Sunday, December 20, 2009

Global Warming. Me think it is a scam.

When you have dictator's supporting this and also speaking out against capitalism you see that Global Warming is something communists and dictators are hiding behind. In the 20 years the temperature has warmed but to a much lesser degree then computer models suggested. Furthermore, in the 1970's it was cooling. All this time CO2 was going up so this relationship is suspect. Living in NY I don't really notice a change in climate from what was before. Most point to solar energy is more related to the temperature going up and down. I remember reading before it was so political that temperatures rose to a smaller degree then expected. SO these people that are trying to scare everyone I think it is nothing but scare tactics. When people don't have facts on their side they use crazy exaggerations to make up for their lack of facts.

Anyway here is a clip by Michael Savage on global warming. I don't agree with him on everything but on this he is spot on.

On Global Warming

More on Global Warming

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Interesting story on how proper family life affects even our enemies. who in the end have to respect us.

This is from CFOIC Christian Families of Israeli Commnuities. I find this on Balaam very interesting. Sadly in many ways the Jewish world does not value family life and many so called religious leaders try to bring strife between a man and a woman and/or engage in propoganda so that females are only attracted to men that are doormats so they can have control. This is not Judaism. It is fake Rabbi's acting like marxist dictators in my opinion. Anyway, this is from the site CFOIC written by Sandra Boros a Jewish woman who lives in Israel who gets contributions from Christians in America.

"The story of Balaam and his desire to curse the children of Israel is a fabulous one. At the request of Balak, King of Moab, he tries to curse Israel, but at each opportunity, G-d prevents him from doing so. Finally, without a choice, he blesses the nation of Israel in some of the most beautiful verses in the Bible.

"And Balaam lifted up his eyes and he saw Israel camping according to their tribes and the spirit of G-d was upon him... How good are your tents, Jacob, and your dwelling places, Israel." (Numbers 24:2-5)

The Book of Numbers begins with the national census and the Children of Israel are counted based on their families, the "houses of their fathers." This reflects an important development in the nation, for as the family of the Children of Israel become the nation of Israel, the significant unit of identity is the family.

And indeed, it is this family unity, this dwelling according to their tribes and within their tents that attracts Balaam. Our sages noted that what Balaam actually saw within the camp of Israel was an incredible sense of modesty and respect for each other's privacy. The openings of the tents were set up in such a way that they did not face the openings of the neighboring tents, allowing each family some minimum degree of privacy. And each tent belonged to a family, for there is holiness in the family unit.

It could not have been easy for millions of people to live in such close quarters and in temporary dwellings for so many years. Although there are numerous accounts in the book of Numbers of the people questioning G-d or of their lack of appreciation for the miracle of their lives, there isn't a single account of family disputes or neighborly quarrels. And while we can assume that there was a certain amount of this, it clearly was not significant, or it would have been mentioned.

Instead, we have Balaam's account of the goodness of the tents of Israel.

As an outsider, Balaam was attracted to this idea of family harmony, within the context of national unity. This was an idea that was foreign to the Canaanite nations of the time, a culture that was permeated with pagan values and child sacrifice.

Interestingly, there is no indication that the children of Israel knew of Balaam's attempt to curse Israel and his subsequent blessing of them, for there is no interaction between Balaam and the Children of Israel at any part of the story. Balaam stands upon the mountains of Moab and views the new nation from afar without their awareness. And what he sees is a blessing.

The Jews are frequently concerned with how they are viewed by the world. Our traditions and our faith are different from others and we tend to fear the worst among those who view us from afar. But Balaam taught us an important lesson -- if we stay true to those values we inherited from our forefathers, we will always be blessed. For even those who would curse us, will have no choice but to bless us.

And Balaam echoes G-d's promise to Abraham: "Those who bless you will be blessed and those who curse you will be cursed." (24:9).

Shabbat Shalom from Samaria,
Sondra Baras
Director, Israel Office

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parshat Softim: A single witness may not validate.

It is interesting that Parshat Softim mentions that a single witness may not validate in ANY CASE. (Deuteronomy 20:15). It then mentions you need at least two witnesses so the main issue here is relying SOLELY ON ONE PERSON. Even if this person is the most righteous person around still one person is not enough. Why is that? I guess no matter how great any person has some bias that may affect his judgement or he/she may have some limitation to what he/she sees that you need more then one person.

At least in my view I think other evidence may help to convict if it can be believed by more then one person whether it is strong circumstantial evidence or other types of evidence. But evidence by one person in any situation is not acceptable because any one person has some bias that may effect his view and having at least two people helps to level this.

Sadly in some area's the Jewish world doesn't follow their own torah and believe things without any evidence other then one person's story. This is terrible and very wrong and if it leads to someone being falsely accused this is a terrible, terrible sin.

We also are instructed not to favor the rich or poor. The poor aren't always victims and rich aren't always the aggressor nor should we favor the rich because they have more moeny. Both are a perversion.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parshat Softim: You should elect judges.

The Parsha of Shofetim and the portion of electing a king I find very interesting.

The question is: Is it required or is it something that we can request but is not required which of course leads to the question in the future will we need a king. I try to search for truth and I was reading some of the commentary and if anyone has something to add here I would love to hear from you.

