Monday, November 04, 2013

Do supprot freedom from religion foundation on having religious institutions file a 990.

Whether it be a Synagogue, a Church, a Mosque, or whatever Scientology calls it. Not having to file a 990 makes it possible for them to be hidden on their finances which a file 990 would prevent this especially cases that are egregious. The worst cases involve Scientology but see terrible things going on in all these groups mentioned above and having similar rules to other non for profits would stop some abuses.

Just knowing how much they get paid should be known to the public when you join a religious institution. How much does the leader of this religious place get paid. Think we should know.

Some audits of their financial records like other non for profits. Am I right? Wrong? would this have no impact. What do you think?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Karaites also "add" to the Torah sadly.

They claim otherwise but they do. The male Karaite leaders have issues with the biblical laws of divorce and clearly make up their own rules. And I was in the American Karaite Judaism facebook group which I was thrown off of and all they care about is rituals except for one social issue. What social issue is that: divorce and men divorcing. Other then that couldn't care less about society and problems.

I never see them mention any other social issue. Children being mistreated, the elderly being mistreated, someone who is poor and and/or has few connections being mistreated. What about young girls being mistreated. Don't hear much about this either.

Why is that??  It seems to me it is clearly a power grab by the male religious leaders who feel threatened by other men and therefore want women to think badly bout men in general so they can push their own agendas and easy divorce helps in this regard.

They constantly claim others are misogynists. And they ARE THE ONE EXCEPTION but all other men are bad.

That is awful and they make up their own laws based on slandering other men.

Yet Muslims do consider our laws to be sexist. They consider our divorce laws sexist. They consider the laws in Leviticus 15 (Vayikra) sexist. So instead of trying to understand them and why God felt it is the man that should give the divorce and compensate the woman if the woman no longer has favor in his eyes and he finds something distasteful which obviously it has to be something major as most normal men don't want to live alone. Instead the Karaites so called Hakhams like to slander Jewish men and ADD their own rules.

Then they focus on putting down Rabbinic Jews and other religions for ADDING to the torah but when you criticize them they can't take it. No wonder they are considered a joke which I wouldn't even know existed except for someone who commented a while back named SouthernBelle who no longer comments here.

Monday, October 14, 2013

More on Rabbis that beat up men (to get the man to give a divorce) without knowing the whole story.

Disgusting story. Here is the link.

This guy who was beaten is happy finally some justice for this behavior. 

As I mentioned on my last post why would any man subjugate himself to this. In some cases the women doesn't accept the divorce and then lies and says the man never gave it to her. In other cases the man has reasons he doesn't want to give a divorce for example having his children taught that he is somehow bad and not having any role in his own children's lives which are very legit reasons. This idea that somehow by beating a man up he will do the right thing is crazy and it attracts goon type men into religion which is just terrible.

In legit cases where a guy clearly doesn't care about his wife and kids and somehow wants to prevent the wife from moving on (not that many men are going to be interested anyway but still) then that is a legit issue and is also a case of a breach of contract.

But to just beat guys up is disgraceful and as this case shows I don't think the Rabbis really try to make sure the case is legit. They were fooled by a woman and man undercover. If a woman says something they believe it without checking the story through others who the woman knows.

It is crazy that Rabbis that claim about the Talmud that if you kill one person in 70 years that is a bloody court yet beating up Jewish men doesn't raise an eyebrow to these Rabbis and to many women on how it makes us look like barbarians and makes the God of Israel look horrible and all us Jews look horrible. So there is a bigger then just this.

Anyway here is the link to this story.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Rabbis charged in scheme to torture men that don't give a get. And charge 100,000.

There are a number of items not mentioned in this article. The biggest being that women can refuse the divorce settlement which from my own knowledge does happen and the Rabbis will believe the woman that claims the man NEVER GAVE HER A DIVORCE SETTLEMENT.

Why would a man want to be harassed and have employment called his landlord called and what have you and have his reputation ruined. What benefit does he get from this? Unless he has connections that know he is  a bad person but don't care he gets no benefit.

