Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rabbi Yitz and “Blu” Greenberg. See Chapter 9, 3b and 3f.

I know I haven't posted in a while but I hope some find this interesting. Would enjoy getting some feedback.

Most people know who Blu Greenberg is of course. She is the leader of a movement called JOFA the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance. When I was a little younger I remember reading something in a quaterly Jewish publication in my shul that she wrote and to be honest some of the stuff she said made sense, for example not everything that we do is correct and we should just do it to keep the status quo and we can make mistakes and sometimes needs change and the author of the quaterly agreed . This I agree with it. Some if it, however, made me scratch my head. However, I did not know the true background of Yitz and Blu Greenberg until about a year ago. Also, some of my views have changed because some of the behavior I have seen among women and what some have tried to do me in one case very successfully and the fact that Orthodoxy will take the side of women without hearing both sides. I also realize from being involved in the world and reading what is going on that most bad ideologies have SOME truth mixed in there although most of it is not true. I also mention this because unfortunately I do feel feminism is a very serious issue. Many publicly don’t support it but from some of the stuff I have seen clearly they really believe some of these false idea’s and that is why I think people should understand some of the people behind it.

But even then, some of the things I read that made me scratch my head was Blu mentioned that this idea of men and women dressing differently or women having certain clothes they wore was Rabbinc and not Biblical. Of course that is not true. It says in Deutoronomy 22:5 That male garb shouldn’t be it on a women and female garb shouldn’t be on a man and this is an abomination. While I understand that some clothes is for both genders this idea then of different clothing has a biblical basis to it and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or deliberately lying. So, this is just one example of this.

However, thanks to a woman named Hannah Newman, (who wrote a book called the rainbow Swaztika) I learned about the background of Blu’s husband Rabbi “Yitz” Greenberg. (Although I don't agree with her that we should focus so much about the detail of other relgion's. If our religon was practiced properly people would not leave it) When you understand him the whole puzzle makes sense and you sadly realize that Blu Greenberg is a fraud. Hannah Newman considers the husband-wife team of Yitz and Blu Greenberg to be one of the biggest threats to Orthodoxy from within Orthodoxy. So who is Rabbi Yitz Greenberg? He is a Harvard graduate who started an organization called CLAL which is on the internet. The first dishonest part about the Greenberg’s is they really are by all accounts the elite and upper class which there is nothing wrong with but Blu acts like she is a poor women that was able to do this but she doesn’t say that she married a well connected Harvard Graduate Rabbi Greenberg. The next info is even more disturbing.

Let us go back to CLAL the organization that Blu’s husband Rabbi Yitz started. You could look them up on the internet. The organization believes that anything that happens in Judaism is just experimentation. Orthodoxy becoming mostly singles. That is just experimentation. Homosexuality. Just experimentation. Women raising children without men. Experimentation. Intermarriage. Just experimentation. So basically anything goes. This is the husband Rabbi Yitz Greenberg. He tries to twist the torah to suit his agenda quoting a Pasuk here or there. Now that I understand him so the wife Blu learned from Yitz the Rabbi to twist the torah as well.

What are one of the area’s that Rabbi Yitz and Blu Greenberg are involved with today. This is what they are involved in. Elat Chayyim Jewish Spiritual Retreat Center. See link. Most of the teachers are Eastern Religons including Budism and Hinduism. Their religions despite what one may think are very hostile to some of the idea’s of Judaism. One teacher authored a book about the "myths of Genesis". Both Yitz and Blu Greenberg are part of this new age movement which to be fair most idea's are not consistant with Judaism. Marriage and family are not part of this new age movement which is why Yitz Greenberg in his organization known as CLAL did not care about any type of family impurity from intermarriage to homosexuality to not getting married at all to not have a child have both a mother and father. Blu Greenberg agrees and the feminist movement does push women away from the idea of being mother and a wife and creating a family as thier biggest priority and goes along with her husbands idea's which also doesn’t support the family either . Furthermore, some of the well known Jewish contributer's to this group both Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi are known for being very much hostile to the state of Israel.

Also Blu Greenberg has written for Rabbi Michael Lerner's magazine called Tikun, which also Rabbi Lerner has said things about Israel that are vicious liesMany don't even believe he has real Rabbinic Ordination and he claims he was ordained by a speical Orthodox Beis Din without naming the Rabbi's (he claimes two feminst women were part of it) which I certainlly don't believe. He just uses his title Rabbi to promote his agenda.

So the conclusion is that both Rabbi Yitz and Blu are associated with people both Jewish and Non-Jewish who wish harm upon the Jewish People. It is somewhat similar to the woman admires Betty Friedan (Blu has said so herself) Betty supported Stalin well into her 30's and supported Marxism as she thought THIS KIND OF EQUALITY was good. Although the realiy is that all the marxist like Stalin and others told poor people and women that the government controling them would be better which of course led to more tyranny not less. 20 Million people were killed in the sovier Union under communism. David Horowitz has discussed as a book has come out about Betty's real background and the fact that she also wasn't what she claimed she was in any way. I say this as someone that was brainwashed somewhat as well.


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Anonymous said...

If you have ever read Blu Greenberg's book How to Raise a Traditional Jewish Household, you will see that she freely admits to having had live-in help much of the time. She doesn't claim to be poor.

Analytical Adam said...

Fair enough. However, for people that haven't read her books she does give the impression of someone that had to pinch pennies which really isn't the truth. That was my impression and it clearly isn't true and her lifestyle is not realistic for many womaen unless they marry a wealthy, well connected man like Blu did.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry but this to me seems like you have a personal agenda in this blog. I have never met her but i am sure your opinion of Blu in relation to her financial is one that is varied greatly within the Jewish community. But i must admit from a non Jewish view this makes for compelling discussion i shall discuss this when i hear from my Rabi friend.