Tuesday, December 02, 2008

If something sound too good to be true it usually is.

I felt I needed to write about this (as I spent a Shabbos with a very sick Jewish man he really does not belong in the Orthodox world but sadly this likely won't happen) as it really didn't shock me but this guy was really sick in the head yet he really believed he was an expert on women and worse yet he literally used the torah to promote his own inappropriate lifestyle to others. As is many time the case this guy acted like he was out to save the women from all the horrible men out there and of course since he just used women without feeling any responsibility he projected this to others.

Before i get into his issues since he showed me some of his ideas he wanted to write which really I thought were just to put down men to get women to buy his book (and he admitted he was writing this to women) he wants to wruite and I don't think it is right to throw other men under the pass on false or exaggerated misdeeds to benefit yourself that you think that will give you more of an opportunity with women while hurting other men and hurting gender relations in general. But anyway I got upset him in front of somebody else as he was still promoting this and it was while he was talking to a woman he told me when we got back to his place he was surprised the women didn't flip out as I was upset but was rational and obviously he thinks that at the drop of a hat a women will flip out and the way he said it was unbelievable to me as he acted as if women never see a person upset and even though I was upset I was pretty rational in what I was upset about. I mean come on. This man believed that women never see anyone upset and if they do see someone upset they will "flip out".

Anyway, this is what he told. He told me he has had relations before marriage and I really don't know how common that is but he believes for nonjews this is OK which I don't think it is and it is unhealthy for children and really not in the best interest of women to have one night stands. Even if a guy sees an attractive women a guy that has some sense of responsibility would not want to sleep with someone that could get the woman pregnant and they would not be able to be a father for the child. It is just irresponsible if you really care about being a father toward your children. It also is generally not healthy to sleep around and a decent guy if he knew a women was doing this and acting very loose to at least let her know that what she is doing could give her STD's and to tell her that for your own well being you shouldn't be doing this and you should use your attractiveness to find a good man.

Then he tells me that women don't have to get married and I ask him well if women don't then how are men suppose to and he is well the torah says so. Actually the torah in Jeremiah requires both men and women to get married and even if it was only talking about men in one case still women are placing stumbling block to men if they don't try to get married. Both sides have to make an honest attempt. This guy must know this and yet he doesn't care as all he cares about is telling women they can do what they want and of course this benefits this writer who also wants to do what he wants and have intercourse outside of marriage which of course in the end is not GOOD FOR WOMEN and no decent man would say this.

What takes the cake is though that this guy admits he doesn't also agree with everything that it says in the torah but to pander to women he takes a few parts of the talmud and if you ask him "well the torah says so." And then he wants to save the Jewish people and wants everyone to move to Israel but if we don't have marriage and children through marriage we can't survive and interestingly enough the passage in Jeremiah was telling Jews in exile this which of course he doesn't want to hear.

Deep down this guy was just a guy who really just wanted to have relations with women in casual situations and thinks that for nonjews this is OK which is very disgusting and harmful to a society to think this way and harmful to women as well. From my limited interaction I can see that he believed that women have almost ZERO emotional resources and just are easily manipulated all of them and when I hear him talk all he talks about is what a women looks like to an excessive degree.

Yet he loves to pretend to be some sort of protector of women which he is nothing of the sort and much of his put downs of men sad to say is a projection of what he is. Sadly our communities many time fall for con men like this but again if something sounds too good to be true it usually is and furthermore there are responsible me and there are irresponsible men. To give the worst case most men who go to prostitution houses usually have a high level of contempt for women that OK most men feel aroused by an attractive women in any situation but to just have it with a women that just casually has intercourse with any man and is puting herself with serious health risks no man that really cares about women would just do this for his own pleasure at a woman's expense. In addition it may not be good for his health either but either way to promote that most men give in to their most animal desires all the time is usually a man who is projecting his own out of control behavior to others.

The worst example though was when I wss reading this article by Newt Gingrich from a Jewish newspaper and I said you know he divroce his wife when she had cancer and went out with a younger aid and I thought that was disgusting and shows no moral charachter (and he can't be trusted) and this guy is like well I don't know the whole story (this was the case he didn't have a problem with which is pretty telling.)

