Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The other disturbing fact of Kahanism other then the obvious social problems: Racism towards African American's

I don't want to beat this subject to death (although I am very saddened that the majority in Orthodoxy seem to think Kahane was a good man which I do not think anymore from hearing a story among other things of how he treated another Jewish man who he used and then discarded without any compensation and help when he originally promised that and the guy unlike me still supports HIS VIEWS even though he was treated terribly) and it is an issue in general outside of Kahane for Orthodoxy to recognize that they don't know everything and we have made mistakes because A. I think we were affected by negative parts of the cultures we were around and B. We really never were in a enforce laws or see how certain laws in the real world don't play out so well. This is especially true today as many Rabbi's and leaders are NOT in the trenches (problem in the past as well) and sadly don't have the humility to listen to what other people's experiences are out there. As a result some you have some idea's that don't work in the real world and there is little if any of Biblical support of those views so admitting a Rabbi is wrong sometimes shouldn't be the end of the world. In fact the reality is much harm has been done by never analyzing certain Rabbinic views and having to even ignore and shun fellow Jews because their experiences doesn't validate a rabbinic view . They even engage in propaganda for this purpose. This hurts many Jews doing this. The other problem is Orthodoxy in general among the Rabbi's that have influence is seem they are only interested in changing in area's that have lobby groups (feminism including easy divorce without compensation and even the issue of homosexuality they have so called Orthodox gays) that don't represent more then a few special interest groups and may times are subsidized by a government group that gets money from taxpayers which makes the viewpoint look bigger then it really is because of the funding they get which sometimes is a lot (sadly we don't have a choice where taxes go) but don't represent the view of the average Jewish guy or gal.

But the racism of the Kahanist though is really bad and I will say that I was involved with this JTF kahanist group for a little while (but got kicked off when I started questioning things on them on you tube on a number of their video's and they only want people to be YES MEN on their video's) and yes the racism is terrible. I have even seen it among Orthodox Jews and it really is disgusting and a chillul Hashem . I actually once worked for a Caribbean dark skinned guy and he overall was fair to me so I certainly think it is wrong. Another long supporter of Kahane, Rabbi Friedman is also horrible. He was comparing apes to these black antisemites (Farakan, Kofi Annan, Jesse Jackson, Collin Powell (who I WOULD NOT put in the same class) and saying the only difference is the apes aren't antisemitic but it was in very poor taste. Go on you tube and type racist Rabbi. Libby Kahane Kahane's wife had an article recently that just talks about black crime. Yet this kind of hate can't help us and makes us more vulnerable. She believes it was because of being poor which isn't true. Most of the violent one's poverty wasn't the reason. Most of them were criminals to begin with and used any excuse possible. Mona Charen discusses this in her book. While this isn't an excuse the fact is being in a one parent home is a bigger factor in being involved in crime then anything else. African Americans from a home with both parents are less likely to be in crime then a white from a single parent home. Dennis Prager has mentioned this as well as others and the statistic do back it up although I don't have them at the moment but I will research it.

I also wonder since I think that Libby Kahane is a feminist this hatred towards blacks has been a strong part of the feminist movement from the beginning because these feminists were threatened by blacks for them getting gov't money instead of to women and of course black men voted before white women. It has been proven that the early feminists in the early 1900's excluded black women and were racists. Planned parenthood's founder was very racist and that tradition has continued in this organization and they support abortion earmarked just for fetuses from black mothers. So this again does not put them in a moral light that they think. Here is her article. I heard her on Tamar Yonah's (I would LOVE to be wrong on this but I was even more unimpressed then I thought I would be and she sounded apathetic "seeing the glass half full" about the murder of her husband and her son and daughter in law. I understand not to be too emotional but I have heard other interviews years later of a loved one being murdered and she really sounded completly apathetic and this suggests something was not right in their own relationship and they really didn't respect each other and polarized each other which is seen here Meir being extremely negative Libby being extremely positive. A good relationship moderates both sides) and to Libby the most important think to her was being a libranian which sounds like a feminst to me. Big deal. You salary is paid for by other people's taxes (that they have no choice and at least in the US libraries don't have the best books) from their hard work. That is what is most important to you. Anyway here is her recent article.