Anyway in Deuteronomy (17:14) it says after you possess the land "I will set a king over me as do all the nations," you shall be free to set a king over yourself one chosen by G-d. Artscroll commends on Sanhedrin 20 that says one of the three things required when you land in Israel is to appoint a king and it quotes Exodus 17:16 that says the war against Amalek will be fought by the throne of G-d. It really doesn't seem like it is suggesting a human king but the G-d of Israel being the king. As it says in hebrew the throne of G-d.

Then you go to Shmuel and this request is repeated that we should have a king like other nations to fight wars and G-d criticizes them for needing a human king and not having G-d as their king but nevertheless gives in to this request even though seemingly it isn't the ideal because otherwise why was G-d critical of this. The wording is exactly as in Deutoronomy of having a king over us so it seems Moses was partially prophesying here and saying that we would want a king like other nations and G-d would allow us to have one even though in this case we were doing it to be like other nations.

If you read Shmuel (See Shmuel or Samuel Chapter 8) you see that G-d was not happy with the request but gave in and even warned the Jewish people that having a king may lead to AN ABUSE OF POWER and taking your sons and daughters for certain tasks "he will take your sons and place them in his chariots and cavalry and take your daughters to be perfumers, cooks, and bakers" (Shmuel 8:12-13). He will take a tenth of your grain (8:15) and you would cry out to G-d but G-d will not answer you on this day (8:18) son once you want a King and you then later on cry out on the harsh activities of the king G-d will need head your crying out. So this does not seem like some ideal. And after this warning they do agree and Shmuel picks a king for them.

But it does bear the question which I admit in the future where there is peace would we need a king since in the first place this was never an ideal as this all shows. So as someone who is searching for truth what is the answer to this as I do think most believe we will have a king in the future. I know the prophets view this ideal of each person (each family) under a fig tree and each having their own land. I don't know the passages for this. It certainly doesn't seem like it was a requirement but that the Israelites requested it and G-d gave in even though it wasn't an ideal. If it was why warn the Jewish people of abuses of power and taking your children and your property and letting them know that once you elect a king and then have second thoughts G-d will not hear you at that time because you were warned in the first place.

So I would love to here some other perspectives and idea's on this as I find it an interesting topic as I find it interesting that this whole idea of abuse of power by having a king and giving him much power is nothing new.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Jews in Gush Katif are still suffering?

This is a letter I received from a site that I have written to as it is run by a religious Jewish women to get support from Christian American's for area's in Biblical Israel, and I receive their monthly letters which are very good and informative and each month introduce you to another community. Anyway.

This is the first paragraph.

"Four years have passed since close to 9000 people were forcibly removed from their homes in Gush Katif. Four years have passed and so little has changed for these people. Only a handful are living in permanent homes. The teomporary housing sites in Nitzan, Ein Zurim and so many other places are still filled with families waiting for their homes to be built. And there is still a 20% unemployment rate, far higher then the normal rate, even during these difficult times.

I can't help very much sadly but what groups are giving
aid to those who were expelled from Gush Katif.

It goes on to say why we can't give up more land which is pretty obvious and it is pretty obvious the government isn't really keeping it's promises which to be fair weren't realistic in the first place. If something sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Are Yeshiva's in Israel cheaper because they are subsidized by the gov't. If true, if this a good thing?

I had dinner with my parents on my birthday in NYC and my parents were telling me that some are moving to Israel because Yeshiva's are much cheaper or free I don''t remember exactly what was said but something like that.

So my question is. A. Is this true? I have heard that from different sources so it likely is but the bigger question is B. Is this a good thing.

Well, what could be so bad if the gov't subsidizes the Yeshiva's. Isn't that good. The problem is this though if the gov't subsidizes the Yeshiva's the gov't also can push it's agenda's on the Yeshiva's and if they don't go along they can take away their funding. Is that being overly dramatic of conspiracy like.

I don't think so. I heard about Gush Katif and many relgious leaders went along with it and told Jews well you have to follow the gov't. Never mind that these are people in their 40's and 50's who have spent their life in this area being productive and at that age to start a new is very difficult and of course many of the Jews that were kicked out of Gush Katif still do not have homes and many are unemployed despite the gov't promises which any rational person could see that the gov't can't create jobs and houses out of thin air to 40 and 50 year olds that worked certain jobs in Gush Katif like the greenhouses and the crops that were grown there.

I think in the end being too dependent on the gov't makes it easy for the gov't to blackmail you and therefore you should try to be mostly independent that the gov't can't do this to you as you have more leverage then the gov't has.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My feminized family.

I think girls are important (and of course women are the one's that G-d gave the ability to bring life into the world although lawyers want to sue OBGYN'S if they don't perform C-Sections even though this has not in any way lowered certain birth defects and diseases from happening but this is for another post) and do certain things better then men but there needs to be a balance.

The overall population is 51% female although the rate of children seems to be close to 50-50 as this is mainly because women live longer.

But anyway on my mothers side of the family which isn't as feminized as my fathers side in general has 8 girls and 4 boys for my Grandparents Great Grandchildren.

