Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Lasik Safe? Views on Eyesight in General.

On a completely different topic. I had an ad on my blog for Lasik. I thought I would ask the question. Is Lasik safe?

I am moderately near sited -5 in one eye and I guess severe in other one -6.5. I was thinking of the surgery. On April 28th however I was driving home and I heard about stronger warnings about Lasik because of an FDA meeting by patients who had horrible outcomes from Lasik and I went on You Tube and I was shocked at some of the horror stories about Lasik and these doctor's who are engaging in misleading advertising really is evil. The problems that people have had: serious dry eye, sensitive to any light source, fluctuating vision that is unstable, cornea transplant, (yes, you read that right) and double and triple visions or quadruple vision and being unable to drive at night, loss of contrast vision, not being able to wear contacts after the surgery because of there now irregular scarred cornea's from the laser and becoming legally blind even with glasses from the surgery has had serious quality of life implications and had the patient known that these aren't "minor" problems they would never have had the elective surgery to begin with. The flap they create never heals and weakens the eye tremendously. This idea that it is safer then contacts is a boldface lie.

Here are some of the problems of lasik from the site Lasik Complications.

I do wish though that our community would do more to promote a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy eyesight as myopia is a disease and does lead to some possible eye problems like detached retina if you are seriously near sighted. The Torah said it was considered a defect to have bad eyesight to serve in the temple(what would you do if most people had really bad eyesight or is this just really bad eye sight but say 20/30 or 20/35 is OK.) I believe they don't let some of our boys get enough fresh air and spend time outside and eat properly both factors in preventing near sightedness. A study in Alaska was done showing that a generation that very few were nearsighted gave birth to a generation where over 50% were near sided and the reason was their lifestyle changed and children spent more time in school while the previous generation were mostly outdoors and their activities were mostly outdoor requiring distance vision. I am not suggesting we don't read (as that is not a solution) but nutrition and overall lifestyle and taking breaks and sometimes certain eye exercizes help even if you do read a lot which I read a lot and I love reading. Sadly the eye doctors own the eyeglass store so some of them don't care how badly near-sighted you become (as it is a conflict of interest and they make more money if you need eyeglasses) although some do give suggestions to help at least keep near sightedness at worst a mild level of it. In my case being outside without my glasses I would be disabled at this point although I know people with much thicker glasses then mine.

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