Does a woman benefit if she refuses a divorce? In some way yes. If she was raised to always be jealous of men she can use this and run to a male Rabbi who will get pleasure out of harassing her ex-husband to make her happy.   She can also use this to talk about how sexist the Jewish bible is and the Jewish religion is and women should be able to divorce whenever they want.

What disadvantage does she have? Well she won't be able to get remarried if she doesn't have divorce papers. If she is a woman with children under 18 it would be hard for her to get remarried and certainly she would be the lower end of desirability as a wife. Many women know that they will not be able to get remarried for a long time in this case so to them option 1 is desirable I would think. Refuse the divorce and claim the man is holding her hostage which is she could pay 100,000 to a Rabbi how oppressed is she really. And by doing this she can make the man's life miserable which is really what she wants as she likely is miserable herself.

It is scary to see the extreme this is going to do which I don't think we know the whole story. In addition if a man is violating the marriage contract to a very significant degree like any contract that is grounds that the contract is null just by the husbands actions. But there is lust in the Jewish world to beat up Jewish men. Rabbis and other male religious leaders including Karaites religious leaders are jealous of men who have more talents then they do.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Real reasons some Muslims hate Jews and the Temple is because of the purity it demands.

That is the reality. The Muslims I work with have VERY LOW birth rates. My boss only has 2 grandchildren (and they belong to a large Mosque that denies the Temple ever existed) and his wife when I mentioned I was one of only two children she is like you don’t need any more. She really is messed up and disturbed. Of course she wears the thing on her head but she seems to not care of younger women try to flirt with a man for an inappropriate reason.

IN fact just read this from the link. 

This link quotes Leviticus and these laws

Pagan Arabs, the ones who were living in Medina in particular, had become, more or less, sociable with the habits of the Jews, and treated menstruous women like the Jews did. They used to keep aloof from their wives when they were in their monthly courses. That very notable difference in those religious notions and the existing custom among their adherents caused that some Muslims posed that question to the Prophet (s). In answer to their question, this verse was revealed. 


Which to Muslims only sexual intercourse is not allowed but everything else is ok. Actually that is not much different then the watered down Rabbinic view of Leviticus 15 that lets women do anything with other women and lets single women do what they want which isn’t very wise as why should women want to get married if when single they can do what they want. But actually arabs are angry at Jews for pushing them IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION in this regard. As this is all they do which of course even the half way measure they took was stolen from the Jewish religion.

222. "They ask you (O' Muhammad) concerning menstruation. Say: 'It is a hurt; so avoid (intercourse with) women during menstruation and do not approach them till they be cleaned. When they are thus purified, then you may go unto them as Allah has commanded you.' Verily, Allah loves those who repent constantly, and (He) loves those who purify themselves."

But Jews should wake up and realize Muslims hate us not because of any righteous reason but because they hate our bible and these laws in Leviticus 15 that are there to prevent sexual perversions which this law the way it is above does not prevent women from being loose and being used in ways that they may enjoy short term but long term will end up lonely and with little gain.  

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ken Ham uses quote in Matthew 19:8 that blames divorce on Jews being stubborn. Problem of Patriarchs on Polygamy

I saw this article on Ladies against Feminsm. 

It is bothersome to me that he has to use a quote that is very divisive. Divorce was allowed because of the hardness of the hearts of the Israelites (Matthew 19:8), From this site.

I learn something new every day.  The Christian bible  does slander Jews and Mr. Ham supports passages in the Christian bible that do this. It is quite disturbing to learn of this as it is suggesting that God felt less of Jews and allowed Jewish men to divorce specifically for this reason. God recognized there is a time for divorce although he has to compensate the woman. If a man marres a woman and lives with her and it will be that she will not find favor in his eyes for he found in her a matter of immorality, that is how stone chumuch translates  “Ervat Davar”. To suggest this has to do with the hardness of an Israelites heart doesn’t make a lot of sense. Obviously it is a major thing that the man finds distasteful  to which God feels the man has the right for there to be a consequence. And of course after this this man can’t remarry this woman if she gets divorced a second time.