In general the idea that strength alone OR BECAUSE WE WERE WEAK as Libby says in her recent article is the reason we are picked on first is not true either. We are picked on first because someone who is a criminal find the bible offensive. And to rid themselves of this they have to get rid of the Jews. We know Jacob criticized and cursed both Shimon and Levi for their action with killing everyone from Sechum because of the rape of their sister which was not proportionate in any way as you can't blame everyone in the society for the corrupt leaders even though you could say they may be a little responsible but to kill them all. That is just not appropriate. This focus on us being strong and ignoring our moral shortcomings which in my view the Kahanist movement does in a recipe for ABSOLUTE DISASTER. Yes, we should know self defense and that applies to women as well as there are times a women may be alone but NOT at the expense of morality which without that no matter how STRONG WE THINK WE ARE G-d will not let us succeed which the bible says clearly. Anyway that is enough musing for now.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone. I guess I haven't posted in a while. I do have my own perspectves which may be a little different then you are used to. I have been through a lot and overall I have not been treated well by the Orthodox community or by my own family growing up but sadly these kind of idea's are censored in many Jewish publications. Therefore, you may at first find my idea's very different because most of them are not allowed to be expressed but nevertheless I think they do need to be talked about.

Rabbi Kahane, the Jewish Press, Feminism, and Facism

This post is about the serious problems with Rabbi Kahane since for whatever reason especially among some Orthodox American Jews his mix of idea's seems to have some attraction. To be fair at first glance he seems like someone that feels that more dramatic action needs to be taken in Israel to help Israel. But some of his idea's seem absurd and after I learned a little about his real life before becoming this politicians it became clear to me that his abusrd idea's were a result of some of his activity which was and is harmful for Jewish people to have healthy fertility and healthy family life. And if that is the case you can't trust ANY MINORITY if you don't trust your own people's ability to have children. If you listen to you tube and his speeches again and again he always says well Jews will become the minority and arabs will have a lot of children and doesn't come up with any idea's to increase the birth rate among Jews. He also seems to have an exagerated sence that arabs have a high birth rate and always will have a high birth rate which actually some of the numbers were exaggerated. Not trusting the family and totalitarian idea's do many times go hand and hand. It is no different here Kahane's distrust of the family and supporting liberal divorce laws is leading him to claim that Judaism is a facist religon which I don't agree. I don't know if it is complete democracy as we have it today but I don't think it is at the other extreme that Kahane seems to support. In fact his idea's would lead all the countries in the west to ban democracy for any minority (which how do you define that in many cases? And many don't deserve this as they are loyal to their country!! ) which I don't think is right. Western countries have real problems with low birth rates among women and the institute of marriage in general and that has to be dealt with. You can't ignore that issue.
The worst part of him though was the fact that many of his views were not accepted by other Rabbi's yet he went along like HIS VIEW was the only PROPER view and anyone who disagreed was not relgious. This is just terrible to think that YOU AS ONE OPINION is right and everyone else is wrong and only you represent the torah view point and anyone who disagree's is not religious although his idea's mixed religon and secular idea's and his view was rejected by most Rabbi's. He would find something wrong with the other person to claim that only he is right. The problem is Kahane (like any human being) wasn't 100% perfect either. He worked for a newspaper that supported divorce for frivilous reasons and didn't care about fathers or children for that matter that usually are the most hurt from an unfair divorce that one parent can extort money or property or children from the other parent. Children from divorces like that have severe problems because how can they be taught any values if that parent they live with has no values. Children are least likely to be abused when they live with both biological parents. The Jewish Press openly supports raising children without fathers which is horrible. They don't care the reason. Kahane also took the daughter's side of the editor of the Jewsih Press getting a divorce. And of course being with a paper like this and not having a problem with caused him to distrust the Jewish family and led him to his horrible beliefs about ALL minorities and that they should have no rights even if they were living in Israel for a while and were not a 5th column because any minority was a threat because of his own support of corruption involving divorce which obviously would seriously lower the number of people who get married and have children. Anyone who disagreed is irreligious of course even though most Rabbi's condemmed his views. Kahane refused to see his own faults and only focused on other people's faults. Furthermore, if you read the bible you never see G-d be some mean to any Jewsih leader who has honest questions as G-d welcomes us to ask questions yet this movement would view asking questions that Rabbi Kahane doesn't have a good answer as disrespecting the Rabbi. G-d never viewed any Jewish leader asking him a question as disrespectful. So then Rabbi Kahane he thinks he is above G-d which is certainlly not torah. Sadly it isn't just him and a lot of Rabbi's behave this way and they are very very wrong and really do tremendous to our religon and our G-d and turn him into a mean petty controling G-d which is why many people are not religious because of the untorah like behavior of people who claim they are religious.