And lastly he has issues with his own family and other people to a very large degree. His own brother is not allowed contact with his son by his ex and his responnse is he deserves it because he wasn't nice to him and said bad things about him (Even so a decent would still see the bigger picture that a child needs contact with his father as well even if he has issues with him and not have such harsh judgement on your own brother). He has spoken about beating up Rabbi's because they wronged him and beat him up once which OK but he seems to feel this way in even where there is more blame then just the Rabbi's. He has issues with his family in general. I have had issues myself with my family and Rabbi's but I realize there is a bigger picture to these problems and certain aspect our culture that need to change which would prevent any of these items from ever happening in the first place.

The terrible human right violation of human trafficking of young girls into prostitution through false job opportunities. .

This is an adult topic but I just thought I would mention this as this issue has been a problem both in American and Israel and if this happens to even one woman it is terrible as many of them come from poor backgrounds and are promised a good job and then they are forced in into prostitution and if they don't comply they are beaten or starved. The end result of this is many times they get STD's which will prevent them from ever being to have relations in the future and to ever have children. It is a horrible abuse and interesting enough I first read about this in the US from a relgious Christian publication I get for once contributing to a cause to fight against homosexuality.

Furthermore, in Israel it also is a problem and sadly from reading this article the only reason Israel cracked down was because of the US state department. I dind't read anywhere that religous leaders were against this which maybe they were but if they weren't I think that isn't good. Here are the link to this. The first article is the situation in the US. It was written 4 years ago and hopefully it stopped some of it although I think it still sadly goes on here. And the 2 bottom links are articles on Israel and this horrible evil and the second link is a wikipedia on the general issue of forced prostituion.,2933,129157,00.html

Monday, September 15, 2008

Is Lasik Safe? Views on Eyesight in General.

On a completely different topic. I had an ad on my blog for Lasik. I thought I would ask the question. Is Lasik safe?

I am moderately near sited -5 in one eye and I guess severe in other one -6.5. I was thinking of the surgery. On April 28th however I was driving home and I heard about stronger warnings about Lasik because of an FDA meeting by patients who had horrible outcomes from Lasik and I went on You Tube and I was shocked at some of the horror stories about Lasik and these doctor's who are engaging in misleading advertising really is evil. The problems that people have had: serious dry eye, sensitive to any light source, fluctuating vision that is unstable, cornea transplant, (yes, you read that right) and double and triple visions or quadruple vision and being unable to drive at night, loss of contrast vision, not being able to wear contacts after the surgery because of there now irregular scarred cornea's from the laser and becoming legally blind even with glasses from the surgery has had serious quality of life implications and had the patient known that these aren't "minor" problems they would never have had the elective surgery to begin with. The flap they create never heals and weakens the eye tremendously. This idea that it is safer then contacts is a boldface lie.

Here are some of the problems of lasik from the site Lasik Complications.

I do wish though that our community would do more to promote a healthy lifestyle that promotes healthy eyesight as myopia is a disease and does lead to some possible eye problems like detached retina if you are seriously near sighted. The Torah said it was considered a defect to have bad eyesight to serve in the temple(what would you do if most people had really bad eyesight or is this just really bad eye sight but say 20/30 or 20/35 is OK.) I believe they don't let some of our boys get enough fresh air and spend time outside and eat properly both factors in preventing near sightedness. A study in Alaska was done showing that a generation that very few were nearsighted gave birth to a generation where over 50% were near sided and the reason was their lifestyle changed and children spent more time in school while the previous generation were mostly outdoors and their activities were mostly outdoor requiring distance vision. I am not suggesting we don't read (as that is not a solution) but nutrition and overall lifestyle and taking breaks and sometimes certain eye exercizes help even if you do read a lot which I read a lot and I love reading. Sadly the eye doctors own the eyeglass store so some of them don't care how badly near-sighted you become (as it is a conflict of interest and they make more money if you need eyeglasses) although some do give suggestions to help at least keep near sightedness at worst a mild level of it. In my case being outside without my glasses I would be disabled at this point although I know people with much thicker glasses then mine.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Matriarch Rachel and Kever Rachel.

I was watching the video Mother Rachel and the Woman of Efrat on Yideoz.

A number of thought thought came to my mind. You could read my comments on this video as well as my there is Aryeh (my Hebrew name.)

Everything here is about other women. They only mention women who died during terrorist attacks. Our matriarch I'm sure cared about both men and women (not just other women) and of course she is the mother of Joseph. Men should care just as much about Rachel as women should and if women feel only THEY can care about other women that is sadly being influenced by feminism.