He then also goes into a link about Polygamy and blames all problems that happened in the Jewish bible on polygamy which is very anti-intellectual since you could point to similar problems without polygamy being there.  Cain and Abel and Jacab and Esav family problems but no polygamy.  Let us be clear. I agree the ideal is one man and one woman and from what I see most men were not interested in polygamy. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob really loved one woman but circumstances dictated otherwise. Polygamy is still better then a woman being unmarried at all but it isn’t an ideal and isn’t the best situation for woman and/or for men for that matter if men wanted multiple wives which would cause some men to have no wives. But to blame the problems of Genesis on Polygamy is absurd. Mr. Hamm links to an article that does this posted above. Again, it isn’t an ideal but this clearly is agenda driven as most of these problems  the origin of the problem could have existed in many of the cases if there was no polygamy. It bothers me this dogma that defies common sense and is an insult to Jews.   There are those Jews who think Polygamy is normal and that is disturbing to me although no second wife should ever want to marry a man with that mentality in the first place.  Comments.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sorry haven't post much. Going through a tough time at my job.

This is why haven't posted much. Need to get out of my current job ASAP but not sure want to leave with NO JOB. So if anyone has any accounting or even a job that require a lot of computer or data entry skills even temp just please comment here or send me an email. Thanks.


The bible says Helpmate not Playmate.

I 100% agree although it takes two to tango and some women sadly have been taught to be a playmate and want to manipulate men because of their own shortcomings or to keep men from dating women that are emotional secure and stable. As someone Jewish most of this article I agree with and it still applies after the sin of Eve and then Adam as well.

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Review of Banished: Surviving My Years in the Westboro Baptist Church

This was my review I wrote for Amazon.  It is an interesting book. I gave it 3/5 stars. It is a good read about her family and how they got involved in this crazy Church. As I wrote the blame though extends beyond this Church. Anyway this is the review I wrote. for this book. I will admit that also my view was based on just what her actions have been after she left the church which some good but a little too much on ignoring the other issues beside the church that contributed to this problem and acting like her parents are victims of the church when that isn't the case.

Overall it was an interesting read and would recommend. However, from reading it can see that there is more to blame then the Church for her fathers abusive behavior and the family joining this abusive church and their dysfunctional family which the mother as well seems to like her eldest and first born daughter being put down for whatever reason.

Case in point was when they were in Florida her father broke the nose of a teenage boy she was becoming friendly with because he wrote her a letter that he considered lewd in nature but Lauren didn't take offense to it but the father felt this gave him the right to break this teenage boy's nose. The father of this teenager sued for assault and the judge agreed that due to the letter he was in the right for doing this and breaking a teenage boys nose and allowed the abusive father to put a restraining order on this teenage boy as well as if he was the one who assaulted the father simply for "writing a letter".

Our society in many quarters as this judge did feels this is ok to assault a teenage boy for a sexual letter in which he expresses his sexual fantasies and not as it really is even if the person is in the wrong but still an extreme overreaction and not a proportionate response. Especially not to a young teenage boy. This is not a proportionate response and just shows support of violence by this judge. In the name of protecting women when Lauren herself objected and didn't consider this boy she was friendly with at the time any threat to her and was interesting of being his girlfriend.

Her father did well in the workplace as well which would mean his mentality is considered good sad to say. It is unlikely he behaves in a completely different matter.

If this judge in Florida would have rightly charged her father with assault he would have had to learn other behavior when dealing with others who don't see things the way he did which included the fact his daughter didn't even see this the way he did.

Also as others pointed out she didn't leave the church but was kicked out. While her family is her family she should realize though that what they are doing to others is wrong yet she sympathizing with them more then who they hurt which yes they are your family but you shouldn't forgive them for hurting others especially knowing what they did to you their own flesh and blood.

Seems to be more focused on having a good time now and her lost years then thinking about how her experience should cause her to at least recognize the aspects in her own life that caused this included this corrupt judge in Florida and in that regard I think she has some growing up to do and hope she can grow and not just be a victim which in many ways as she herself has admitted she is fortunate.