Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Girl Scouts and their embrace of Radical Feminism and the harm it is doing to Orthodox women.

On Frumster Forum some very disturbing divorced women are appearing on the forum and I brought up the girl scouts and lord and behold it was 2 of the disturbed divorced women who defended them. Not only this but they are now teaching a younger generation of young Jewish women. Terrfic. Just what we need. They make good cookies but sadly are really now (and have been since the 1960's) a very radical organization (although they once were teaching girls proper values) that are teaching girls ideas that are anti-social and anti-god in my opinion and is destroying a Jewish Girl’s Holy G-dly Neshamah.

Here are a few article on how far to the left the girl scouts have gone yet many Orthodox communities are sending their girl's there and this may explain why some girls have such charchter problems as some of them are and continue to be very involved in the girl scouts.
The Girl Scouts New Radicalism

Girl Scout National Enclave to Feature Pro Abortion Pro Lesbian Speakers

The Cookie Crumbles the girl scouts go PC

The sad reality is that the girl scouts have been taking over by radical feminist ideology and are not teaching girls proper values. I first found about this from a book about the boy scouts but it also was discussed on the Laura Ingraham show and how many Christian mothers are pulling their daughters from this organization and they started their own group called American Heritage Girls which they feel is similar to the original girl scouts and nondenominational.

Let us go through all the series problem that girls as young as 6 are being taught

Problem #1 They are teaching young girls that women are underrepresented in science and math. Here is the link and see the second paragraph.
Girl Scout Advocacy. The issue is so what. Women are overall are doing better in school and they are not being ignored as they deserve equal time they are just less interested in math but are doing better in reading and writing so there is nothing to complain about. To teach them to be jealous or LOOK AT ANYTHING THAT MEN DO BETTER THEN THEM that they are VICTIMS IS JUST TERRIBLE AND IS VERY MUCH AGAINST THE TORAH THAT ENVY OF SOMEBODY ELSE IS WRONG AND ONE OF THE 10 commandments. They also teach WOMEN HAD TO SUE to get equality and to have the government be the women's protector. None of this is good for society and this is teaching girls to hate men at very young ages I might add. Could you imagine teaching boys to feel jealous because girls are better verbally or they are more color oriented and we should punish women for this so there will be EQUALITY?

Problem #2: They teach women to feel male leadership is bad and evil and we need NEW KIND OF LEADERSHIP. This is in part of the link above of the kind of program they have. Change it UP! What girls say about Redefining Leadership. The data indicate that girls find the COMMAND AND CONTROL STYLE OF LEADERSHIP UNAPPEALING. First of all good male leadership combines different skills and second of all most women in leadership are no different. To feel LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO BE CHANGED is very radical and I hope some Rabbi's here take note because many of them feel Rabbi's also are that EVIL MALE LEADERSHIP and may just be using you as a temporary alliance. To teach women that leadership (which of course they mean outside the family type leadership which is mostly bad) is innately control is propaganda against men. They are good leaders and bad leaders. In the women's area THE HOME women aren't always about being nice to everyone either. Both Sarah and Rebecca had to exclude Ishmael, Esav, and Hagar from their family while it was the men who wanted a little bit for everyone. Which gets us to

Problem #3: The girl scout leadership rather then admit their agenda claim THIS IS WHAT THE GIRLS WANT. Isn't a good group where adults while talking to the girls help them be more realistic and pragmatic rather then say OK WHATEVER YOU WANT I WILL GIVE YOU. Yet the girl scout leadership hides behind these young girls. It likely isn't even true as I'm sure many girls don't care for new types of leadership but this is what the leadership wants but rather then admit it they hide behind these young girls. Many girls learn from this to do the same and blame men for things that are within their control and blame their children as well which I see on the Frumster Forum. A women there who is divorced and raising the children without the father who is a proud member of the girl scouts and TEACHING OTHER YOUNG ORTHODOX WOMEN LIKELY HER HORRIBLE VALUES AND SAID THAT IT IS AN ENTITLEMENT FOR CHILDREN TO BE IN A LOVING HOME. She is completely self absorbed and even her children she uses for her own agenda as it is just horrible for a mother to say this about her own children that being in a loving home is an entitlement and her children should respect her (although she doesn't have this absolute respect for the father which is amazing her hypocrisy) but they have no rights or needs. We say in Shema we should LOVE G-D with ALL OUR HEART AND MIND. IF a woman can't even love her children and her ex she can't have a relationship with G-d yet she thinks she is religious and even wrote to me that she IS ELEVATED WHEN SHE TOLD ME SHE DIVORCED HER HUSBAND BECUASE SHE AND HER HUSBAND WERE LESS RELIGIOUS AT ONE POINT. This is really sick and THIS IS NOT ELEVATION.

Problem #4: Teaching them to use other as pawns for their agenda They do a study with 2,500 women only 1,500 men and mother but no fathers. That write off the bat sounds like they are only getting men that fit their agenda to have 2500 women and only 1500 men. I see this kind of behavior of women using men as pawns for their agenda and from no other purpose

Problem #5: Teach them self esteem is the most important which by the way the boy scouts don't teach and this was part of the hippy movement of the 1960's in my opinion. Real respect has to be based on your behavior towards other and your assessment has to be based on some outside source. I know I am good in math not because I tell myself but because others have told me this. People tell me I have interesting things to talk about so I do use this but it isn't based on me. It is based on feedback on others and if your identity is only based on telling yourself you are good a social person doesn't respects somebody who jumps artificially pumps themselves up and those type of people I see get upset very easily because others peoples reactions don't match what they tell themselves

Problem #6 The girl scouts used to teach girls their obligation to men and they longer do. They took loyalty out of their oath.

Problem #7 Lastly they have supported every radical antireligious group in the last 20-30 years. They have supported planned parenthood that has a very radical agenda on abortion and has a racist history as the founder supported eugenics and was a vicious racist as some feminist were because blacks voted before they did. They have supported Lesbianism. They now allow women not to believe in G-d which the boy scouts you have to believe in G-d. I have heard girls who wanted to support Israel have had problems as well. For all these reasons Christian Parents have pulled their girls out of the scouts and as I said started American Heritage Girls. Throughout my dating I have seen women who are supported horrible causes and I wonder how did this happen to them.

I suspect it may be the girl scouts and may be other organizations as well. It is very sad that our community doesn't protect a girl's holy neshama that they should not be indoctrinated at young ages with vile idea's and learn to be a healthy member of society that takes responsibility for her role as a woman and her obligations to family and the community and while wanting to be treated fairly allows other to contribute in area's they are better then she is.

This seeing on Frumster that it is divorced women who seem to have no shame in raising their children without the father and don't see like victims to me defending the girl scouts really is terribly troubling and again they are now teaching a younger generation of Jewish girl in the observant world. This really is a terrible thing that is gong on and I hope going forward the community is more alert on what girls are being taught in some of these organization and that radical feminists have taken over some once good organizations. Let us not forget the snake first focused on the women I think because the snake thought it would be easier and the man would follow suit more then the other way around.