Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD viciously slanders Jewish fathers and Jewish men claims having a father and being a good provider is an “excuse”.

Here is the link to the article which I will analyze later on in this post.

In addition to admitting there is NO PHYSICAL OR ANY OTHER evidence of abuse which I will get to this later on in this post. How is Twerski and the OU who printed this different then the blogger Unorthodox Jew who claim that Rabbi’s are molesting woman with no evidence and believes this a serious grave problem. Please tell me how this is different???

For the life of me community has got to distance themselves from so called Rabbi’s like this and recognize the fact that this Rav has no respect for the traditional family and the father’s role and authority in my view. This is a form Rabbinic Marxism where Rabbi’s view themselves as more important then fathers and feel fathers are a threat to them and are unable to deal with the normal competition that men have with each other and the fact that some men may disagree as I do with some of Rabbi Abraham Tweski’s views. This is exhibit A as why focus on Self Esteem (as Tweski believes is so important) is so destructive even though the torah says the exact opposite and if you want respect, RESPECT OTHERS. Other people that don’t esteem you as much as you think rather then maybe looking within yourself to see maybe people have legit reason to not like you instead you start to believe horrible things about other people with no evidence because you are ANGRY that they don’t esteem you as much as you think and don't agree with your views. In my own life one of Twerski's books made my family situation worse when I was 20 and led me to treat my parents in way that weren’t appropriate because everything with Rabbi Abraham Twerski MD is low self esteem which of course that is not true and led me to act in a way that is inappropriate towards my parents 15 years ago and I hope others are not misled by Rabbi Twerski as well.

The worst about this is anti-Semites will take what Rabbi Twerski wrote to claim that Jewish men can’t be trusted and they abused the Palestinians and abuse others and of course are good at hiding it. If they abuse their own wives and are good at hiding it they what do you think they do to the Palestinians? Jewish men and the Jewish religion is terrible and support abusing women because most Rabbi’s except this beloved Rabbi Tweski support abusing their wives and are great at hiding it. Rabbi Twerski is perfect for all the anti-Semites in the world for the things he has said with NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE AND CERTAINLLY NOT HEARING BOTH SIDES.

Let us go through parts of the article. Rabbi Twerski Wrote.

Rabbi Twerski Wrote: The most evident form of abuse is physical, although abusive husbands are usually clever enough to strike only at the parts of the body that are not exposed. (My comments: So he admits he see’s little evidence that women have injuries that suggest physical abuse in any way but assumes they do it in a way that leaves no evidence. According to Respecting Accuracy for Domestic Abuse Reporting Jewish Jewish men do have the lowest rate of physical abuse among religious group and actually it is more of a problem among women using physical violence then men. It is 1% for Jewish men 7% for Jewish women. That is likely because some communities don't teach women to control themselves and everything they do is someone else's fault.) But verbal and emotional abuse may be every bit as damaging to everyone in the family. Quibbling and arguments, while undesirable, do not necessarily constitute abuse, but insulting or demeaning a spouse is definitely abuse. Isolating a woman from family and friends, restricting her ability to function by controlling her access to money, or undermining her authority as a mother is abuse(My comments: Emotional abuse is done just as much by women and is just as bad when done by women as men. Where is Twerski’s concern about undermining a father’s authority. Don’t fathers matter to Twerski or only mothers matter to Twerski.)

Rabbi Twerski wrote: Parents whose daughters complain of being abused may encourage them to return to their husbands and overlook the abuse, saying, "The children need a father, and he is a good provider." (My comments: A child is MORE likely to be abused in a single parent home then living with both biological parents and not having a father do many times lead to various psychological problems for both sons and daughters so therefore you better have evidence of abuse that is ONE SIDED which Twerski has given no evidence of. Certainly having a father is not an EXCUSE as this piece of garbage anti father Rabbi Twerski claims. On the second point, if he is a good provider then if he is giving his money for the family then that suggest he isn’t as abusive (or the situation is a little more complex) as what is claimed because if he was he wouldn’t provide for the family and keep them with no money). Countless excuses are given for maintaining the status quo, which is not really a status quo at all, because abuse is usually progressive. (My comments: That is not true either. Sometimes families go through tough times but according to Rabbi Twerski once there are problems break up the family and throw the father out of the home because abuse is usually progressive.)

Rabbi Twerski wrote: Communities as a whole are caught up in the denial of this grave problem. Jewish family services are often under funded, and therefore cannot operate a hotline, provide adequate staff, or maintain a safe-house for abused spouses. (My comments: According to what I have read the shelters are OVERFUNDED BY TAXDOLLARS DUE TO A LAW IN 1994 which causes problem because these shelters have to answer to no one and are run by women that have never been married and themselves have serious psychological problems and many times once the father is out of the picture threaten the mother as well that if she does not do what she is told she will lose the children as well. Rabbi Twerski still has given no evidence of serious type of abuse he has admitted he sees no evidence of physical abuse he also has not proven that emotional abuse is only done by men which what I have seen with my own eyes clearly this is not always the case in fact I have seen where it was more the women who was very disrespectful to her husband then the other way around although both do exist.)

So our community should be ashamed of Twerski and the OU for promoting this and others who for whatever reason seem to hate A WHOLE GENDER and HATE JEWISH MEN just becuase they are MEN. Where is this concern for OTHER TYPES OF ABUSE like child abuse, elder abuse, abuse of the handicapped. I’m suppose to believe this is the only type of abuse that exists and it is a grave problem but other types of abuses are not existent. Young adult and middle age women come before children. Children’s needs don’t matter only middle age women. These Rabbi’s are nothing but Rabbi’s that will do anything for immoral women even if this hurts more decent women. They are insecure about other men and are jealous of SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE as the torah warns not to be jealous of another man's wife and this is a clear power grab. They would let children be abused to appease immoral women who like to put all the blame on men. They are sacrificing children to molech to appease man hating women that only like “so called men” like this sadly and likely if they are married view a Rabbi like this as more Beloved then their own husband who I bet they don’t think too highly of even if they are still married.

Our communities NEED TO SEND A MESSAGE that his kind of hatred towards fathers (guilty until proven innocent with no evidence) by Rabbi’s will not be tolerated. If the community tolerates it and looks the other way I feel that Rabbi’s themselves MIDAH KNEGGET MIDAH will also have their lives ruined on false charges of abuse with no evidence. All of this benefits no one but anti-Semites who use OUR FALSE CHARGES OF ABUSE BY HUSBANDS, BY RABBI’S to claim that Judaism is a religion that abuses women and Jewish men can’t be trusted and abuse everybody else as well because if they abuse their wives of course other people they abuse others even more. All based on propaganda. This is disgusting what Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD is doing. Absolutely disgusting. Same for the OU although they did not write this article but clearly agree with it as why else would they post this article.