Which got me wondering. It is sort of a curse that she is buried away from her husband in that some women will be attracted to her more then the other Matriarch's: Sarah, Rebbecca because she is I guess is "independent". I do get that sense that some of the women sadly just think that Rachel is only there to pray for OTHER WOMEN and I think that is an insult to Rachel in that as one of our matriarchs she likely cared about both the men and women of her own people.

So it may me think. Is there anything Rachel did that G-d felt she should be in a situation that would attract some women who are feminists and only care about other women.

My only answer to this is that you go back to the story of Lavan and her taking her father's idols when Jacob cursed the person who did it not knowing it was Rachel and G-d caused her to die on the road during child birth. This is not the first case like this. Of course Abraham had a father also who worshipped idols. And how did he deal with it. Sources say that his father would come home seeing only one idol and he would ask Abraham what happened to the other one's and Abraham would say "Well they had a fight and this idol one." To which his father would say
"Well son the idol's can't fight." To which Abraham would respond then why do you worship them? Abraham was trying to subtly affect his thinking but tried to do in a way that still showed some respect to the fact that THIS IS MY FATHER.

Now let us go to Rachel. She took the idol's of Lavan without his knowledge to the point that he felt Jacob took it. Maybe as with Abraham, Rachel should have used a more SUBTLE way to get the point across to her father Lavan that Idol worship is wrong even asking her husband Jacob to maybe pull what Abraham did with his father. Instead she decided to just take the idol's and maybe there was this small amount of conceit on her part that she knows better then her father which is sadly part of feminism that I have run across where I see many daughters who think THEY KNOW MORE THEN THEIR FATHER because after they are women and men are dumb idiots. And even though Lavan we believe was overall an evil person still it was Rachel's father and she should have used a more subtle tactic. And her punishment for not respecting her father properly was that many women who only respect women and mothers but don't respect men and fathers would visit her grave among others who are more decent.

So anyone want to comment on these thought that I had.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why are few women named Eve.

Just wondering. I guess among hebrew name both here and in Israel the name Chava is somewhat popular. My english name is Adam (although my hebrew name is Aryeh) and when I went to elementary school there were 2 other adam out of 25 people. It isn't the MOST POPULAR name. I agree there. But it does seem to be more popular then Eve.

It is true that both Adam and Eve engaged in a sin that kicked them out of Gan Eden. So there are more righteous men and women in the Bible then both Adam or Eve. I guess some people think less though of Adam sining then Eve. Because Eve's punishment was that she would have more pain in childbirth and Adam's punishment was it would be difficult to provide and to produce food from the land to feed themselves. In today's world work is seen as "FUN" and a "CAREER" but unless you are in a job that is a monopoly and/or is funded by tax dollars (which unlike most area's if you don't think your doctor is doing a good job you could find a new doctor) but with the gov't we can't say we won't pay our taxes in this area because our money is not doing what is should be. We could elect someone new in 4 years but that it only happens ONCE EVERY 4 YEARS. This makes it harder for the person who is trying to provide an honest service or product for your money and that is what REAL WORK is. A lot of feminist think work is fun because they have never really worked and only read propoganda writings sadly.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD viciously slanders Jewish fathers and Jewish men claims having a father and being a good provider is an “excuse”.

Here is the link to the article which I will analyze later on in this post.

In addition to admitting there is NO PHYSICAL OR ANY OTHER evidence of abuse which I will get to this later on in this post. How is Twerski and the OU who printed this different then the blogger Unorthodox Jew who claim that Rabbi’s are molesting woman with no evidence and believes this a serious grave problem. Please tell me how this is different???

For the life of me community has got to distance themselves from so called Rabbi’s like this and recognize the fact that this Rav has no respect for the traditional family and the father’s role and authority in my view. This is a form Rabbinic Marxism where Rabbi’s view themselves as more important then fathers and feel fathers are a threat to them and are unable to deal with the normal competition that men have with each other and the fact that some men may disagree as I do with some of Rabbi Abraham Tweski’s views. This is exhibit A as why focus on Self Esteem (as Tweski believes is so important) is so destructive even though the torah says the exact opposite and if you want respect, RESPECT OTHERS. Other people that don’t esteem you as much as you think rather then maybe looking within yourself to see maybe people have legit reason to not like you instead you start to believe horrible things about other people with no evidence because you are ANGRY that they don’t esteem you as much as you think and don't agree with your views. In my own life one of Twerski's books made my family situation worse when I was 20 and led me to treat my parents in way that weren’t appropriate because everything with Rabbi Abraham Twerski MD is low self esteem which of course that is not true and led me to act in a way that is inappropriate towards my parents 15 years ago and I hope others are not misled by Rabbi Twerski as well.