On my mothers side among first cousins which again is my Grandparents Great Grandkids there is 15 girls and I think 4 boys. This is a total of 23 girls and 8 boys for both sides of the family. I don't know WHY THIS IS AS IT SEEMS to me to be beyond random chance if you ask me and anyway with my family they don't treat boys very well so this is a fair consequence having few male children. Are men that are wimps and NEVER stand up to anything tend to have more female children as they have less testosterone. I don't know

In addition to this,
in my family out of 11 first cousins including me and my sister on my fathers side of the family 7 out of 7 are married if the woman is the oldest or anyone older then her is also female. Every man is married in which he is the youngest or anyone younger then him is also a boy. However, if the man is older then her sister no man who has a younger sister is married. The younger sisters of an older brother also none of them are married.

Pop calls for Global Authority on Economy. (Are Most Jewish leaders in the same boat?)

Church on the economy

The Church is sadly showing a lack of understanding of capitalism as socialism well maybe sounding good at first does not work as you are giving all the power to a few men who don't have to worry about competition if they control the economy. All you could do is leave the country. Healthy competition is good for a society. And religion is suppose to work with our various drives not try to get rid of them which in the end leads to more tyranny not less.

Judaism, sadly, I feel is mostly on the same page as it seems many of them as well (although not all) don't like competition and feel they should control everything even things they really ARE NO MORE KNOWLEGABLE THEN THE AVERAGE PERSON OUT THERE.

I feel too much of socialist ideology has crept into religion both Judaism and Christianity for the leaders own power grabs and it has perverted both religions in some ways. I don't leave Judaism out of it becuase it is a problem in my own religion and it does not make the G-d of Israel a good G-d as I don't think G-d supports socialism although a free market economy needs rules that should be enforced of fair play and fair measurements which in cases of local businesses should be enforced by the local authority not the federal authority but more then that is bad for a society from my own knowledge.

Did Judaism follow suit in pandering to women to maintain a . presence.

I really am finding this book The Church Impotent interesting. A lot of what when on in Christianity seems to go with our own religion as well as the Rabbi's or the clergy try to hide behind women to maintain it's presence. Do I think this is good?

Nope. Sorry, I don't. Any true religious figures that fear G-d would realize they have to be fair. In fact most men do consider part of being a real man is being fair and just. By favoring women over men it will lead to an imbalance and men resenting religious leaders for being so hard on them just to impress women. They also rightfully feel that the religious leaders are hypocrites as this doesn't show morality to play favorites to women just because the Church leaders feel women are more easily swayed then men are.

The worst part though is it will overly feminize the religion and turn male traits into evil and female traits into good. I know you are saying this is far-fetched. But it really isn't? My religion Judaism views any man who has strong opinions based on has analytical analysis as bad or even dangerous. This only based on words. If this doesn't show a hostility towards male type skills I don't know what does.

Rabbi's are the same way though and I for a while now have questioned their rational as it seems to me to be a power grab and nothing more for Rabbi's that don't really have the facts on their side and will therefore hide behind those easily swayed like some women and also some children and be very easy on them not because of G-d but just to protect themselves as they are unable to convince intelligent men.

Here is this paragraph on the Catholic Church in France.

"The Catholic Church in France has maintained its presence in society through the influence on women. This strategy has ALWAYS AFFECTED THE TEACHING OF DOCTRINE. Though the church had always condemned contraception, in France, even peasants practiced coitus interruptus to limit the division of their inheritance. Acting on the advice of Alphonse de Ligouri confessors decided that women were not guilty if their husbands practiced this form of contraception(My comment: It is interesting in Judaims they have taken a similar attitude in general.)

This decision was based on a fear that rigorism would alienate women and the Church would lose all influence.. In 1842 the Trappist Debryne argues against a rigorist position position on the use on contraception. One should give serious attention to this that one should not alienate women through an imprudent rigor, (My comment: I would be nice if they had the same attitude if not being too hard on men as well.) this matter is one of immense importance. THE COMING GENERATION IS IN THE HANDS OF WOMEN, the future belongs to her, If the women gets away from us with her everything will disappear and vanish into the abyss of atheism-faith, morality, and our whole civilization."(The Church Impotence Page 25.)

These leaders are acting like they are the only moral men out there and sad to say are not letting the chips for where they may. A REAL RELIGIOUS LEADER would understand it is not good to be easier on one gender simply because you think it will help your own church since in general this could lead to one gender feeling self righteous over the opposite gender which is not good for society whether it be men feeling self righteous or women.

Men that put their own influence over doing what is really right also project this problem to other men.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Church Impotence: The feminization of Christianity (This seems like a problem in Judaism as well)

This book traces some of the developments of would to the church attracting more women then men. Yes, the leaders are all men but the rank and file are mostly female and this is not a healthy system. Nor does it lead to a religion being able to defend itself if it has a small number of men who are involved and this imbalance does create many weaknesses and suggest that certain male traits are inherently evil which is very dangerous and against what it says in Genesis. It say G-d created male and female in G-d's image. (Genesis 1:27). To overly praise female traits and criticize male traits can't be healthy for a society or the religion of that society.

