Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Natural Family by Allan Carlson & Paul Mero

Rabbi Daniel Lapin praised this book as I thought I would share this (I get a book list from the conservative book club each month). I am printing most of the review here as it isn't that long and I would agree with most of what it said. I would love to hear comments or criticism's on this.

In March 2005, Allan Carlson and Paul T. Mero issued "The Natural Family: A Manifesto" -- a bold statement of a pro-family worldview, with the concept of the natural family at its core.

In The Natural Family, Carlson and Mero examine why the family is in crisis, the ways in which the natural family is the source of culture and freedom, and what families can do to preserve the most fundamental and wholesome relationship on earth. Some highlights and key themes:

How the family consisting of a married man and woman and their biological children has been under ideological and practical attack since the eighteenth century, more powerfully than ever before from the 1960s on

The five qualities of the "natural family," explained: as part of the created order; as imprinted on our natures; as the source of bountiful joy; as the fountain of new life; and as the bulwark of ordered liberty

What does science say? The medical, biological, psychological and sociological evidence that supports the natural family as fundamental to human happiness and social order

Possible alternatives to the natural family as organizing principles -- the individual, the church, the state, the corporation -- and why they do not work

What went wrong -- and why? Sources of contemporary disorder in family systems throughout the world

Restoring the natural family: the case for family- friendly tax policies, legal protections for marriage, the family wage, homeschooling, controls on abortion and contraception, and other measures

How many people who should have defended marriage were asleep when the full-scale assault on the family began in the 1960s

How, even more seriously, most of them joined the assault by eventually adopting the very assumptions -- philosophical, social, and economic -- which almost extinguished the family's traditional legal and social privileges

Specifics of a pro-family action agenda for today
Assured that human nature is on their side, Carlson and Mero can be both realistic about the family's plight and relentlessly optimistic about the future. The Natural Family is a road map, especially for the young, for rebuilding a culture of freedom, joy, and love.

This is what Rabbi Lapin had to say. "Nothing short of a blueprint for Western survival." -- Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president, Toward Tradition

My comments now. I agree with a lot of it. I certainlly agree that when the family breaks down in the vacum other entities take the place but in the end it doesn't work and leads to serious abuses. This book is honest enough to admit that even the Church or in our case the synogague CAN TAKWE THE PLACE OF FAMILY LIFE and take the place of a father or even a mother and that is not healthy. The synogague should work to promote healthy family life not be a competition to it which does exist in some religious settings and this is not good for our own health and freedom.

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