The worst about this is anti-Semites will take what Rabbi Twerski wrote to claim that Jewish men can’t be trusted and they abused the Palestinians and abuse others and of course are good at hiding it. If they abuse their own wives and are good at hiding it they what do you think they do to the Palestinians? Jewish men and the Jewish religion is terrible and support abusing women because most Rabbi’s except this beloved Rabbi Tweski support abusing their wives and are great at hiding it. Rabbi Twerski is perfect for all the anti-Semites in the world for the things he has said with NOT A SHRED OF EVIDENCE AND CERTAINLLY NOT HEARING BOTH SIDES.

Let us go through parts of the article. Rabbi Twerski Wrote.

Rabbi Twerski Wrote: The most evident form of abuse is physical, although abusive husbands are usually clever enough to strike only at the parts of the body that are not exposed. (My comments: So he admits he see’s little evidence that women have injuries that suggest physical abuse in any way but assumes they do it in a way that leaves no evidence. According to Respecting Accuracy for Domestic Abuse Reporting Jewish Jewish men do have the lowest rate of physical abuse among religious group and actually it is more of a problem among women using physical violence then men. It is 1% for Jewish men 7% for Jewish women. That is likely because some communities don't teach women to control themselves and everything they do is someone else's fault.) But verbal and emotional abuse may be every bit as damaging to everyone in the family. Quibbling and arguments, while undesirable, do not necessarily constitute abuse, but insulting or demeaning a spouse is definitely abuse. Isolating a woman from family and friends, restricting her ability to function by controlling her access to money, or undermining her authority as a mother is abuse(My comments: Emotional abuse is done just as much by women and is just as bad when done by women as men. Where is Twerski’s concern about undermining a father’s authority. Don’t fathers matter to Twerski or only mothers matter to Twerski.)

Rabbi Twerski wrote: Parents whose daughters complain of being abused may encourage them to return to their husbands and overlook the abuse, saying, "The children need a father, and he is a good provider." (My comments: A child is MORE likely to be abused in a single parent home then living with both biological parents and not having a father do many times lead to various psychological problems for both sons and daughters so therefore you better have evidence of abuse that is ONE SIDED which Twerski has given no evidence of. Certainly having a father is not an EXCUSE as this piece of garbage anti father Rabbi Twerski claims. On the second point, if he is a good provider then if he is giving his money for the family then that suggest he isn’t as abusive (or the situation is a little more complex) as what is claimed because if he was he wouldn’t provide for the family and keep them with no money). Countless excuses are given for maintaining the status quo, which is not really a status quo at all, because abuse is usually progressive. (My comments: That is not true either. Sometimes families go through tough times but according to Rabbi Twerski once there are problems break up the family and throw the father out of the home because abuse is usually progressive.)

Rabbi Twerski wrote: Communities as a whole are caught up in the denial of this grave problem. Jewish family services are often under funded, and therefore cannot operate a hotline, provide adequate staff, or maintain a safe-house for abused spouses. (My comments: According to what I have read the shelters are OVERFUNDED BY TAXDOLLARS DUE TO A LAW IN 1994 which causes problem because these shelters have to answer to no one and are run by women that have never been married and themselves have serious psychological problems and many times once the father is out of the picture threaten the mother as well that if she does not do what she is told she will lose the children as well. Rabbi Twerski still has given no evidence of serious type of abuse he has admitted he sees no evidence of physical abuse he also has not proven that emotional abuse is only done by men which what I have seen with my own eyes clearly this is not always the case in fact I have seen where it was more the women who was very disrespectful to her husband then the other way around although both do exist.)

