Sunday, June 08, 2008

Rabbi Kahane, the Jewish Press, Feminism, and Facism

This post is about the serious problems with Rabbi Kahane since for whatever reason especially among some Orthodox American Jews his mix of idea's seems to have some attraction. To be fair at first glance he seems like someone that feels that more dramatic action needs to be taken in Israel to help Israel. But some of his idea's seem absurd and after I learned a little about his real life before becoming this politicians it became clear to me that his abusrd idea's were a result of some of his activity which was and is harmful for Jewish people to have healthy fertility and healthy family life. And if that is the case you can't trust ANY MINORITY if you don't trust your own people's ability to have children. If you listen to you tube and his speeches again and again he always says well Jews will become the minority and arabs will have a lot of children and doesn't come up with any idea's to increase the birth rate among Jews. He also seems to have an exagerated sence that arabs have a high birth rate and always will have a high birth rate which actually some of the numbers were exaggerated. Not trusting the family and totalitarian idea's do many times go hand and hand. It is no different here Kahane's distrust of the family and supporting liberal divorce laws is leading him to claim that Judaism is a facist religon which I don't agree. I don't know if it is complete democracy as we have it today but I don't think it is at the other extreme that Kahane seems to support. In fact his idea's would lead all the countries in the west to ban democracy for any minority (which how do you define that in many cases? And many don't deserve this as they are loyal to their country!! ) which I don't think is right. Western countries have real problems with low birth rates among women and the institute of marriage in general and that has to be dealt with. You can't ignore that issue.
The worst part of him though was the fact that many of his views were not accepted by other Rabbi's yet he went along like HIS VIEW was the only PROPER view and anyone who disagreed was not relgious. This is just terrible to think that YOU AS ONE OPINION is right and everyone else is wrong and only you represent the torah view point and anyone who disagree's is not religious although his idea's mixed religon and secular idea's and his view was rejected by most Rabbi's. He would find something wrong with the other person to claim that only he is right. The problem is Kahane (like any human being) wasn't 100% perfect either. He worked for a newspaper that supported divorce for frivilous reasons and didn't care about fathers or children for that matter that usually are the most hurt from an unfair divorce that one parent can extort money or property or children from the other parent. Children from divorces like that have severe problems because how can they be taught any values if that parent they live with has no values. Children are least likely to be abused when they live with both biological parents. The Jewish Press openly supports raising children without fathers which is horrible. They don't care the reason. Kahane also took the daughter's side of the editor of the Jewsih Press getting a divorce. And of course being with a paper like this and not having a problem with caused him to distrust the Jewish family and led him to his horrible beliefs about ALL minorities and that they should have no rights even if they were living in Israel for a while and were not a 5th column because any minority was a threat because of his own support of corruption involving divorce which obviously would seriously lower the number of people who get married and have children. Anyone who disagreed is irreligious of course even though most Rabbi's condemmed his views. Kahane refused to see his own faults and only focused on other people's faults. Furthermore, if you read the bible you never see G-d be some mean to any Jewsih leader who has honest questions as G-d welcomes us to ask questions yet this movement would view asking questions that Rabbi Kahane doesn't have a good answer as disrespecting the Rabbi. G-d never viewed any Jewish leader asking him a question as disrespectful. So then Rabbi Kahane he thinks he is above G-d which is certainlly not torah. Sadly it isn't just him and a lot of Rabbi's behave this way and they are very very wrong and really do tremendous to our religon and our G-d and turn him into a mean petty controling G-d which is why many people are not religious because of the untorah like behavior of people who claim they are religious.

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