Sunday, December 23, 2007

The founder of Aish and his wife are separated but pretend they are happily married.

Hat tip FailedMessiah.

The founder of Aish and his wife weren't speaking to each other but pretend they are happily married.

(UPDATE 5/11/11. Just heard from someone who emailed me telling me that during years Rabbi Weinberg was very ill during the end of his life his wife was there for him.This however doesn't disprove that when he was healthy they weren't speaking to each other and living complete separate lives in adjacent apartments) 

Although they are not officially divorced but don’t like each other and have separate lives for years now.

Here is the link from Failed Messiah. My main focus here is on the marriage issue and the issue with money I am not commenting here other then to say if two people don’t get along yet they want to “unofficially” stay married because it will look bad for the organization or the Rabbi even though they don’t like each other it costs a lot of money to have two homes and two of everything and it would lead to being more money hungry since you need more money then two people who deal with their issues.

Is this relevant the issue with the founders being separated and not speaking to each other although not “divorced”? I think it is. If Aish was honest about it would be one thing but they aren’t and try to hide behind religion to claim that they are happily married. . Most of the women are not aware of it until they are in this EYAHT (see comments below) program to which they realize they were had. The people who work at Aish know about this deception and I think it is terrible. Aish has always engaged in both neglect and ignoring most men (unless you are very wealthy) and also men bashing and therefore any decent women should be suspicious because to bait your own men suggests something isn’t right and it is against the torah. The only compassion I have is some of the women are very young and have limited life experience although I have somewhat less compassion for some of the relatively older women because they should know better although maybe they think because iti is so dominant in Orthodoxy to bash men that they feel they have no choice although again some organizations while not perfect are better in this regard.

Aish does have some good points. ON issues involving the Jewish/Palestinian issue involving the Jewish Bible’s affect on America’s founding in those area’s they have good articles. Yet when it comes to articles on dating and marriage their articles are terrible and extremely insensitive. Chabad are far more sensitive in this area and of course the Rebbe and his wife were married and didn’t have the issue Aish does. I think the fact that they hide this issue of the founder’s wife not on good terms with her husband and keeping hush, hush on this affects other married people who work in the organization that you could just talk the talk but not walk the walk which of course leads to unrealistic advice and insensitive advice regarding dating and marriage and divorce.

Aish had an article about 10 problems in dating and #3 was specifically to blame the men that they don’t understand women (this may be projections of the Rabbi’s who don’t understand) but anyway it was one sided (women don’t understand men sometimes) and many complained including me. I get a letter from Rabbi Shraga Simmons saying the torah says divorce is the man’s fault because he has less Binah. That is true but so what. Men have more Daat. There are always two sides to an issue and I was very hurt and upset by this. Now though seeing the founder has his own problems and hides it is bad because they project their problems to other men and bait Jewish men to hide their own problems.

So what do people think. Do you think it is appropriate for Rabbi Weinberg and his wife to hide the fact they are separated and don’t live together and don’t talk to each other and hide behind modesty when women who go to Israel find out they can’t eat with the Weinbergs.

Here is a letter from a women from the Aish program.

As a former EYAHT student....

When I went to Eyaht, the Weinbergs were pretending to live in 1 apartment. Eyaht girls are in the apartment daily basically cleaning, cooking, etc but under the guise that we were learing to be Jewish women. We were also privy to the “workings” of the Weinbergs home. Eyaht girls were never invited for Shabbat, despite cooking the majority of the meals. We were told that the Weinbergs only have family for Shabbat, no guest. Half of the apartment was off limits, supposedly because of sniyut. Rabbi Weinberg was never around and most of the women assumed that he was busy studying Torah and that they lived a very sniyut life.

When I found out that the Weinbergs were separated, I called an Aish Rebbetzin to ensure it was not Leshon Hara. This woman confirmed the information but did not understand why I needed to know the truth. She told me that they were not informing anyone because they did not want to hinder the shiddach opportunities for their 70+ grandchildren. The Weinberg’s supposedly have been separated for years. She also told me some additional information, not positive things, about Eyaht, which why in her words, “Aish does not encourage women to go Eyaht.” I was stunned. My friends and I were never discouraged from going to Eyaht or taking things “with a grain of salt,” while we were there.