It should be an interesting read as I ordered the book as Jews have lived mostly in Christian countries throughout the exile and no question we are influenced by the society around us and sometimes sadly in bad ways.

In the Jewish religion sad to say it seems too many Rabbi's feel it is their job to protect Jewish women even from other Jewish men. But other Jewish men are not the enemy and a healthy society the rank and file men should be respected and in fact Pharoh focused on KILLING THE MEN WHILE LETING THE WOMAN LIVE as he understood Judaism could not survive without men. It is funny I mention this sometimes and some so called religious women it comes out they don't think it is so terrible. G-d also saved the FIRST-BORN JEWISH MALES and PASSED OVER THEM WHICH IS WHY WE CELEBRATE PASSOVER while he killed all the first born Egyptian males and this also is a big problem in Judaism as feminist certainlly don't like men who are first born. If you have men they should be the youngest that is the only good birth order. This torah story is very politically incorrect that is for sure.

We have a situation where only the male Rabbi on top is respected and this is unhealthy for the women as well in the end. Many Rabbi's tell women they don't NEED to get married and only the man does which of course is an impossible situation and this shows the unhealthy relationship that some Rabbi's have with women (not on a physical level but on an emotional level that is still very unhealthy and wrong if they can't tell young nubile women that they should get married and not rely on them, the male Rabbi, who themselves are just a man who has knowledge in certain Jewish law but tell them you know you need man you know why?? otherwise why would do you always like to go me the male Rabbi to always talk to. And tell them that the attraction that they have is to help you get married in your child bearing years and is for this higher purpose of bringing life into the world and don't waste those years as you have this unique ability to bring new Jewish life into the world. Then the Male Rabbi can say I have my own wife and thank G-d my wife gave me children. All "RABBI" means is teacher. This idea Get yourself a Rabbi is just saying you should have someone talk to not a pulpit Rabbi if you read the Misneh. Rabbi there means teacher.)Anyway, I myself try to look at the bigger picture even though I am single and if a woman is marrying a good Jewish man even if it isn't me it is a good thing and seomthing to be happy about. I feel in some of these personal issues they would be better served talking to, the Rabbi's wife and some of these women don't even care about the Rabbi's wife and what does that say?? The torah says a woman is created to be a man's helpmate so an unmarried woman can't fulfill what she was created for. Of course it also says a man should leave his parents and cling to his wife which of course for a woman to be a man's helpmate a man has to share his life and his world with his wife which the torah is telling to the guy that he should do.

Another factor which is specific to Judaism but not Christianity is the fact that who the father is doesn't matter. Which makes no sense as this is a Rabbinic position that is very disturbing and creates possible 5th columns among our own. I think Michael Jackson's wife was Jewish. So it is absurd to make the children automatically Jewish. BOTH parents should be Jewish and if not then you have to look at the situation. Especially a son may side with the father who may have very antisemitic views and just because the mother is Jewish shouldn't make the kid automatically Jewish as the only time a kid should automatically be Jewish is if BOTH parents are Jewish.

In Islam it only MATTERS WHO THE FATHER IS (and this is absurd as well) and this in my opinion has led to the opposite problem that women are made to feel worthless in Islam as them being the mother doesn't matter. Which the most important role that a man or woman can be is a father or mother and you take that away from them and they become just subhuman that only are there for their own desires if you feel them being a parent is somehow not necessary.

Anyway, back to this book. Here is the review.
"After documenting the highly feminized state of Western Christianity, Dr. Podles identifies the masculine traits that once characterized the Christian life but are now commonly considered incompatible with it. In an original and challenging account, he traces this feminization to three contemporaneous medieval sources: the writings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, the rise of scholasticism, and the expansion of female monasticism. He contends that though masculinity has been marginalized within Christianity, it cannot be expunged from human society. If detached from Christianity, it reappears as a substitute religion, with unwholesome and even horrific consequences. The church, too, is diminished by its emasculation. Its spirituality becomes individualistic and erotic tending toward universalism and quietism. In his concluding assessment of the future of men in the church, Dr. Podles examines three aspects of Christianity-initiation, struggle, and fraternal love-through which its virility might be restored.

In the otherwise stale and overworked field of "gender studies," The Church Impotent is the only book to confront the lopsidedly feminine cast of modern Christianity with a profound analysis of its historical and sociological roots. Dr. Podles presents the fruit of his meticulous scholarship in a lucid and readable style thoroughly accessible to the non-specialist."

My Comments: I don't know if I would agree with every point that I understood here for example I think Judaism does care about other nations other then themselves but some of the problems seem to be a problem in Judaism from it becoming overly feminized.

This topic in general is of interest to me because of the problems in my own family and what I do see in the Orthodox world of always putting down men and praising women. But in reality because the women are NEVER told no they don't show much development of their character.

We need G-d's Mercy both here in the US and in Israel and I hope we merit it.

I hope G-d has mercy on us as in a lot of area's thing are really pretty bad although not all bad. At least the Supreme Court is in a different direction at this time.

