Sunday, December 02, 2007

Should Rabbi's speak out against No Fault Divorce.

I currently purchased a good book on scary things that are being done to parents called "Taken into Custody" The War against fathers, marriage, and the family. One of the individuals who praises this book does suggest THAT CHURCH LEADERS MUST FINALLY DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE OF NO FAULT DIVORCE. I think the same must be said for Jewish Leaders and Rabbi's. They rally against homosexuality and rightly so but should speak about this also. There is a single crisis and many people don't trust marriage and some have good reason to. No fault divorce goes against basic CONTRACT LAW. If you decide you want out of a contract you have to pay for this. It is called a buy out in some situations but in marriage when a husband divorces he has to compensate the women. It still not great as having a father is more important then money and I certainly don't respect men that divorce for silly reasons (it is bad for their own children) but they still have to give up a lot and it isn't a free ride. That is not the case with women today. They want a nullify contract and not only do they not compensate the man they take from him. This is terrible and basically allows women to steal from men. It is no coincidence that in Russia in the 1910's Liberalizing divorce was part of communism. Instead of the government stealing from people and finding some reason to do it you have women doing this and finding excuses for it.

I mean if a guy is truly not fulfilling his side of the contract and it is egregious then you have a case of nullifying a contract. But there has to be real issues here not just the occasional problems any couple has. You need moral people in our family system which is important. But again divorce should not be taken as a joke or lightly.

This is another bad consequence of EASY DIVORCE is I see women who are attracted to guys who maybe I'm wrong but seem to be doormats and the women just like them because they want control and if the guy becomes a problem they will just divorce him at the drop of hat. When there isn't easy divorce women look for men that have good character and they can trust since they understand that they can't just leave and take the man's money and the children. Don't both parents have rights to their children. And children NEED FATHERS and having no fathers or weak fathers (they are afraid to even speak up in a marriage because the wife can do anything to him) is bad for society as a whole and I wonder how much the wimpiness of Orthodox Judaism has to do with this issue. The Torah clearly says you need both a mother and a father.

So I DO THINK RABBI'S SHOULD start speaking out on this issue as they SPEAK OUT AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY as Michael McManus says. The corruption in this area will not change until religious leaders speak out against it as they do worry about offending RELIGION.

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