Many of the women who go to Eyaht do so for the dream of having a wonderful HAPPY marriage. The Torah world seemed like the perfect solution for the divorce crisis in the secular world. R. Weinberg dishes out HER thoughts on marriage and how to have a proper Jewish home. We all think she is living the perfect frum life with her “talmid chacham” husband; the whole concept is romanticized. I am positive that the vast majority of Eyaht girls do not know about the Weinbergs. It would probably crush them to know that their life was dictated by a woman who is living a lie herself. No one likes to feel duped, especially when you have changed your life 180.

Here is one other comment which is on failed messiah. Noach Weinberg and his wife have been separated for years. They do not live together. They do not like each other. They cover up this situation because publicity would hurt Aish and EYHAT. (It is the use of DECEPTION, not the split itself, that is the problem.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East.

This is another from regency publishing VIA The Conservative Book Club from the Politically Incorrect Series. Here is some of the review.

"The Middle East: it's a region that's almost never off the front pages --yet it's one that most Americans know little about. The mainstream media and Ivy League academics only make matters worse by casting everything in the usual politically-correct mold: Arab terrorists are just desperate freedom fighters, and the region's one Western-style democracy – Israel -- is the oppressor, not least because of its alliance with America. And if Islamic extremism is a problem, the establishment tells us, it's only because, like Christian fundamentalism at home, it's rooted in that source-of-all-evils: religion. A different strain of political correctness has seeped into some minds on the right – most notably the Bush administration, who, so ready to buy into the egalitarian myths we are all taught, believed that Western-style democracy could flourish anywhere.

It continues,"In the Middle East, the cost of PC distortions can be measured in the lives of American soldiers, Iraqi civilians, Iranian dissidents, and Israeli Jews. Pretending there's some sort of moral equivalence between Israeli missile strikes and Palestinian suicide bombers, acting as if our current war is against "terror" rather than radical Islam, believing that what works here will work there -- all of these PC delusions weaken the U.S. and draw out the violence there. The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to the Middle East is a bold first step toward facing the hard truths without which peace is impossible. :

So this sounds like another Pro-Israel Book although I don't know if I agree with everything. It does say this.

"Why Iran can't be reformed -- but the Saudis can." This sounds like they are only saying this because Bush has relations with the Saudi's who are a very anti anyone who is not their brand of Islam. That is puting it lightly. I admit I voted for Bush but only as the lesser of two evils. I don't think very highly of Bush.

So should I buy the book? Would you agree or disagree with my review here and the general review? I likely will anyway but hey I always like feedback.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Internal vs. External Motivation.

I thought I would share something from my childhood. I remember when I was a kid when I was in 6th grade that I had a Rabbi that the person that prayed during morning prayers got stickers and the one with the most won a prize. The thing was though you only prayed hard not because you felt like reaching out to g-d but only for the external reward. The issue was though after that year you didn’t take prayer that seriously. I remember when I was school and they had prayer’s for 5th-8th grade boys and the only group that prayed loudly or was the 6th graders. It had very little long term impact however.So I guess doing something mostly for an external reward without really understanding what you are doing has no long term effect on your behavior. That is what this shows at least from what can I see. Would anyone care to comment on this? Agree? Disagree?

Drugging our children especially our boys.

I think it is an absolute disgrace that some people in our so called observant will drug children and have no problem with it and will even brag about it. I was reading a female blogger bragging about this and all her female friends are friendly with her. What is our community coming to. What are the women in our community coming too. This is progress for women. I'm sure in the past women would think twice before puting a child on a drug. Now they do it at the drop of a hat. Anyway I guess I will repeat what a wrote on Frum Commuinity the unedited version.