So our community should be ashamed of Twerski and the OU for promoting this and others who for whatever reason seem to hate A WHOLE GENDER and HATE JEWISH MEN just becuase they are MEN. Where is this concern for OTHER TYPES OF ABUSE like child abuse, elder abuse, abuse of the handicapped. I’m suppose to believe this is the only type of abuse that exists and it is a grave problem but other types of abuses are not existent. Young adult and middle age women come before children. Children’s needs don’t matter only middle age women. These Rabbi’s are nothing but Rabbi’s that will do anything for immoral women even if this hurts more decent women. They are insecure about other men and are jealous of SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE as the torah warns not to be jealous of another man's wife and this is a clear power grab. They would let children be abused to appease immoral women who like to put all the blame on men. They are sacrificing children to molech to appease man hating women that only like “so called men” like this sadly and likely if they are married view a Rabbi like this as more Beloved then their own husband who I bet they don’t think too highly of even if they are still married.

Our communities NEED TO SEND A MESSAGE that his kind of hatred towards fathers (guilty until proven innocent with no evidence) by Rabbi’s will not be tolerated. If the community tolerates it and looks the other way I feel that Rabbi’s themselves MIDAH KNEGGET MIDAH will also have their lives ruined on false charges of abuse with no evidence. All of this benefits no one but anti-Semites who use OUR FALSE CHARGES OF ABUSE BY HUSBANDS, BY RABBI’S to claim that Judaism is a religion that abuses women and Jewish men can’t be trusted and abuse everybody else as well because if they abuse their wives of course other people they abuse others even more. All based on propaganda. This is disgusting what Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD is doing. Absolutely disgusting. Same for the OU although they did not write this article but clearly agree with it as why else would they post this article.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The other disturbing fact of Kahanism other then the obvious social problems: Racism towards African American's

I don't want to beat this subject to death (although I am very saddened that the majority in Orthodoxy seem to think Kahane was a good man which I do not think anymore from hearing a story among other things of how he treated another Jewish man who he used and then discarded without any compensation and help when he originally promised that and the guy unlike me still supports HIS VIEWS even though he was treated terribly) and it is an issue in general outside of Kahane for Orthodoxy to recognize that they don't know everything and we have made mistakes because A. I think we were affected by negative parts of the cultures we were around and B. We really never were in a enforce laws or see how certain laws in the real world don't play out so well. This is especially true today as many Rabbi's and leaders are NOT in the trenches (problem in the past as well) and sadly don't have the humility to listen to what other people's experiences are out there. As a result some you have some idea's that don't work in the real world and there is little if any of Biblical support of those views so admitting a Rabbi is wrong sometimes shouldn't be the end of the world. In fact the reality is much harm has been done by never analyzing certain Rabbinic views and having to even ignore and shun fellow Jews because their experiences doesn't validate a rabbinic view . They even engage in propaganda for this purpose. This hurts many Jews doing this. The other problem is Orthodoxy in general among the Rabbi's that have influence is seem they are only interested in changing in area's that have lobby groups (feminism including easy divorce without compensation and even the issue of homosexuality they have so called Orthodox gays) that don't represent more then a few special interest groups and may times are subsidized by a government group that gets money from taxpayers which makes the viewpoint look bigger then it really is because of the funding they get which sometimes is a lot (sadly we don't have a choice where taxes go) but don't represent the view of the average Jewish guy or gal.

But the racism of the Kahanist though is really bad and I will say that I was involved with this JTF kahanist group for a little while (but got kicked off when I started questioning things on them on you tube on a number of their video's and they only want people to be YES MEN on their video's) and yes the racism is terrible. I have even seen it among Orthodox Jews and it really is disgusting and a chillul Hashem . I actually once worked for a Caribbean dark skinned guy and he overall was fair to me so I certainly think it is wrong. Another long supporter of Kahane, Rabbi Friedman is also horrible. He was comparing apes to these black antisemites (Farakan, Kofi Annan, Jesse Jackson, Collin Powell (who I WOULD NOT put in the same class) and saying the only difference is the apes aren't antisemitic but it was in very poor taste. Go on you tube and type racist Rabbi. Libby Kahane Kahane's wife had an article recently that just talks about black crime. Yet this kind of hate can't help us and makes us more vulnerable. She believes it was because of being poor which isn't true. Most of the violent one's poverty wasn't the reason. Most of them were criminals to begin with and used any excuse possible. Mona Charen discusses this in her book. While this isn't an excuse the fact is being in a one parent home is a bigger factor in being involved in crime then anything else. African Americans from a home with both parents are less likely to be in crime then a white from a single parent home. Dennis Prager has mentioned this as well as others and the statistic do back it up although I don't have them at the moment but I will research it.