But you do have to be concerned here in America with this latest case of Honduras in which there was a coup but it was a legal coup. The Supreme Court ruled against the President and his own party wanted him out and he wanted to act against the Supreme Court. He wanted to amend the constitution but didn't have the votes to do it and the votes he claimed he had the Supreme Court felt they were fraudulent. And over here, Obama is on the same side as Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro two vicious dictator's. This should scare us as this was a legal coup and they brought the military in because the president refused to step down even though he was told to do so because of his corruption. It shows on which side of things Obama is on and this leader like other dictator's give freebies to the poor from the middle only so they are dependent on the gov't so they will always vote for that person. They don't help the help the poor become independent as they as the gov't what the poor does to help themselves as they give them gov't jobs.

Israel is in a tough situation as well with the holocaust denier winning an election that seemed rigged.

Will the G-d come to our aid. I hope so although there are many very serious sins the Jewish people are engaging in that are very very serious and we certainly need to change our ways in some of these area's. The REAL PROPHETS AND THE REAL LEADERS had to say that things were not good. We were engaging in taking advantage of the weak, abusing those who were truly G-d fearing because they didn't fit a specific selfish agenda we had that served no greater purpose, even using our own children as pawns for our selfish agenda's that served no greater purpose. Also, add to this the immorality in family matters and punishing those again who were honestly trying to obey G-d and because of all this we were a chillul hashem and G-d had to punish us because our behavior disgraced G-d as this is not what G-d wants. Of course by doing this G-d is allowing his own people to be hurt which will cause our enemies to question G-d but I guess G-d felt this was better then our enemies that our G-d is some G-d that supports some of the immoralities we were engaged in.

May G-d have mercy on us if we merit G-d's mercy.

I hope eveyone had a happy July 4th

I hope everyone had a happy July 4th.

We celebrate July 4th as independence from the Brits who wanted to tax the American colonies which was felt to be taxation without representation. Sadly, though, there is much taxation without representation and this is a real insult to the men who died in order to gain independence from the British and an overbearing government.

DVD of Mount Sinai Excavation.

Mount Sinai excavation.

Sounds like a very interesting DVD on what is now seen on Mount Sinai the place where the Torah and the 10 commandments were received.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Subject: What do people think of the recent events of Iran with the holocaust denier winning reelection.

I do not thing it is good news that Ahmadinejad won the election in Iran. It is quite interesting that many of the young are against him and some say there was fraud in the election. Certainly he presents a danger to Israel and to the world and sad to say at this time neither Israel nor the US has done anything about Iran's nuclear program. Waiting will in the end lead to more deaths then taking care of him now. In WWII many nations at first appeased hitler and this led to hitler gaining the power he had that led to the death of 6 million Jews and 10's of millions of deaths overall.

His opponent according to some did have much support. Here is a link from the NY Times about this. Iran Elections

His opponent Hossein Mousavi did work in the gov't during the Iraq-Iran war between 1980-1988 which led to a million deaths on each side mostly men and even male children under 13 that were sent to the war.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL compared the two canditates the mad man Ahmadinejad and his opponent Mousavi. It is on page A7 of Friday June 12th's WSJ. They compared each on the economy and this is each views.

Ahmadeinejad: Promises to share Iran's oil wealth with poorer Iranians and launch gov't backed programs to stimulate the economy.

Mousavi: Says he won't follow a 'charity policy.' Favors more private entreprise and using oil revenues to draw investments.

Like many dictator's Ahmedineinejad wants control of the economy and of course hides behind the POOR for his own power but he certainlly needs the poor to be completely dependent on him.

Mousavi on the other hand does trust the people and feels it is better to allow the people to use their own brains to create products and services to help grow the economy and let businesses, families, and individuals help those less in need which of course the torah is for helping the poor but it is not the central controlled gov't responsibility which can lead to abuses as they help those who they think would vote for them which any individual or business has more checks to thier own biases.

So I would love to hear your comments on this topic. I think it is a dark day (certainly for Israel but for all other nations as well as this man is dangerous to all his neighbor's both near and far) that the mad man Ahmedineinejad won this re-election whether legit or by fraud.

Interesting article on female contraception (not for young readers)

Here is the link from the blog Domestic Felicity in which she discusses the pill.

being open to life

Male contraception is considered forbidden because you are wasting seed. I also know it isn’t foolproof. The Rabbi’s have allowed the pill which as Mrs. Anna points out has side effects. It is a drug. I do know it does inhibit the production of androgens a male hormone that women produce in smaller amounts but this reduces it even more which can lead to muscle weakness which a radio show here on WOR in NY as funny enough I have the podcast which I was listening to other reasons but Dr. Hoffman was saying that if a woman engages in resistance training at a gym she will only gain 2% of muscle mass when on the pill while those not on the pill will have a gain of 3.5% muscle mass which is almost double. Women if they do this don’t have to worry about becoming a muscle woman as they produce less male hormones but the pill does reduce it more then what may be good for the woman’s health. This also reduces a woman’s pleasure by reducing the androgens.

