fossil record also COUNTED AGAINST A LITERAL SIX THOUSAND YEAR AGE FOR THE EARTH though NOT AGAINST A RECENT CREATION OF HUMAN BEINGS. That is very interesting although it doesn't provide all the answers and I have learned in life you can't know it all although the torah is not a history book although I admit I have trouble with the opinion that each day is let us say millions of years explanation from this as man should also be millions of years old if the sixth day was also a million years and studies do show that man is a recent creation. You could say that G-d created a world before this world that we know today but that world no longer exists although why would G-d do that I don't know but certainlly that could be an answer.

Fact 2: The oldest known fossils were from a geological period known as the Cambrian and this period DOES NOT START with one specie that evolves into other species. Instead, most of the major animal phyla and many of the major classes within them appear together abruptly in the Cambrian fully formed and this goes against Darwin's theory that all speices started from a single organism.

If you want to comment on this debate of intelligent design vs. evolution feel free to do so. I am only listed a few issues with evolution but there are many and it is a shame that darwin's theory you are not allowed to question it in many colleges whether as a student or teacher and if you do you are punished whether a teacher or student. Sad in school that are suppose to be places of discussion and sharing different idea's but this really isn't the case.