Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why are few women named Eve.

Just wondering. I guess among hebrew name both here and in Israel the name Chava is somewhat popular. My english name is Adam (although my hebrew name is Aryeh) and when I went to elementary school there were 2 other adam out of 25 people. It isn't the MOST POPULAR name. I agree there. But it does seem to be more popular then Eve.

It is true that both Adam and Eve engaged in a sin that kicked them out of Gan Eden. So there are more righteous men and women in the Bible then both Adam or Eve. I guess some people think less though of Adam sining then Eve. Because Eve's punishment was that she would have more pain in childbirth and Adam's punishment was it would be difficult to provide and to produce food from the land to feed themselves. In today's world work is seen as "FUN" and a "CAREER" but unless you are in a job that is a monopoly and/or is funded by tax dollars (which unlike most area's if you don't think your doctor is doing a good job you could find a new doctor) but with the gov't we can't say we won't pay our taxes in this area because our money is not doing what is should be. We could elect someone new in 4 years but that it only happens ONCE EVERY 4 YEARS. This makes it harder for the person who is trying to provide an honest service or product for your money and that is what REAL WORK is. A lot of feminist think work is fun because they have never really worked and only read propoganda writings sadly.

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