Mrs. Anna mentions some other problems the pill (as she feels the Rabbi’s should prohibit the pill as well) has drying up the mother’s milk among other things. She also says it could reduce future fertility. Read the link. She hopes the Rabbi’s would outlaw the female contraception as well. Of course intimacy and relations was meant for the higher purpose of bringing life into the world and if let us say due to being short on money you can’t have children maybe you should abstain. What did people do before contraception I have wondered?? Anybody know here. But to say it is OK for a woman to take the pill in general leads to many women being forced to take the pill which really isn’t good for her health and her own balance of hormones and also limits her own enjoyable to intimacy and intercourse and also turns the act outside of what the bigger purpose of the act was which was why the Rabbi’s prohibited male contraception because it wastes the seed so on the female side they are wasting the woman's ability to conceive. Isn't this basically the same. A man becomes impure when he has an emission of semen which is because he is wasting it and this is suppose to be used in relations. Well female contraception is wasting the woman's ability to conceive which women become impure every month during their childbearing years when not being pregnant or nursing and some say this is because while not always possible and in certain situation not desireable (just as male emission aren’t always possible) they are not using their ability that G-d gave them to bring life into the world which is IDEALLY what they should be the biggest priority of a woman's childbearing years.

I thought I would share this link as I do have my concerns about female contraception as well like the pill and it’s overall side effects that aren’t really good for the women and which turns this act which is meant for a higher purpose of bearing children as just for the man’s pleasure(and the pill reduces the woman's pleasure) which if you read the torah G-d punished this kind of behavior as it was meant for a higher purpose and how is it really different then a man just wasting his seed.

Any comments welcome.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi Everyone.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. I haven't had much time to blog recently.

Since I am an accountant tax season was really busy and it was also passover although it really was not a great passover for me.

I should have more time to comment to posts here.

Anyway, I am a first born male which of course G-d killed all the first born Egyptian men. This I think was a punishment because Pharoah wanted to kill all boys that were born while letting the girls live.

It is sad that we haven't learned from our history as this story clearly shows that discrimination against Jewish men is a sign of bigotry towards Jews but many in our community themselves discriminate against Jewish men with various excuses. Just thought I would throw that out. I guess Pharoh was a feminist.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution. Clearly true science and not political science supports intelligent design

I thought I would share a couple of items I have learned from this book I am reading on intelligent design which by the way for those new here is not trying to turn science to agree with religon but the opposite, that many scientists have found real problem with the evolution theory even though they were taught this in college. The biggest issue always is that various parts of the body is complex that it couldn't evolve which is one of the problems of evolution. Many parts of the body could not have evolved any more then a mouse trap which is a simple machine could evolve. If one part is missing the mouse trap doesn't work. Same with parts of the body which are 1,000 times more complex without one part it wouldn't function so HOW COULD IT HAVE EVOLVED??

Anyway, I am reading this book the Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design and here are two interesting facts.

Fact 1:The fossil record does seem to prove that the earth was populated by creatures that are no longer with us. The fossil record also provides evidence that the history of life has passed through several stages only the most recent of which includes us. For most pre-Darwinian geologists, the fossil record also COUNTED AGAINST A LITERAL SIX THOUSAND YEAR AGE FOR THE EARTH though NOT AGAINST A RECENT CREATION OF HUMAN BEINGS. That is very interesting although it doesn't provide all the answers and I have learned in life you can't know it all although the torah is not a history book although I admit I have trouble with the opinion that each day is let us say millions of years explanation from this as man should also be millions of years old if the sixth day was also a million years and studies do show that man is a recent creation. You could say that G-d created a world before this world that we know today but that world no longer exists although why would G-d do that I don't know but certainlly that could be an answer.

Fact 2: The oldest known fossils were from a geological period known as the Cambrian and this period DOES NOT START with one specie that evolves into other species. Instead, most of the major animal phyla and many of the major classes within them appear together abruptly in the Cambrian fully formed and this goes against Darwin's theory that all speices started from a single organism.

If you want to comment on this debate of intelligent design vs. evolution feel free to do so. I am only listed a few issues with evolution but there are many and it is a shame that darwin's theory you are not allowed to question it in many colleges whether as a student or teacher and if you do you are punished whether a teacher or student. Sad in school that are suppose to be places of discussion and sharing different idea's but this really isn't the case.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Girl Scouts and their embrace of Radical Feminism and the harm it is doing to Orthodox women.

On Frumster Forum some very disturbing divorced women are appearing on the forum and I brought up the girl scouts and lord and behold it was 2 of the disturbed divorced women who defended them. Not only this but they are now teaching a younger generation of young Jewish women. Terrfic. Just what we need. They make good cookies but sadly are really now (and have been since the 1960's) a very radical organization (although they once were teaching girls proper values) that are teaching girls ideas that are anti-social and anti-god in my opinion and is destroying a Jewish Girl’s Holy G-dly Neshamah.

Here are a few article on how far to the left the girl scouts have gone yet many Orthodox communities are sending their girl's there and this may explain why some girls have such charchter problems as some of them are and continue to be very involved in the girl scouts.
The Girl Scouts New Radicalism

Girl Scout National Enclave to Feature Pro Abortion Pro Lesbian Speakers

The Cookie Crumbles the girl scouts go PC

The sad reality is that the girl scouts have been taking over by radical feminist ideology and are not teaching girls proper values. I first found about this from a book about the boy scouts but it also was discussed on the Laura Ingraham show and how many Christian mothers are pulling their daughters from this organization and they started their own group called American Heritage Girls which they feel is similar to the original girl scouts and nondenominational.

