Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East.

This is another from regency publishing VIA The Conservative Book Club from the Politically Incorrect Series. Here is some of the review.

"The Middle East: it's a region that's almost never off the front pages --yet it's one that most Americans know little about. The mainstream media and Ivy League academics only make matters worse by casting everything in the usual politically-correct mold: Arab terrorists are just desperate freedom fighters, and the region's one Western-style democracy – Israel -- is the oppressor, not least because of its alliance with America. And if Islamic extremism is a problem, the establishment tells us, it's only because, like Christian fundamentalism at home, it's rooted in that source-of-all-evils: religion. A different strain of political correctness has seeped into some minds on the right – most notably the Bush administration, who, so ready to buy into the egalitarian myths we are all taught, believed that Western-style democracy could flourish anywhere.

It continues,"In the Middle East, the cost of PC distortions can be measured in the lives of American soldiers, Iraqi civilians, Iranian dissidents, and Israeli Jews. Pretending there's some sort of moral equivalence between Israeli missile strikes and Palestinian suicide bombers, acting as if our current war is against "terror" rather than radical Islam, believing that what works here will work there -- all of these PC delusions weaken the U.S. and draw out the violence there. The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Middle East is a bold first step toward facing the hard truths without which peace is impossible. :

So this sounds like another Pro-Israel Book although I don't know if I agree with everything. It does say this.

"Why Iran can't be reformed -- but the Saudis can." This sounds like they are only saying this because Bush has relations with the Saudi's who are a very anti anyone who is not their brand of Islam. That is puting it lightly. I admit I voted for Bush but only as the lesser of two evils. I don't think very highly of Bush.

So should I buy the book? Would you agree or disagree with my review here and the general review? I likely will anyway but hey I always like feedback.

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jpbenney said...

Although the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East has not yet been officially released (it is due out next Friday) I have still had a look at it.

What really concerns me, even from the perspective of those who love the Politically Incorrect Guides (I do not but feel that most people do not realise the only way to deal with views they consider extreme is to rigorously prove them wrong), is that the PIG to the Middle East contradicts Robert Spencer's previous guide to Islam in several ways:

1) Spencer says that the ideologies of Muslim fundamentalism are very ancient and that most Westerners do not realise this. I actually found him quite convincing here because he points out how uniquely violent the Qur'an is and why this is different from all other religious texts. Before I read Spencer I assumed Islam was a tolerant religion. What I read in the Qur'an at home suggested to me Islam really was a violent as Spencer suggests

2) Spencer points out that the Wahhabi Saudi regime has a great deal of contact with al-Qa'ida and that most of the September 11 hijackers were Saudi citizens. Yet the PIG to the Middle East says a strong Saudi Arabia will help keep the peace - something I cannot imagine Robert Spencer accepting.