I also wonder since I think that Libby Kahane is a feminist this hatred towards blacks has been a strong part of the feminist movement from the beginning because these feminists were threatened by blacks for them getting gov't money instead of to women and of course black men voted before white women. It has been proven that the early feminists in the early 1900's excluded black women and were racists. Planned parenthood's founder was very racist and that tradition has continued in this organization and they support abortion earmarked just for fetuses from black mothers. So this again does not put them in a moral light that they think. Here is her article. I heard her on Tamar Yonah's (I would LOVE to be wrong on this but I was even more unimpressed then I thought I would be and she sounded apathetic "seeing the glass half full" about the murder of her husband and her son and daughter in law. I understand not to be too emotional but I have heard other interviews years later of a loved one being murdered and she really sounded completly apathetic and this suggests something was not right in their own relationship and they really didn't respect each other and polarized each other which is seen here Meir being extremely negative Libby being extremely positive. A good relationship moderates both sides) and to Libby the most important think to her was being a libranian which sounds like a feminst to me. Big deal. You salary is paid for by other people's taxes (that they have no choice and at least in the US libraries don't have the best books) from their hard work. That is what is most important to you. Anyway here is her recent article.

In general the idea that strength alone OR BECAUSE WE WERE WEAK as Libby says in her recent article is the reason we are picked on first is not true either. We are picked on first because someone who is a criminal find the bible offensive. And to rid themselves of this they have to get rid of the Jews. We know Jacob criticized and cursed both Shimon and Levi for their action with killing everyone from Sechum because of the rape of their sister which was not proportionate in any way as you can't blame everyone in the society for the corrupt leaders even though you could say they may be a little responsible but to kill them all. That is just not appropriate. This focus on us being strong and ignoring our moral shortcomings which in my view the Kahanist movement does in a recipe for ABSOLUTE DISASTER. Yes, we should know self defense and that applies to women as well as there are times a women may be alone but NOT at the expense of morality which without that no matter how STRONG WE THINK WE ARE G-d will not let us succeed which the bible says clearly. Anyway that is enough musing for now.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hi everyone.

Hi everyone. I guess I haven't posted in a while. I do have my own perspectves which may be a little different then you are used to. I have been through a lot and overall I have not been treated well by the Orthodox community or by my own family growing up but sadly these kind of idea's are censored in many Jewish publications. Therefore, you may at first find my idea's very different because most of them are not allowed to be expressed but nevertheless I think they do need to be talked about.