Let us go through all the series problem that girls as young as 6 are being taught

Problem #1 They are teaching young girls that women are underrepresented in science and math. Here is the link and see the second paragraph.
Girl Scout Advocacy. The issue is so what. Women are overall are doing better in school and they are not being ignored as they deserve equal time they are just less interested in math but are doing better in reading and writing so there is nothing to complain about. To teach them to be jealous or LOOK AT ANYTHING THAT MEN DO BETTER THEN THEM that they are VICTIMS IS JUST TERRIBLE AND IS VERY MUCH AGAINST THE TORAH THAT ENVY OF SOMEBODY ELSE IS WRONG AND ONE OF THE 10 commandments. They also teach WOMEN HAD TO SUE to get equality and to have the government be the women's protector. None of this is good for society and this is teaching girls to hate men at very young ages I might add. Could you imagine teaching boys to feel jealous because girls are better verbally or they are more color oriented and we should punish women for this so there will be EQUALITY?

Problem #2: They teach women to feel male leadership is bad and evil and we need NEW KIND OF LEADERSHIP. This is in part of the link above of the kind of program they have. Change it UP! What girls say about Redefining Leadership. The data indicate that girls find the COMMAND AND CONTROL STYLE OF LEADERSHIP UNAPPEALING. First of all good male leadership combines different skills and second of all most women in leadership are no different. To feel LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO BE CHANGED is very radical and I hope some Rabbi's here take note because many of them feel Rabbi's also are that EVIL MALE LEADERSHIP and may just be using you as a temporary alliance. To teach women that leadership (which of course they mean outside the family type leadership which is mostly bad) is innately control is propaganda against men. They are good leaders and bad leaders. In the women's area THE HOME women aren't always about being nice to everyone either. Both Sarah and Rebecca had to exclude Ishmael, Esav, and Hagar from their family while it was the men who wanted a little bit for everyone. Which gets us to

Problem #3: The girl scout leadership rather then admit their agenda claim THIS IS WHAT THE GIRLS WANT. Isn't a good group where adults while talking to the girls help them be more realistic and pragmatic rather then say OK WHATEVER YOU WANT I WILL GIVE YOU. Yet the girl scout leadership hides behind these young girls. It likely isn't even true as I'm sure many girls don't care for new types of leadership but this is what the leadership wants but rather then admit it they hide behind these young girls. Many girls learn from this to do the same and blame men for things that are within their control and blame their children as well which I see on the Frumster Forum. A women there who is divorced and raising the children without the father who is a proud member of the girl scouts and TEACHING OTHER YOUNG ORTHODOX WOMEN LIKELY HER HORRIBLE VALUES AND SAID THAT IT IS AN ENTITLEMENT FOR CHILDREN TO BE IN A LOVING HOME. She is completely self absorbed and even her children she uses for her own agenda as it is just horrible for a mother to say this about her own children that being in a loving home is an entitlement and her children should respect her (although she doesn't have this absolute respect for the father which is amazing her hypocrisy) but they have no rights or needs. We say in Shema we should LOVE G-D with ALL OUR HEART AND MIND. IF a woman can't even love her children and her ex she can't have a relationship with G-d yet she thinks she is religious and even wrote to me that she IS ELEVATED WHEN SHE TOLD ME SHE DIVORCED HER HUSBAND BECUASE SHE AND HER HUSBAND WERE LESS RELIGIOUS AT ONE POINT. This is really sick and THIS IS NOT ELEVATION.

Problem #4: Teaching them to use other as pawns for their agenda They do a study with 2,500 women only 1,500 men and mother but no fathers. That write off the bat sounds like they are only getting men that fit their agenda to have 2500 women and only 1500 men. I see this kind of behavior of women using men as pawns for their agenda and from no other purpose

Problem #5: Teach them self esteem is the most important which by the way the boy scouts don't teach and this was part of the hippy movement of the 1960's in my opinion. Real respect has to be based on your behavior towards other and your assessment has to be based on some outside source. I know I am good in math not because I tell myself but because others have told me this. People tell me I have interesting things to talk about so I do use this but it isn't based on me. It is based on feedback on others and if your identity is only based on telling yourself you are good a social person doesn't respects somebody who jumps artificially pumps themselves up and those type of people I see get upset very easily because others peoples reactions don't match what they tell themselves

Problem #6 The girl scouts used to teach girls their obligation to men and they longer do. They took loyalty out of their oath.

Problem #7 Lastly they have supported every radical antireligious group in the last 20-30 years. They have supported planned parenthood that has a very radical agenda on abortion and has a racist history as the founder supported eugenics and was a vicious racist as some feminist were because blacks voted before they did. They have supported Lesbianism. They now allow women not to believe in G-d which the boy scouts you have to believe in G-d. I have heard girls who wanted to support Israel have had problems as well. For all these reasons Christian Parents have pulled their girls out of the scouts and as I said started American Heritage Girls. Throughout my dating I have seen women who are supported horrible causes and I wonder how did this happen to them.

