Monday, January 26, 2009

That some Orthodox women are taught to be disrespectful and nasty to Jewish men.

It really is sad that some women are just taught to just be mean and nasty to Jewish men and if they know something they don't know to attack the person charchter.

I am on Frusmter and it just amazes me the inability of some women to have a discussion. It certainly isn't everyone but to have women who are in the observant community behave the way they are behaving is quite alarming.

Their speech is what REAL LASHON HARA is in that when someone is better then you at something you attack their character. That was what Miriam did although at a much lower level in that she criticized Moses charchter saying did G-d only speak to Moses when she didn't have relations with his wife when G-d needed this refrain at this time yet Miriam due to a small amount of jealousy criticized Moses character as if he was doing this to be above everyone else which G-d told Miriam that Moses was very humble and no one was humble like Moses was. Yet some females have just been taught when someone does something they don't agree with to attack their character first which is completely wrong and very much against the torah.

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