Rabbi Kahane, the Jewish Press, Feminism, and Facism

This post is about the serious problems with Rabbi Kahane since for whatever reason especially among some Orthodox American Jews his mix of idea's seems to have some attraction. To be fair at first glance he seems like someone that feels that more dramatic action needs to be taken in Israel to help Israel. But some of his idea's seem absurd and after I learned a little about his real life before becoming this politicians it became clear to me that his abusrd idea's were a result of some of his activity which was and is harmful for Jewish people to have healthy fertility and healthy family life. And if that is the case you can't trust ANY MINORITY if you don't trust your own people's ability to have children. If you listen to you tube and his speeches again and again he always says well Jews will become the minority and arabs will have a lot of children and doesn't come up with any idea's to increase the birth rate among Jews. He also seems to have an exagerated sence that arabs have a high birth rate and always will have a high birth rate which actually some of the numbers were exaggerated. Not trusting the family and totalitarian idea's do many times go hand and hand. It is no different here Kahane's distrust of the family and supporting liberal divorce laws is leading him to claim that Judaism is a facist religon which I don't agree. I don't know if it is complete democracy as we have it today but I don't think it is at the other extreme that Kahane seems to support. In fact his idea's would lead all the countries in the west to ban democracy for any minority (which how do you define that in many cases? And many don't deserve this as they are loyal to their country!! ) which I don't think is right. Western countries have real problems with low birth rates among women and the institute of marriage in general and that has to be dealt with. You can't ignore that issue.
The worst part of him though was the fact that many of his views were not accepted by other Rabbi's yet he went along like HIS VIEW was the only PROPER view and anyone who disagreed was not relgious. This is just terrible to think that YOU AS ONE OPINION is right and everyone else is wrong and only you represent the torah view point and anyone who disagree's is not religious although his idea's mixed religon and secular idea's and his view was rejected by most Rabbi's. He would find something wrong with the other person to claim that only he is right. The problem is Kahane (like any human being) wasn't 100% perfect either. He worked for a newspaper that supported divorce for frivilous reasons and didn't care about fathers or children for that matter that usually are the most hurt from an unfair divorce that one parent can extort money or property or children from the other parent. Children from divorces like that have severe problems because how can they be taught any values if that parent they live with has no values. Children are least likely to be abused when they live with both biological parents. The Jewish Press openly supports raising children without fathers which is horrible. They don't care the reason. Kahane also took the daughter's side of the editor of the Jewsih Press getting a divorce. And of course being with a paper like this and not having a problem with caused him to distrust the Jewish family and led him to his horrible beliefs about ALL minorities and that they should have no rights even if they were living in Israel for a while and were not a 5th column because any minority was a threat because of his own support of corruption involving divorce which obviously would seriously lower the number of people who get married and have children. Anyone who disagreed is irreligious of course even though most Rabbi's condemmed his views. Kahane refused to see his own faults and only focused on other people's faults. Furthermore, if you read the bible you never see G-d be some mean to any Jewsih leader who has honest questions as G-d welcomes us to ask questions yet this movement would view asking questions that Rabbi Kahane doesn't have a good answer as disrespecting the Rabbi. G-d never viewed any Jewish leader asking him a question as disrespectful. So then Rabbi Kahane he thinks he is above G-d which is certainlly not torah. Sadly it isn't just him and a lot of Rabbi's behave this way and they are very very wrong and really do tremendous to our religon and our G-d and turn him into a mean petty controling G-d which is why many people are not religious because of the untorah like behavior of people who claim they are religious.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rabbi Yitz and “Blu” Greenberg. See Chapter 9, 3b and 3f.

I know I haven't posted in a while but I hope some find this interesting. Would enjoy getting some feedback.

Most people know who Blu Greenberg is of course. She is the leader of a movement called JOFA the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance. When I was a little younger I remember reading something in a quaterly Jewish publication in my shul that she wrote and to be honest some of the stuff she said made sense, for example not everything that we do is correct and we should just do it to keep the status quo and we can make mistakes and sometimes needs change and the author of the quaterly agreed . This I agree with it. Some if it, however, made me scratch my head. However, I did not know the true background of Yitz and Blu Greenberg until about a year ago. Also, some of my views have changed because some of the behavior I have seen among women and what some have tried to do me in one case very successfully and the fact that Orthodoxy will take the side of women without hearing both sides. I also realize from being involved in the world and reading what is going on that most bad ideologies have SOME truth mixed in there although most of it is not true. I also mention this because unfortunately I do feel feminism is a very serious issue. Many publicly don’t support it but from some of the stuff I have seen clearly they really believe some of these false idea’s and that is why I think people should understand some of the people behind it.

But even then, some of the things I read that made me scratch my head was Blu mentioned that this idea of men and women dressing differently or women having certain clothes they wore was Rabbinc and not Biblical. Of course that is not true. It says in Deutoronomy 22:5 That male garb shouldn’t be it on a women and female garb shouldn’t be on a man and this is an abomination. While I understand that some clothes is for both genders this idea then of different clothing has a biblical basis to it and anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or deliberately lying. So, this is just one example of this.

However, thanks to a woman named Hannah Newman, (who wrote a book called the rainbow Swaztika) I learned about the background of Blu’s husband Rabbi “Yitz” Greenberg. (Although I don't agree with her that we should focus so much about the detail of other relgion's. If our religon was practiced properly people would not leave it) When you understand him the whole puzzle makes sense and you sadly realize that Blu Greenberg is a fraud. Hannah Newman considers the husband-wife team of Yitz and Blu Greenberg to be one of the biggest threats to Orthodoxy from within Orthodoxy. So who is Rabbi Yitz Greenberg? He is a Harvard graduate who started an organization called CLAL which is on the internet. The first dishonest part about the Greenberg’s is they really are by all accounts the elite and upper class which there is nothing wrong with but Blu acts like she is a poor women that was able to do this but she doesn’t say that she married a well connected Harvard Graduate Rabbi Greenberg. The next info is even more disturbing.