I suspect it may be the girl scouts and may be other organizations as well. It is very sad that our community doesn't protect a girl's holy neshama that they should not be indoctrinated at young ages with vile idea's and learn to be a healthy member of society that takes responsibility for her role as a woman and her obligations to family and the community and while wanting to be treated fairly allows other to contribute in area's they are better then she is.

This seeing on Frumster that it is divorced women who seem to have no shame in raising their children without the father and don't see like victims to me defending the girl scouts really is terribly troubling and again they are now teaching a younger generation of Jewish girl in the observant world. This really is a terrible thing that is gong on and I hope going forward the community is more alert on what girls are being taught in some of these organization and that radical feminists have taken over some once good organizations. Let us not forget the snake first focused on the women I think because the snake thought it would be easier and the man would follow suit more then the other way around.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Natural Family by Allan Carlson & Paul Mero

Rabbi Daniel Lapin praised this book as I thought I would share this (I get a book list from the conservative book club each month). I am printing most of the review here as it isn't that long and I would agree with most of what it said. I would love to hear comments or criticism's on this.

In March 2005, Allan Carlson and Paul T. Mero issued "The Natural Family: A Manifesto" -- a bold statement of a pro-family worldview, with the concept of the natural family at its core.

In The Natural Family, Carlson and Mero examine why the family is in crisis, the ways in which the natural family is the source of culture and freedom, and what families can do to preserve the most fundamental and wholesome relationship on earth. Some highlights and key themes:

How the family consisting of a married man and woman and their biological children has been under ideological and practical attack since the eighteenth century, more powerfully than ever before from the 1960s on

The five qualities of the "natural family," explained: as part of the created order; as imprinted on our natures; as the source of bountiful joy; as the fountain of new life; and as the bulwark of ordered liberty

What does science say? The medical, biological, psychological and sociological evidence that supports the natural family as fundamental to human happiness and social order

Possible alternatives to the natural family as organizing principles -- the individual, the church, the state, the corporation -- and why they do not work

What went wrong -- and why? Sources of contemporary disorder in family systems throughout the world

Restoring the natural family: the case for family- friendly tax policies, legal protections for marriage, the family wage, homeschooling, controls on abortion and contraception, and other measures

How many people who should have defended marriage were asleep when the full-scale assault on the family began in the 1960s

How, even more seriously, most of them joined the assault by eventually adopting the very assumptions -- philosophical, social, and economic -- which almost extinguished the family's traditional legal and social privileges

Specifics of a pro-family action agenda for today
Assured that human nature is on their side, Carlson and Mero can be both realistic about the family's plight and relentlessly optimistic about the future. The Natural Family is a road map, especially for the young, for rebuilding a culture of freedom, joy, and love.

This is what Rabbi Lapin had to say. "Nothing short of a blueprint for Western survival." -- Rabbi Daniel Lapin, president, Toward Tradition

My comments now. I agree with a lot of it. I certainlly agree that when the family breaks down in the vacum other entities take the place but in the end it doesn't work and leads to serious abuses. This book is honest enough to admit that even the Church or in our case the synogague CAN TAKWE THE PLACE OF FAMILY LIFE and take the place of a father or even a mother and that is not healthy. The synogague should work to promote healthy family life not be a competition to it which does exist in some religious settings and this is not good for our own health and freedom.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The girl scounts and the feminist take over of the girl scouts.

I just wanted to say that I have read how the girl scouts have been influenced to a very bad degree by feminism and that they are supported new age idea's and not idea's based on G-d and responsibility towards others.

Also teaching them to always view themselves as victims. This at 7,8 years old. Without any context.

And viewing abuse as men thinking they are better then woman at anything. Well that makes ALL MEN ABUSIVE of course. Of course if women think they are better then men in any way that is OK.

The other problem is not looking at problems in general context. You can have an article that says well 500,000 women died in car accidents which, yes, is terrible. However, you also need to know how many men died in car accidents if this is a specific problem of women. That is the way it is for anything. If you say 25% of women are not involved in asking questions OK fine. OK, but what percent of men fit that category. Less or more. But women are being taught to only focus on themselves and their own gender and that is very bad. But the Jewish community doesn't seem to be concerned about the influences that women are being exposed to at a very young age.

They are also taught to shut down men sport teams if men have more sport teams then women which many times is the case because men are more interested in sports.

None of this is good.

That some Orthodox women are taught to be disrespectful and nasty to Jewish men.

It really is sad that some women are just taught to just be mean and nasty to Jewish men and if they know something they don't know to attack the person charchter.

I am on Frusmter and it just amazes me the inability of some women to have a discussion. It certainly isn't everyone but to have women who are in the observant community behave the way they are behaving is quite alarming.

Their speech is what REAL LASHON HARA is in that when someone is better then you at something you attack their character. That was what Miriam did although at a much lower level in that she criticized Moses charchter saying did G-d only speak to Moses when she didn't have relations with his wife when G-d needed this refrain at this time yet Miriam due to a small amount of jealousy criticized Moses character as if he was doing this to be above everyone else which G-d told Miriam that Moses was very humble and no one was humble like Moses was. Yet some females have just been taught when someone does something they don't agree with to attack their character first which is completely wrong and very much against the torah.