I am very disturbed of this going on including some Jewish Bloggers out there (mostly female) that don't care that this may cause long term damage to the child. It just makes their job easier which sadly is all that matters to them. This is considered a class II drug. It also acts similar to Amphetamines which of course baseball players are not allowed to take becaue while it may help them in baseball these drugs have long term side effects and baseball doesn't want to encourage this because of the long term side effects. Furthermore, I was doing a google search on RITALIN. Do a google search yourself. A lot of horrible stories including DEATH from ritalin, stunted growth. You have schools threatening children at the drop of a hat including the social workers charging the parent for neglect if they don't put the child on it. Furthermorre that they should be put on medication by people who aren't even qualified to do this. THey intimidate parents. ANd sadly doctor's get commissions from prescribing these drugs so some don't care. . I am especailly disturbed because I had situation with my parents that my parents t(at the time I was already out of school but was struggling at the time) and at one point I had an ethical doctor that only put me on a medication for a short period of time. My parents thought this would solve all our problems. I refused because I knew it wasn't going to solve the problem and thankfully I was right. I knew if the medication didn't magically make the family situation better they would put me on higher and higher doses. I read the same think with children in the schools. That they continuing to raise the level of the drug higher and higher for anything the child does. This is terrible DRUGGING OUR CHILDREN. And if it is stunting their growth among other things this should stop. Most of the children are boys although certain drugs are being presribed to girls now. Both cases it is horrible in MOST cases. THere have been books both in terms of nutrition and the environment you are in is going to effect your ability to concentrate which is just common sense. I have a better environment now then I did as a child so I can concentrate better. Drugs is not the LONG TERM SOLUTION and in some cases it is EVEN CAUSING DEATH long term use of ritalin a class II drug similar to Amphetamines.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Should Rabbi's speak out against No Fault Divorce.

I currently purchased a good book on scary things that are being done to parents called "Taken into Custody" The War against fathers, marriage, and the family. One of the individuals who praises this book does suggest THAT CHURCH LEADERS MUST FINALLY DEAL WITH THIS ISSUE OF NO FAULT DIVORCE. I think the same must be said for Jewish Leaders and Rabbi's. They rally against homosexuality and rightly so but should speak about this also. There is a single crisis and many people don't trust marriage and some have good reason to. No fault divorce goes against basic CONTRACT LAW. If you decide you want out of a contract you have to pay for this. It is called a buy out in some situations but in marriage when a husband divorces he has to compensate the women. It still not great as having a father is more important then money and I certainly don't respect men that divorce for silly reasons (it is bad for their own children) but they still have to give up a lot and it isn't a free ride. That is not the case with women today. They want a nullify contract and not only do they not compensate the man they take from him. This is terrible and basically allows women to steal from men. It is no coincidence that in Russia in the 1910's Liberalizing divorce was part of communism. Instead of the government stealing from people and finding some reason to do it you have women doing this and finding excuses for it.

I mean if a guy is truly not fulfilling his side of the contract and it is egregious then you have a case of nullifying a contract. But there has to be real issues here not just the occasional problems any couple has. You need moral people in our family system which is important. But again divorce should not be taken as a joke or lightly.

This is another bad consequence of EASY DIVORCE is I see women who are attracted to guys who maybe I'm wrong but seem to be doormats and the women just like them because they want control and if the guy becomes a problem they will just divorce him at the drop of hat. When there isn't easy divorce women look for men that have good character and they can trust since they understand that they can't just leave and take the man's money and the children. Don't both parents have rights to their children. And children NEED FATHERS and having no fathers or weak fathers (they are afraid to even speak up in a marriage because the wife can do anything to him) is bad for society as a whole and I wonder how much the wimpiness of Orthodox Judaism has to do with this issue. The Torah clearly says you need both a mother and a father.

So I DO THINK RABBI'S SHOULD start speaking out on this issue as they SPEAK OUT AGAINST HOMOSEXUALITY as Michael McManus says. The corruption in this area will not change until religious leaders speak out against it as they do worry about offending RELIGION.