Let us go back to CLAL the organization that Blu’s husband Rabbi Yitz started. You could look them up on the internet. The organization believes that anything that happens in Judaism is just experimentation. Orthodoxy becoming mostly singles. That is just experimentation. Homosexuality. Just experimentation. Women raising children without men. Experimentation. Intermarriage. Just experimentation. So basically anything goes. This is the husband Rabbi Yitz Greenberg. He tries to twist the torah to suit his agenda quoting a Pasuk here or there. Now that I understand him so the wife Blu learned from Yitz the Rabbi to twist the torah as well.

What are one of the area’s that Rabbi Yitz and Blu Greenberg are involved with today. This is what they are involved in. Elat Chayyim Jewish Spiritual Retreat Center. See link. Most of the teachers are Eastern Religons including Budism and Hinduism. Their religions despite what one may think are very hostile to some of the idea’s of Judaism. One teacher authored a book about the "myths of Genesis". Both Yitz and Blu Greenberg are part of this new age movement which to be fair most idea's are not consistant with Judaism. Marriage and family are not part of this new age movement which is why Yitz Greenberg in his organization known as CLAL did not care about any type of family impurity from intermarriage to homosexuality to not getting married at all to not have a child have both a mother and father. Blu Greenberg agrees and the feminist movement does push women away from the idea of being mother and a wife and creating a family as thier biggest priority and goes along with her husbands idea's which also doesn’t support the family either . Furthermore, some of the well known Jewish contributer's to this group both Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi are known for being very much hostile to the state of Israel.

Also Blu Greenberg has written for Rabbi Michael Lerner's magazine called Tikun, which also Rabbi Lerner has said things about Israel that are vicious liesMany don't even believe he has real Rabbinic Ordination and he claims he was ordained by a speical Orthodox Beis Din without naming the Rabbi's (he claimes two feminst women were part of it) which I certainlly don't believe. He just uses his title Rabbi to promote his agenda.

So the conclusion is that both Rabbi Yitz and Blu are associated with people both Jewish and Non-Jewish who wish harm upon the Jewish People. It is somewhat similar to the woman admires Betty Friedan (Blu has said so herself) Betty supported Stalin well into her 30's and supported Marxism as she thought THIS KIND OF EQUALITY was good. Although the realiy is that all the marxist like Stalin and others told poor people and women that the government controling them would be better which of course led to more tyranny not less. 20 Million people were killed in the sovier Union under communism. David Horowitz has discussed as a book has come out about Betty's real background and the fact that she also wasn't what she claimed she was in any way. I say this as someone that was brainwashed somewhat as well.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Michael Medved Defends Mother who loses children during divorce because of "home schooling"

See link at the end of this post. Sad story of how in no fault divorce if the father is less religious (father wants the kid to go to public school and the mother doesn't by either wanting the child to get a religious education or home schooling the children)the state court will side with the father. Although the courts generally side with the mother and the father (wrongly) has limited if any contact with his own children in no fault divorce in cases like this they side unfairly with the father. Thanks to Michael Medved for bringing this issue up. It is good to see that some people see the bigger picutre of how the government can use divorce to weaken children and to make it easier to only teach the children what the government wants them to know i.e. Public Schools.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Interesting Fact of Male and Female Wages of young workers.

This is an interesting article on how women 21-30 actually on average make more then men who live in NYC. They compare wages in 1970 vs. 2005. However, overall the "AVERAGE WAGES" indexed for inflation has "GONE DOWN". This again shows that "FORCED EQUALITY" leads to mediocrity and lower wages for all At the extreme communist countries yeah everyone was EQUALLY POOR EXCEPT OF COURSE FOR THE FEW ON TOP.

This article link above proves the same. In NYC women's wages 21-30 have risen about $3,000 indexed for inflation since 1970. Men's have dropped $9,000. Overall women's wages have only gone up $200 while men's have gone down about $9,000. Which mean's outside of NYC women are actually making less. So this whole forced equality is only pushing wages down and also rewards bigger box companies in large cities. Women's wages haven't really gone up it is just men's wages have gone down to women's levels. In 1970 adjusted for inflation the average male salary for men 21-30 was $37,513. In 2005 the average male salary in that same range is only $28,533. For women of these ages in 1970 the average salary adjusted for inflation was $25,275.
Today it is $25,467. So in the end this benefits only lawyers and CEO's who pay everyone less but the only gain women have received is that men make less not that they make more which mean's EVERYONE has to work harder.