Thursday, February 07, 2008

Michael Medved Defends Mother who loses children during divorce because of "home schooling"

See link at the end of this post. Sad story of how in no fault divorce if the father is less religious (father wants the kid to go to public school and the mother doesn't by either wanting the child to get a religious education or home schooling the children)the state court will side with the father. Although the courts generally side with the mother and the father (wrongly) has limited if any contact with his own children in no fault divorce in cases like this they side unfairly with the father. Thanks to Michael Medved for bringing this issue up. It is good to see that some people see the bigger picutre of how the government can use divorce to weaken children and to make it easier to only teach the children what the government wants them to know i.e. Public Schools.

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