Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Matriarch Rachel and Kever Rachel.

I was watching the video Mother Rachel and the Woman of Efrat on Yideoz.

A number of thought thought came to my mind. You could read my comments on this video as well as my there is Aryeh (my Hebrew name.)

Everything here is about other women. They only mention women who died during terrorist attacks. Our matriarch I'm sure cared about both men and women (not just other women) and of course she is the mother of Joseph. Men should care just as much about Rachel as women should and if women feel only THEY can care about other women that is sadly being influenced by feminism.

Which got me wondering. It is sort of a curse that she is buried away from her husband in that some women will be attracted to her more then the other Matriarch's: Sarah, Rebbecca because she is I guess is "independent". I do get that sense that some of the women sadly just think that Rachel is only there to pray for OTHER WOMEN and I think that is an insult to Rachel in that as one of our matriarchs she likely cared about both the men and women of her own people.

So it may me think. Is there anything Rachel did that G-d felt she should be in a situation that would attract some women who are feminists and only care about other women.

My only answer to this is that you go back to the story of Lavan and her taking her father's idols when Jacob cursed the person who did it not knowing it was Rachel and G-d caused her to die on the road during child birth. This is not the first case like this. Of course Abraham had a father also who worshipped idols. And how did he deal with it. Sources say that his father would come home seeing only one idol and he would ask Abraham what happened to the other one's and Abraham would say "Well they had a fight and this idol one." To which his father would say
"Well son the idol's can't fight." To which Abraham would respond then why do you worship them? Abraham was trying to subtly affect his thinking but tried to do in a way that still showed some respect to the fact that THIS IS MY FATHER.

Now let us go to Rachel. She took the idol's of Lavan without his knowledge to the point that he felt Jacob took it. Maybe as with Abraham, Rachel should have used a more SUBTLE way to get the point across to her father Lavan that Idol worship is wrong even asking her husband Jacob to maybe pull what Abraham did with his father. Instead she decided to just take the idol's and maybe there was this small amount of conceit on her part that she knows better then her father which is sadly part of feminism that I have run across where I see many daughters who think THEY KNOW MORE THEN THEIR FATHER because after they are women and men are dumb idiots. And even though Lavan we believe was overall an evil person still it was Rachel's father and she should have used a more subtle tactic. And her punishment for not respecting her father properly was that many women who only respect women and mothers but don't respect men and fathers would visit her grave among others who are more decent.

So anyone want to comment on these thought that I had.

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