Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The terrible human right violation of human trafficking of young girls into prostitution through false job opportunities. .

This is an adult topic but I just thought I would mention this as this issue has been a problem both in American and Israel and if this happens to even one woman it is terrible as many of them come from poor backgrounds and are promised a good job and then they are forced in into prostitution and if they don't comply they are beaten or starved. The end result of this is many times they get STD's which will prevent them from ever being to have relations in the future and to ever have children. It is a horrible abuse and interesting enough I first read about this in the US from a relgious Christian publication I get for once contributing to a cause to fight against homosexuality.

Furthermore, in Israel it also is a problem and sadly from reading this article the only reason Israel cracked down was because of the US state department. I dind't read anywhere that religous leaders were against this which maybe they were but if they weren't I think that isn't good. Here are the link to this. The first article is the situation in the US. It was written 4 years ago and hopefully it stopped some of it although I think it still sadly goes on here. And the 2 bottom links are articles on Israel and this horrible evil and the second link is a wikipedia on the general issue of forced prostituion.,2933,129157,00.html

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