Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Drugging our children especially our boys.

I think it is an absolute disgrace that some people in our so called observant will drug children and have no problem with it and will even brag about it. I was reading a female blogger bragging about this and all her female friends are friendly with her. What is our community coming to. What are the women in our community coming too. This is progress for women. I'm sure in the past women would think twice before puting a child on a drug. Now they do it at the drop of a hat. Anyway I guess I will repeat what a wrote on Frum Commuinity the unedited version.

I am very disturbed of this going on including some Jewish Bloggers out there (mostly female) that don't care that this may cause long term damage to the child. It just makes their job easier which sadly is all that matters to them. This is considered a class II drug. It also acts similar to Amphetamines which of course baseball players are not allowed to take becaue while it may help them in baseball these drugs have long term side effects and baseball doesn't want to encourage this because of the long term side effects. Furthermore, I was doing a google search on RITALIN. Do a google search yourself. A lot of horrible stories including DEATH from ritalin, stunted growth. You have schools threatening children at the drop of a hat including the social workers charging the parent for neglect if they don't put the child on it. Furthermorre that they should be put on medication by people who aren't even qualified to do this. THey intimidate parents. ANd sadly doctor's get commissions from prescribing these drugs so some don't care. . I am especailly disturbed because I had situation with my parents that my parents t(at the time I was already out of school but was struggling at the time) and at one point I had an ethical doctor that only put me on a medication for a short period of time. My parents thought this would solve all our problems. I refused because I knew it wasn't going to solve the problem and thankfully I was right. I knew if the medication didn't magically make the family situation better they would put me on higher and higher doses. I read the same think with children in the schools. That they continuing to raise the level of the drug higher and higher for anything the child does. This is terrible DRUGGING OUR CHILDREN. And if it is stunting their growth among other things this should stop. Most of the children are boys although certain drugs are being presribed to girls now. Both cases it is horrible in MOST cases. THere have been books both in terms of nutrition and the environment you are in is going to effect your ability to concentrate which is just common sense. I have a better environment now then I did as a child so I can concentrate better. Drugs is not the LONG TERM SOLUTION and in some cases it is EVEN CAUSING DEATH long term use of ritalin a class II drug similar to Amphetamines.

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