Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Interesting Fact of Male and Female Wages of young workers.

This is an interesting article on how women 21-30 actually on average make more then men who live in NYC. They compare wages in 1970 vs. 2005. However, overall the "AVERAGE WAGES" indexed for inflation has "GONE DOWN". This again shows that "FORCED EQUALITY" leads to mediocrity and lower wages for all At the extreme communist countries yeah everyone was EQUALLY POOR EXCEPT OF COURSE FOR THE FEW ON TOP.

This article link above proves the same. In NYC women's wages 21-30 have risen about $3,000 indexed for inflation since 1970. Men's have dropped $9,000. Overall women's wages have only gone up $200 while men's have gone down about $9,000. Which mean's outside of NYC women are actually making less. So this whole forced equality is only pushing wages down and also rewards bigger box companies in large cities. Women's wages haven't really gone up it is just men's wages have gone down to women's levels. In 1970 adjusted for inflation the average male salary for men 21-30 was $37,513. In 2005 the average male salary in that same range is only $28,533. For women of these ages in 1970 the average salary adjusted for inflation was $25,275.
Today it is $25,467. So in the end this benefits only lawyers and CEO's who pay everyone less but the only gain women have received is that men make less not that they make more which mean's EVERYONE has to work harder.


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