Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Is Orthodoxy giving observant women, men wrong priorities?

From speaking to different women from dating and in other area's and reading some of the blogs I do get this sense that their job in the outside world is the most important. While I certainlly do think women should use their natural skills and get payed for it (Aishat Chayil for example discussing women doing various thinks she makes that she sells to others) but a job is still a job and in my opinion ultimately improving family life in general will be the best for a child. This is espeically true when women are involved with other children but if they and their friends had their own children this would have a very positive effect more then any job because with any job you are more limited in what you can do. You students are not your children and, yes, you can help them and inspire them as a teacher but ultimately a person that really wants to help children should support family value in the culture. Every child spends FAR MORE TIME AT HOME WITH THER PARENTS AND SIBLINGS then any teacher. Nobody can replace a mother or father. We see with the Patriatchs that Sarah and Rebecca were best able to know what was best for their children and their biggest accomplishment was their own children.

I guess though the observant community has bad priorities for men too and men that are responsible and I guess because women don't trust the men they feel they have to put job first but sometimes I think they get a little carried away and lose sight of the other issues. It would help also though if the community attracted men that were responsible as unfornutately the feminst view of men is not the real reality but when the communities are interested in the lowest common denominator when it comes to men some women belive this. I put on my profile on Frumster that for my various reasons I have no problem with a woman working but would hope she would put family before job rather then job before family. I know this is VERY OLD FASIONED but even today in the end many women realize at some point a job can only do so much. I never really thought a job was to change society. It is a job.